If Someone Blocked me will They Still get my Texts (Android, iPhones)

If you have ever been blocked by someone, you may have wondered whether they will still receive your text messages or not.

If that’s the case, you have landed on the right page. In this post, we have tested out texting blocked numbers on Android and iPhones devices and shared the results with you.

So, let’s get started.

If someone blocked me will they still get my texts (iPhone and Android)

Short answer: No, if someone has blocked you, they won’t receive your text if they own an iPhone. However, if they own an Android device, they will receive your text SMS in the spam folder.

Here at Androidnature, I have tested this with one of my friends who own an iPhone, and I own an Android smartphone.

First, I blocked my number from the iPhone. Then I texted from my Android phone, and the iPhone didn’t receive any text or SMS (not even in the spam folder).

However, when I blocked the iPhone from my Android device, I received a notification stating, ‘Blocked new message.’ I was even able to open the message in the spam folder.

Blocked new message

As you can see in the image below, I received the text from the blocked iPhone number or my Android device in the spam folder.

blocked iphone from Android text


On the other hand, when I blocked my number from the iPhone and texted something, the iPhone didn’t receive any notification like my Android device received.

We have also tested this from an Android device to another Android device. The result was that Android devices received the text message from the blocked number in the spam folder and also got a notification saying, “Blocked new message.”

When clicked on the “Blocked new message,” it opened the messages from the blocked number in the spam folder.

So, to conclude, iPhone or iOS devices will not receive a text from blocked numbers (not even as spam or in the spam folder). On the other hand, Android devices will not receive the messages directly but as spam (which are visible).

Note: It’s also worth noting that different phone models and operating systems may handle blocking and messaging differently. It may also depend upon your country, region and carrier.

In case you have blocked a number, and you are still getting a text from that person, you should check out our guide: Why am I Still Getting Texts from a Blocked Number?

You can test this by yourself :

We are saying this to test it by yourself because it can be validated in your region and with your carrier.

What you can do to test it is to ask any of your close friends or family member to block your number and then text them. Then ask them whether they received the SMS or not.

This way, you can test it and confirm it in your region and your carrier.

What happens when you text a blocked number

If you have blocked a number from your device, whether it is an iPhone or Android, and you text them, then the text message will get delivered to the person as usual (if the other person hasn’t blocked your number)

Here is how I tested this:

First, I simply blocked my friend’s phone number from my Android device and then texted him. The result – the message was delivered as usual.

I also told my friend (who has iPhone 14 Pro Max) to do the same. He blocked my number and then texted me. The result was the same; I got the message as usual.

So, we can conclude that when you text a blocked number, the text will be delivered to the person as usual without specifying that you have blocked their number.

However, note if you have blocked the other person’s number, their text won’t be received on your device if you own an iPhone, or you will get it in the spam folder on an Android device, as discussed and tested in the first part of the article.

Final Words:

In conclusion, if someone has blocked you, the outcome varies based on the type of phone they own. If the person owns an iPhone, they won’t receive any of your texts, including those in the spam folder. On the other hand, if they own an Android device, your texts will end up in their spam folder.

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