(13 Reels Tricks) Instagram Reels getting No Views (2022)

Are your reels not getting views?

If your Instagram reels are stuck at zero views in 2022, you have landed on the right page. Here, we have discusses some tips and tricks that will help you to gain view on your reels on Instagram.

So, let’s get started

Instagram, as we all know is a fantastic app when it comes to interaction via media. There are just so many options and methods to use with media that we would never be bored of it. One of them is Reels, but unfortunately, a problem we face with it is Reels getting no views after we post them.

Ever since the Reels were introduced to Instagram it has gained a lot of popularity. Most videos people post are in Reels for the views. Disappointment is evident when we don’t happen to get views on our Reels. Here I will be talking about ways you can get views on your Reels video.

Reels getting no views
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How to create & watch Reels video?

Before we talk about how to increase views on Reels videos, we need to know how to create and watch Reels. Both the process of creating and watching Reels is quite easy as you would see.

To create an Instagram Reel you would need to head to your Profile page. From there select the square icon with a + on it. Instagram would ask you what you would like to create. Posts, Story, Reels, etc are some of the few options. Click on Reel and you would be taken to the Reels screen. There you can record a video normally. Afterward, you can add texts, or stickers, or various others things. You can find the options for these on the side toolbar on the same screen. So this is how you make a Reels video.

Watching Reels is even easier. All you need to do is click on the video Reel icon in the middle of the toolbar Instagram has on the bottom. If you feel like watching a specific video then search it by the name or hashtags. Most popular videos are generally featured first if you do not search for anything.

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How to fix Reels getting no views on Instagram?

So you have made an interesting video. You also know how to watch them. Maybe you even posted it but it garnered a very less amount of views. And it feels bad because we all post things with lots of positivity. Do not worry, there is a lot we can do to improve the views. And I promise this does not involve those fishy apps which promise free followers, views, and likes.

Reels getting no views
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1. Appropriate Hashtags:

We all know how important hashtags are, and this is the first trick you need to master. Knowing which hashtags to use in your video determines who would receive your content. And that affects your views. Always use appropriate hashtags.

Never use other hashtags just because they are more popular. It would lead to uninterested viewers. Sometimes users reported that Instagram shadowbanned their Reels because they overused hashtags.

So, you must use only appropriate and limited hashtags.

2. Trending Hashtags and Content:

The second thing to note is to keep an eye on which hashtags are trending. If possible try to use them, but only if the video relates! The goal here is to create the video in a way so it covers those hashtags in some way. You can also focus on what content is trending. People tend to watch more content related to it. Stay tuned about the latest games, new songs, popular memes. Including any of these would help gain lots of views.

3. Digital Trend:

Even the name of hashtags changes with time a place. If you want to make a Reel on a song, put #SongReels as a hashtag if it works better than just #Song. Things always change when it comes to digital media and you would need to check out which one gathers you more audience.

4. Curious Covers:

Always use covers or thumbnails which generate curiosity. If you have seen a movie thumbnail you know how they manage to show relevant info without revealing any plots. Use the same method to showcase important things but without revealing the content. There are a lot of ways you can make good covers. Apps like Canva are available on a wide variety of OS and are very useful.

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5. Great Captions:

Good captions serve two functions. One is to generate curiosity of the user and excite them about the content. The second is to be a good way for getting found out through a search. A caption that is quite good but too complex would be ineffective, as viewers are less likely to search for something that long and specific. Keep captions short, easy to search, and creative.

6. Post timings:

In most cases, the majority of your viewers would be from your time zone or country. That is if you’re not a global-level celebrity in which case the scenario is different. This is why it is important to time your posts. For instance, if you post at 4 in the morning, it would get lost in the Reels timeline before people can even see it. To be honest, even global celebrities take care of this too, even though they have viewers all around the world. Their method is just a tad bit more complex than we are discussing right now.

7. Stories for Success:

Whenever you get views in a large amount say, 3k views, make sure to post it on your story. Milestones like these would show your followers that you have been posting quality content. In return, they would be more interested in watching your Reels. You can also make use of advertisements if you have some money to spend. These would help you get more views but remember to be precise and go for a targeted group of viewers. Targetting all kinds of audiences would lead to fewer views as the content would seem less specific.

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8. Use text on Reels:

Different type of creators are using Reels to educate their followers on Instagram using a variety of content. Reels isn’t all about those funny short videos. Creators these days even share content on personal finance, health, and more.

If you are also on Instagram to educate your followers and influence them, you should try this method. A lot of users will be checking Reels at their work or school in intervals and probably without turning the volume on. And if your Reel doesn’t speak to them without any sound or music, you will definitely lose their attention.

The best way of making a Reel relevant to all types of users is to include text or subtitles to your Reel. While browsing through the Reels feed, if users see your video as relevant info, they might stay to watch the full Reel and share it with others.

We have a dedicated guide on 10 Methods to Add Text on Reels – LINK

9. Select a specific niche:

If you are not getting views on your Reels, it could be possibly because you are not making videos on a specific niche or around a specific topic.

Most of the time, creators find it hard to select a specific topic to make videos on. So, before anything else, select your goal and topic. If you are making education videos on health, personal finance, you must not change it from any other unrelated topic between. However, you can experiment with other mico-niches anytime.

Switching topics inbetween you will make it hard for the Instagram algorithm to suggest your videos to users interested in a specific topic.

Make it easy for Instagram to understand your content and niche. And we are pretty sure you will start receiving views very soon.

10. Be adaptive and unique:

As mentioned previously, Instagram is all about trends and hashtags. You can easily grab attention if you follow a trend. But does that mean you should make content like everyone is making? The answer is No.

You might not get much value for content if you end up creating the same content. But, if you can adapt the trend smartly, you will get more views and possibly a new follower wave.

You have to adapt to the trend by sticking to your content by following the trend. There are a few more tricks and suggestions you must follow. Check them out in the vnext part.

11. Share on social feeds:

If you are a new Instagram Reel creator, it might take a few weeks, if not months, to get the attention of your potential followers. The story can be different if you are lucky and talented enough to break the internet with your content. But, that’s not always the case.

You cannot always rely on luck to get views on your Reels. And the best way to give your Reels a boost is by sharing them on social media platforms.

If you have been active on other social media platforms and have a great following, you can share your Reels to get that required boost. Select the Share option from More options (three-dot icon) and paste the link to share your Reels.

To get the most out of the sharing campaign, do not forget to put relevant hashtags.

12. Be consistent:

This would be the most common suggestion that everyone will give you. But, do you understand the actual meaning of being consistent? Well, let us tell you.

The actual solution of Reels not getting views is consistency. Never publish multiple Reels in a single day, but plan them for each day. If you cannot post Reels on consecutive days, post them on a consistent interval.

If you are to publish three Reels a week, the best way is to post one Reel in two days, rather than posting all three Reels in a single day. Apply this trick along with the previously discussed ‘Post Timings’ trick.


13. Have Patience:

I know this is not a trick you would consider to be helpful but good things come to those who wait.

There is a lot of competition on Reels. You would need time to establish your image and then to let people know the constant quality of Reels you deliver. It would be very fruitful for you in the long run.


In this article, we discussed many ways to get views on Instagram Reels. Hopefully, you found this article helpful. If you want to check more reel-related content, don’t forget to click here!

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