20 apps to tell you who views your Instagram

There are times we are in doubt of someone viewing our Instagram account. It might not always be harmful but sure enough, it is always a good thing to keep a check on it. Besides, keeping a check on who viewed your Instagram profile is a good thing in many ways. For this reason, we are going to discuss 20 apps to tell you who views your Instagram Profile.

Knowing who views your Instagram profile can help you in determining if someone is stalking you. This can result in more awareness. Perhaps your crush keeps checking your profile and it would not hurt to know that right? If this line has you excited, then it’s better to start this topic without further ado.

Is there an app to tell you who views your Instagram?

You would be very pleased to know that there are truly quite a lot of apps to help you with this. Some of them are solely for Android, while some solely for iOS.

We would also share a way to use this on PC, making it easy for desktop users. So whichever Instagram user you are, we have got you covered. First of all, I would always list the best apps I can find on the platform before moving on. So choose accordingly.

20 Apps to tell you who views your Instagram

Since we have discussed the basics, let us jump to the 20 Apps as well as websites to help you on your quest of knowing who is viewing your Instagram profile.

1. InMyStalker- Who Viewed My Profile for Instagram

This app is first on our list and has got quite a lot of reviews on Play Store. The app is a freemium module to view who has stalked your Instagram in the previous few days.

It keeps a list of certain tags to use such as secret admirer, friend, stalker, etc which would help you understand their motive. The app can be downloaded from here on Play Store.

Who views your Instagram
Image Source: Play Store

2. Who Follows: Analytics – Who Viewed my profile

This is a great app in my opinion. I used it and even though it does come with in-app purchases as well, it does a great job! You can not only see who views your Instagram but also who Unfollowed you.

One would even notice things like who had been blocking you or the like analytics of your posts. You can even mass unfollow everyone! Download this great app from here.

Who views your Instagram
Image Source: Play Store

3. InLog – Who Viewed My Profile Instagram Analyze

When I was researching around for this article, I found this app in almost every article out there. Needless to say, this app is very trusted and does its job well. Its play store ratings are the proof for it.

It of course has subscriptions like the other apps and does the same things previous applications could do, such as tracking data and all that. You should definitely give this app a try as long as you are an Android user. Download it from here.

Who views your Instagram
Image Source: Play Store

4. WProfile – Who Viewed my Profile for Instagram

Another nice app with nice features. The user interface or UI is very smooth and modern. You can notice and sort all sorts of users and followers and perform actions accordingly.

This app does not offer a lot of functionality but as long you are looking for only applications which can help you with whoever views your Instagram, this will help a lot. The link to its Play Store is right here.

Who views your Instagram
Image Source: Play Store

5. Follower Tracker IG Reports and Viewers

Talk about detection of user behavior and actions. This app does it flawlessly. You can find all sorts of users, especially Ghost followers and fake followers. Most importantly it helps you instantly recognizing who viewed your Instagram Profile.

The app is very simple and has got a lot of fame from users who tried it out. If you are looking for an app that does what it says it does, look no further than Follow Tracker IG Reports and Viewers.

It is available on Play Store and can be accessed by this link.

Who views your Instagram
Image Source: Play Store

6. InStalker – Who Viewed my Profile Instagram

This app, painted blue has answers to all your queries related to who viewed your Instagram. With one of the few apps in this category that rate about 4.5 on the Play Store, it truly is amazing.

The app is also quite small in size. No wonder so many users with all sorts of smartphones make use of it and love it. It is available on Play Store, thus Android users should try it out using this link.

7. Followers + Reports for IG: InsMaster Ins Profile

This is another app that contains all kinds of analysis and data about your Instagram account, from blocked accounts to who secretly views your stories. It has in-app purchases and Ads which are honestly worth it.

The app is quite smooth but does take some time to load due to its heavy data tools. It has been rated 4.7 stars on the Play Store by a huge number of users, making it second to none. You can grab it for yourself using this link.

8. ProfileStalk – Who Viewed My Profile for Instagram

Honestly Android has a never-ending stream of apps. While this application does not stand as good as some of the others on this list, it certainly gets the job done. I have not tried it personally, but going by its reviews you won’t need to worry about its performance.

If you have made up your mind to download this app, use this link. You can also go to the Play store to download the app but due to overabundance, you might find many similar names.

9.FollowMeter for Instagram

This app has been listed on almost every Instagram stalker detecting article out there. You would notice this app has a huge amount of features, including ghost mode and statistics, etc.

It provides deep insight for your Instagram account that most other apps might fail to achieve. This app is bound to fascinate you for sure, so try it out! The like to its Play store page is here in case you actually want to download it.

10. Who Viewed – my Insta Profile

Now we have discussed enough Android-based apps. Most of them are not available on iOS so let us focus on iOS apps instead now. First on this list is Who Viewed. The app labels itself a ‘Simple yet powerful’ Analytics app.

I would agree with the statement as it’s a great app, and honestly, the ratings are very much in its favor too! To prevent you from looking around too much, the link to its app store page is here.

11. Reports: Followers Tracker

Created by LARO apps, the ranking of this app on the app store’s social genre is 96. Not bad considering it is not even a social app, but actually an analyzer app. You can trust this all with its job.

Like other apps, it comes with a subscription. The app also features user engagement with your posts. This way you can realize your plus and minus points and change them as you wish. The app is available to download from here.

12. Followers Track for Instagram

This app boasts of many features such as how many people have followed you, or the ones who have Unfollowed you. You can also get insights on your number of likes per post, who tagged you, or your mentions, and multiple other things.

This app basically gathers every possible insight and presents it to you in a beautiful manner. It is recommended that you try it out. You can make use of the link here to get the app.

13. Analyzer Plus – Insta Followers

The app gets a solid 4.3 stars from more than 1.7k reviews on the app store. You would be surprised to know that the app has a high success rate and fewer glitches even though it’s a little low on the list.

You can find mass unfollow and other such options, for example, statistics of post comparison per week. This app does what it promises. 10/10 would recommend you to try it. The link to download the app is here.

14. Followers Reports +

This app has been developed by zhihua li and even with less than 1k reviews it still stands out to be one of the best app for this task. You basically all the statistics functionality any app has to offer in this.

Not to mention the app is really fluid to work with and the UI is a great piece of work. Download the app for iOS using app store or use the link here.

15. Followers and Unfollow Insights

Now we have finished our important list of Android and iOS applications. If they did not work for you, we have got another set of apps that might do. Remember that these apps do not have as much fame as the others.

Followers and Unfollow Insights is an iOS app that works just fine. However, it is slightly expensive and has only got 61 reviews. You can still give it a try shall you want to. The link would be of help to you in that case.

16. The Profile Analyzer

This would never have been on our list of apps that help you know who views your Instagram profile. However, it is the sole app designed for iPad use, thus making it important to mention.

The app barely has any reviews, however, so it is important to practice caution when using this app. I would advise you to try the other apps first and use them as a last resort if you must. You can open its app store page from here.

17. xReport – Who Viewed my Profile for Instagram

Now finally let us talk about the remaining few apps for Android. These apps, just like the previous two apps for iOS are rated and downloaded less. The one we are talking about now is xReport.

The upside of this app is Creative features such as determination of location based on each user who viewed your profile. There are few other unique features that are if the app works well without glitching. Click here to be taken to the Play store page of this app.

18. ProfileLog- Who Viewed my Profile Instagram

This app too has fewer views. You would find it offering a very small number of features, even though it has in-app purchases as well. The app would only give you access to who views your profile and who your secret admirer is etc.

In short, if you are looking for a pay to perform app, there are loads of options above. If none work for you, this might be worth a shot. The link to the app is here and I would advise taking caution while using it.

19. Reports Analyzer- Stalker for Instagram Profile

There are much better apps out there than this one, but it really does have great UI. It looks quite modern. Going by the reviews, I can say this app does indeed actually perform well. However, there are many complaints regarding its pricing.

Sometimes the developers need to charge a little more to adjust their budget and keep surviving and working. If you do not mind the fees, this app might work great for your objective. Click here to download it.

20. Follow Reports- Who Viewed my profile Analyze

The main objective of this app is to be a sort of Complete manager for your Instagram data. However, it does provide you silly options in the meanwhile. This includes options such as who is not following you.

You can easily view this kind of data even without an app, much less pay for it. So it is not that much worth the price if you are looking for something more serious. But we never know what would work for someone so here is the link!

Note: PC users can download BlueStacks and use easily install it on their windows or Mac device to run these apps. BlueStacks is an Android emulator for computers. If you would like to know more, you can read how to solve BlueStacks errors here.


We discussed all the possible ways of discovering who viewed your Instagram Profile. I hope the list would prove useful to you. For more lists like this, check out Top ten/twenty lists here.