Fix Plex trailers not working (2023)

A grand platform for viewing the latest content online, and having the access to new releases and trailers. Plex has it all when it comes to living shows, sports, and the latest movies. So today, our discussion will be focused on an issue faced; fix Plex trailers not working.

Plex has the reputation of compiling the ultimate favorites of its users and presenting them with ease in accessing the contents. Over 130 channels and more to experience if you have the premium Plex Pass membership.

If you are one to side with the classic entertainment companies like Crackle, Warner Brothers, or MGM, and you would love to begin your movie night with the logos of these esteemed teams, then get Plex.

It streams over 20,000 movies and shows from these companies. Games, music, podcasts, blogs, and all those time killers under the sun, it is hard to ask for more when it is Plex. Now, let us move on to the issue at hand. Fix Plex trailers not working.

Why Plex trailers won’t play?

Plex has this cool provision of optimizing your library based on some additional content that you would love to view. This could either be some extra scenes of your favorite movies or behind the scenes from a drama you were sad about having ended.

Whatever it is that builds your content, you get to add it with the other shows and movies. While your list can be designed as per your preferences, the media server settings need to be modified simultaneously.

As a Plex user, you might have found the ‘Watch trailer’ option right next to the ‘Play button. You get to enjoy the movie trailer and decide upon what to watch. However, there are steps you will need to do prior to enjoying these extras or trailers.

To access the trailers, which are part of the extras, you will need to do make them available through certain settings. It could be possible that you have not completed these necessary formalities in order to add the extra content.

Also, certain devices that you use to work Plex, may tend to provide an obstacle for playing the trailers or extras.

There are several other reasons for this inconvenience. However, there are enough solutions for the same as well. We have explained them in the following steps. Read on to find out how to fix Plex trailers not working;

How to Fix Plex trailers not working?

Given below are some methods you could use to fix this issue. Hope it helps.

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1. The Cinema Trailer features.

Although it appears as a part of the movie you would want to watch, it requires additional approval to be played by you. This is simply the act of utilizing the Cinema Trailer feature along with others.

So how can you make this feature available for viewing movie trailers? Here are the steps to go about this;

  • Start with modifying your choices in the server settings.
  • For this, launch the Plex Web
  • Then click on ‘settings’.
  • Choose your current ‘server’ and select ‘Extras’.
  • Give the appropriate choice for Cinema trailers preference.
  • Now open ‘settings’ once again to make the Plex web player modifications.
  • Then select ‘Player’.
  • Make your choice on the number of trailer versions you would like to view before the actual movie is played.
  • This will establish the Cinema trailer feature and you will be able to view some trailers before the movie begins.

This cinema trailer feature is activated as soon as you click on a movie just like normal, and unlike before the movie does not play immediately. Instead, you will find some cool trailers played. Just like the movies in the theatre.

2. Set the clock.

There are other factors that are not much obvious when you consider this sort of an issue, especially one with a media server. In this case, the not-so-obvious reason is the system time of your device. As mentioned earlier, this issue pretty much depends on which device you have in order to open Plex and enjoy the features.

It could be that the time that is set in your device system may not be well within the accepted range. That is, if the time-sync setting in your device (in the case of a computer) is not enabled, then there could be a stagger in processing your request for the extra.

So when you expect the trailers to play as soon as the movie is selected, then the process would become unsynchronized. This will not allow the trailers to play as per the modifications that you may have performed.

3. Sync with the internet time server.

The solution for this issue would obviously be to sync the system clock with that of the online server. This can be done by following the steps given below;

  • First, click on the start
  • Then go to
  • Select ‘Time & language’.
  • Then select ‘related settings’ and click on ‘Additional date, time, & regional settings.
  • Under the control panel home menu on the side, select ‘Clock and region’.
  • Then select the ‘Date and time’ option from the displayed screen.
  • A new tab will open, on which select ‘Internet time’.
  • Then click on the ‘change settings’ button to make the sync.
  • A dialog box will appear requesting you to type in the necessary server. Find a suitable server on the Microsoft site.
  • Then click on ‘Update now’ and check the ‘Synchronize with an internet time server’ option.
  • Select ‘ok’ to conclude your setting.

This will provide the right and convenient time-lapse for your trailers to play along with the movies. Hope it helps.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why are movie trailers not playing on any device (Plex)?

There are a few reasons for this issue to unfold with Plex. Any device that you use for enjoying the streaming service offered by Plex would give you this kind of situation under the condition that you have not made the right modifications.

If you would like to view the trailers with the movie that you chose, you will have to make the Cinema trailer feature available on the device. The above article has provided the necessary steps to make this change. Hope it helps.

Q2. Can Plex show trailers?

Yes, Plex can show trailers if you unlock the Cinema trailers feature. Moreover, if you are a Plex Pass member, then trailers will play automatically along with the selected movie.

To know more on this topic, refer to the above article. Hope it helps.


This article discusses how to fix Plex trailers not working. We have compiled the basic solutions for your ease of understanding. Hope it helps.

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