Why Can’t I Send Long videos on Snapchat (Workarounds)


The famous multimedia messaging software Snapchat has captured millions of users with its one-of-a-kind features, one of which is the capability to exchange photographs and videos that are only stored for a short period.

Nevertheless, one constraint that Snapchat users commonly face is the inability to share lengthy films.

Through the course of this essay, we will investigate the factors that led to the implementation of this limitation, as well as the technical and customer service problems that are associated with it.

Why can’t I send long videos on Snapchat?

Short answer: Your Snapchat account doesn’t let you send long videos because of the file size, data usage, or device compatibility

Reason 1 – Size of the file

The size of the files that would be generated by sending lengthy films with high quality and durations would be much bigger.

Especially for users with limited storage capacity, this might provide difficulties in terms of storage, bandwidth, and processing power on the devices of both the transmitter and receiver involved in the communication.

Reason 2 – Usage of Bandwidth and Data

The delivery of material in a timely and effective manner is the primary goal of Snapchat.

Giving users the ability to upload videos of any length might put a burden on the network’s infrastructure and use a significant amount of data for Snapchat’s servers as well as for its users.

Reason 3 – Device compatibility

The capacities and processing power of different gadgets might vary greatly.

Snapchat strives to deliver a uniform experience across a broad variety of devices, and longer videos demand more processing power.

To keep the app usable on older or less capable devices, we limit the duration of videos.

Why does Snapchat say ‘Videos longer than 60 seconds cannot be sent’

Short answer: Snapchat prohibits the transmission of videos that exceed sixty seconds due to technical constraints and user experience.
The notification that “videos longer than sixty seconds cannot be sent” appears on Snapchat is something that many users are accustomed to seeing. However, why is this restriction so absurd?

For reasons related to technology, user experience, and design, Snapchat limits the length of videos to 60 seconds. Technically speaking, bandwidth efficiency and server performance are both affected by the amount of data transmitted and stored by lengthier movies.

This restriction is in line with Snapchat’s dedication to real-time communication; it eliminates the possibility of upload delays and guarantees a smooth experience for users.

In addition, the platform’s focus on short-form content helps users participate in meaningful conversations by addressing their changing attention spans. To handle the massive stream of material while keeping Snapchat’s infrastructure stable, the 60-second restriction also helps with effective server load control.


Splitting long videos into Snaps: You can record a longer video on your phone’s camera app and then edit it into multiple clips that are each 10 seconds long. Then you can send those clips individually as a series of Snaps.

Using Snapchat Spotlight or Stories: If your video is public-facing content, you can upload videos up to 60 seconds long to your Snapchat Story or Spotlight.

Final Words

To ensure that Snapchat stays true to its roots in rapid, real-time exchanges that capture the moment, the 60-second video limit is not an arbitrary restriction but rather a planned step towards providing users with an engaging and smooth multimedia messaging experience.


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