How To Make Someone Your #1 Best Friend On Snapchat Quickly

If you’re new on Snapchat, you might be asking yourself “How to make someone your #1 best friend on Snapchat quickly”.

Friends and Best Friends are Snapchat’s most in-demand feature.

Many people use it to show the world who their besties are, while for some it’s more a game to see who your Snapchat BFF is.

So, if you got roped into using Snapchat with your friends, here’s how to get someone to be your #1 bestie in no time at all.

How To Make Someone Your #1 Best Friend On Snapchat Quickly

Short Answer: You can make someone your #1 best friend or Super BFF by engaging with them regularly. If you’re a Snapchat Plus user, you can pin your #1 best friend from your friend’s list.

In the past, the only way to show people your Super BFF was to constantly engage with them and increase your Snap Score with that particular user.

However, in recent years, Snapchat Plus, allows users to select their #1 best friend without hard work.

Although it isn’t the same, both #1 best friend and Super BFF share one similarity.

It’s limited to a single person, so you can only have one Super BFF or #1 best friend.

While it’s easy to use Snapchat Plus to make someone your #1, if you’re not interested in paying for a subscription, you’ll have to do it the long way.

And here’s how you go about it.

Make Someone Your #1 BFF Using Snapchat Plus

If you just started out on Snapchat and can’t be bothered to spend time making someone your BFF, this is the fastest way.

Yes, it’s a paid subscription, which costs $3.99/month or $29.99/year. (Check Snapchat App or website for recent prices)

So if this isn’t your cup of tea, I’d recommend jumping to the next section.

But if you want to speed run making someone your #1 BFF, here’s how to do it.

  • Step 1- Open Snapchat on your device and tap your profile icon.
  • Step 2- Tap the ‘Settings’ icon in the top left and tap on ‘Snapchat +’.
  • Step 3- Now, tap ‘Subscribe’ and you’ll see all the features that are unlocked with a subscription.
  • Step 4- Tap ‘Next’ and select the plan you want.

  • Step 5- You’ll be prompted to complete your payment.

Once you’ve made the payment, your account will be upgraded immediately, unlocking all the new features for you.

Now, you’ll need to set your #1 BFF.

Simply open your chat screen on Snapchat and hold down on the person you want as your #1.

Select the #1 BFF pin from the options that show up, and that’s about it.

You can always change your BFF whenever you like, but you can only have one at a time.

Additionally, unlike a Super BFF, pinning someone as your #1, will not automatically make you their #1.

However, if your friend also has Snapchat plus, you can ask them to pin you as their #1 BFF.

Making Someone Your Super BFF

Unlike the #1 BFF pin for Snapchat plus, Super BFFs are available to every user.

Super BFFs are a mutual symbol that you and your friend have shared a lot on Snapchat.

It’s only handed out to people who constantly engage with their besties.

The only difficulty is that it takes time to make someone your Super BFF.

Even with regular engagement, it should take you about two months at the very least.

But with a little hard work and a lot of snaps, it’s possible.

Daily Engagement

Make sure you snap and chat with your friend every day. 

Engaging everyday increases your Snap Score with the other user and improves their standing in your best friend list.

Snaps and Messages

The more varied your chats are with your friend, the better it is.

Mix up your conversations with messages and snaps.

This improves your engagement and increases yours and their chances of making it on to each other’s best friend list.


Snapstreaks keep track of whether you and your friend have sent at least one snap to each other every day.

The longer your Snapstreak, the higher the chances of becoming each other’s Super BFF.

As I mentioned earlier, becoming each other’s Super BFF can take some time.

But as long as both you keep at it consistently, it shouldn’t take more than two months.

While it does seem like a long time, it’s the only way to get a #1 BFF without having to shell out money.

Additionally, getting a Super BFF is in itself an achievement, unlike the #1 BFF pin for Snapchat plus.

Having a Super BFF tag means you’ve both put in time and effort to be each other’s best friend like no one ever was.

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Final Words

Snapchat has its fun and quirky elements that add to the overall experience.

And the best friends list is one of their best features.

While you can have multiple best friends, you can only have one Super BFF or #1 best friend.

And that makes the achievement a lot sweeter when you finally see the badge next to your profile.

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