Does Chatting with Someone on Snapchat Affect Best Friends

Are you wondering if chatting with someone on Snapchat affects your best friends list? This article is for you.

Snapchat is a top-rated app with millions of active users worldwide. On Snapchat, you can send snaps, post stories about your day, or have fun conversations with your friends.

Whenever you interact with someone more frequently, you will see a golden heart emoji next to their Snapchat username. This emoji signifies you are best friends with that person.

This article aims to provide a comprehensive explanation of how the frequency of chats on Snapchat affects your best friends.

So, are you ready for Snapchatters? Let’s dive right into it. 

Can you become Snapchat best friends through chat?

The answer is a straightforward yes. You can become Snapchat’s best friend by messaging someone more frequently.

When you become Snapchat’s best friend, you will see Snapchat’s Best Friends emojis next to their name. Here are common Snapchat emojis and the meaning behind them.

  • Golden Heart: You and your chat buddy are Snapchat gold – reigning supreme as each other’s Best Friends.
  • Yellow Smiley: Snaps galore! While you exchange a healthy dose of snaps, Best Friends territory might still be a snap or two away.
  • Red Heart: Two weeks of Best Friends bliss! This red beacon signals a bond maturing in the digital flames of friendship.
  • Double Pink Heart: Two months strong! This rosy emoji celebrates a friendship seasoned with time and countless chats.

Most importantly, the emojis change often and depend on how much you use the app and message the other person.

Does chatting with someone on Snapchat affect best friends

Yes, chatting on Snapchat affects your best friends. Snapchat picks people for your best friends list based on how frequently you send snaps and messages to them.

However, it’s not the sole criteria:

  • Snaps still weigh heavier: Sending and receiving snaps with someone still holds more weight in the Best Friends algorithm than pure chat interactions.
  • Overall activity: Your total interactions with all your friends contribute to the ranking. So, someone who frequently chats and snaps with several others might not reach your Best Friends list even if they chat with you often.
  • Time decay: Interactions lose weight over time, so a friend you used to chat with a lot might gradually fall off your Best Friends list.
  • Snapstreaks: Maintaining a Snapstreak with someone can strengthen your connection and potentially influence your Best Friends list.
  • Shared Best Friends: If you and another friend have someone in common on your Best Friends list, you’ll see a special emoji next to their name. This signifies potential shared interests or close bonds.

If you want someone to be your best friend on Snapchat, you should send them snaps and messages more often. Snapchat will notice your interaction with the other person and include them on your Snapchat’s best friend list.

This process might take a while. After two weeks, you will be able to see that person on your Snapchat’s best friend list. 

When you become best friends with someone on Snapchat, continue interacting with the person, or else they’ll go down the list and might get replaced.

On the flip side, if you don’t want someone to be your best friend on Snapchat, you can stop sending them messages more frequently.

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Wapping Up:

While Snapchat has not revealed its formula for curating the best friend list, there are some ways to control the order of your Snapchat best friend list.

If you want someone on your Snapchat’s best friend list, you must send them a lot of messages. On the other hand, if you don’t want to see someone on your Snapchat best friend list, decrease the interaction with them.

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