What Does SHEIN ‘Sorry You Have Reached The Limit’ Mean?

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If you shop frequently on SHEIN, I’m sure you’ve gotten frustrated at the notification ‘Sorry, you have reached your limit’.

Sometimes you just want to buy more than a few pieces of the same item, but instead, you just get this message.

For international shoppers, you might have seen the message ‘Your account order or shipping address may have exceeded the daily limit of 800’.

All these notifications are set up according to SHEIN’s terms and conditions.

But, since we can’t really be bothered to read through all the fine print, I’m here to give you a rundown of what it means.

What Does SHEIN ‘Sorry You Have Reached The Limit’ Mean?

Short Answer: If you see this notification while shopping on SHEIN, it means you’ve either exceeded the total number of a particular item you’re buying, or you’ve exceeded the total amount you are allowed to spend for international orders.

SHEIN generally doesn’t allow you to buy more than a certain number of particular items.

This is done for a few reasons, including product availability, shipping restrictions, and geographical payment restrictions.

Let’s look at each of these in a little more detail.

SHEIN Sorry You Have Reached The Limit Please Back To Cart

You’ll usually see this message at the end of your shopping experience, just before checkout.

I’ll agree it’s a bit on the nose, giving the customer such a notification right at the very end.

But, there’s nothing you can do about it since it’s mentioned in SHEIN’s terms and conditions.

While SHEIN allows you to purchase multiples of any product, there are limits on each of them.

This is mainly done to deter people from buying in bulk and then reselling these products.

So, if you’ve added too many of a certain product, you’ll see this message asking you to go back and edit your cart.

I also admit, it should be worded more clearly, notifying the customer which item needs to be reduced, as in this case, you’re left to figure out which item you added too many of.

It can also be due to there not being enough of the product to fulfill your order.

Popular items sell out fast, and if there aren’t enough of them left in the SHEIN warehouse, they can’t finalize your order.

Additionally, SHEIN may also restrict the number of items you can purchase for certain products if they only have a limited quantity to begin with.

This is done to ensure all their customers have a chance to buy their products.

However, if you want to purchase a product in bulk for something like an office giveaway or something similar, there is a way to get it done.

You can contact SHEIN’s customer support and request a bulk order.

You’ll need to verify the details of why you need the bulk order before SHEIN can offer you a quote.

For example, if it’s for an office party giveaway, then you’ll have to provide a valid office ID and verify your office email ID to be eligible for such orders.

Once your details are verified, you’ll be given a quote on the products you’re purchasing.

After your payment is complete, you’ll receive tracking details as you would if you had placed a normal order.

SHEIN ‘Your Account Order Or Shipping Address May Have Exceeded The Daily Limit Of 800’

If you see this message during checkout, it’s most likely that you’re shopping from the US.

SHEIN has restrictions on how much a user can spend in a single day.

Daily Spending Limit

The limit in the US is $800 (Note: Limit may keep changing over time)

There’s no clear reason as to why this restriction exists, but it’s clearly stated in their terms and conditions.

It could be due to restrictions on Chinese businesses by the US, but without a clear reason provided by SHEIN, we can only speculate.

So, if you’re trying to make a purchase from the US and keep seeing this message, you’ll have to reduce your total order amount to complete your purchase.

You can still purchase it over a couple of days since the limit is only imposed per day.

SHEIN Gift Cards

It’s the same for SHEIN gift cards.

You can’t complete an order if the bill exceeds $800.

SHEIN Wallet Credit

Wallet credit is also limited.

While your wallet can hold up to $1500 at a given time, you still can’t use more than $800 in a single purchase.

Tips For Bulk Purchases Within The US

If you’re planning to make a bulk purchase, such as the example I provided in the previous section, you’ll need to make multiple payments.

This also means your order won’t come together because depending on the size of your bulk order, there might be anywhere from a difference of one day to a week between packages.

Additionally, you could ask multiple employees to place orders from their respective accounts, which will ensure similar delivery times.

In some cases, for certain items, you might even find someone to sell them to you in bulk locally.

So, if you are planning bulk purchases from within the US, I’d highly recommend planning well in advance so you receive all your products on time.

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Wrapping Up

SHEIN has recently become extremely popular in fast fashion and has attracted customers from all over the world.

But, international business isn’t without its limitations, and these are two such limitations that I’ve gone into detail about in this article.

So, keep these restrictions in mind while making your next purchase

And if you’re from the US, remember the $800 daily limit so you don’t get an annoying notification right before checkout.

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