Why is SHEIN Not accepting My Card (Reasons & Solutions)

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SHEIN, a popular online shopping platform, has become a go-to for fashion enthusiasts worldwide, known for its affordable and trendy styles widely shared on social media.

Despite its user-friendly interface and prompt delivery services, some shoppers have encountered issues with their payments being declined.

This article addresses these common payment problems on SHEIN, discussing potential reasons and solutions for the “Sorry. Your payment has failed. Please try another payment method” error message.

While SHEIN generally maintains a secure environment for user data and transactions, these payment issues persist for some users.

Why is SHEIN not accepting my gift card, credit card, debit card (Shein payment issues)

SHEIN may not accept your gift card, credit card, or debit card due to reasons such as incorrect card details, insufficient funds, bank restrictions on online or international transactions, card type not supported by SHEIN, or technical issues with SHEIN’s payment system. Ensure that all card information is entered correctly, and your account has enough funds.

If the issue persists, contact your bank or SHEIN’s customer service for assistance.

Below, we have explained all the possible reasons in detail.

SHEIN won't accept card

1. Incorrect card details

There is literally tons of reason why you would be suspicious every time the question about whether or not you should give your details is raised. Especially in an open and broad platform such as SHEIN, it could be devastating to get sucked into any sort of fraud.

But this is not a reason for you to compromise with providing genuine details. Only if you want the purchase to actually happen, should you provide the correct details like bank account number, your name, and contact information.

So if you assumed that the details would be shared with a third party, but you still want that cute dress, then giving the wrong data is not the answer. Firstly, it is proven that SHEIN does not sell its data to a third party. Many experienced users have confirmed this fact. Second, you ought to give the right bank details to be approved of the transaction.

FIX: If you have provided the right information and still your card got declined, then do cross-check the information once again. Double-check that you have entered the correct card information, including the card number, expiration date, and security code.

2. Gift card value exhausted

A gift card comes with a limited value. Though the gift card can be used more than once, it can only be used till the gift card balance is available.

So, if you are finding it hard to complete the payment through your gift card, it is possible that the credited value of the card has been reached. And if it is what that has happened, you will have to use either a different payment or a new gift card.

FIX: To avoid any issues, you must be sure if the gift card, which has already been used, has got enough credits to spot your order. You can always check the current balance using the official portal. If you own a Visa gift card, you can check the current balance here.

3. Credit limit reached

Your bank has set a limit on the credit card, beyond which, the cardholder is not eligible to spend. If there is any sort of transaction that is beyond the set parameter of the credit card limit, then the bank will go forward and decline the transaction.

It is this aspect of your bank card that controls you from over-spending. So if you have requested payments beyond the credit limit, you are bound to be rejected on another purchase-related occasion. So what can you do in such a situation?

FIX: You can either increase your credit limit through the bank authorities, or you could try out a different payment method. All you need to make sure is that you provide the right set of details. Otherwise, everything else is simple.

4. Settings not enabled for online transactions

If you are using a credit or debit card for shopping, it is possible that the settings for online transactions using the card have been changed. The user gets the option to change settings like transaction limit, mode of transaction and many more.

If transaction for online modes is disabled, you will find issues in using card on any e-commerce sites like Shein

FIX: Go to your credit or debit card settings on your bank’s app or website and check for the online transaction settings. Enable it to use your card as usual on Shein.

4. Transaction declined by Bank or card provider

Your bank might have recognized the payment activity performed by you as fraudulent. This could either be an accident and once it suspects any sort of misconduct, the transaction or process gets immediately declined similar to the previous case.

FIX: Recheck your card and make sure it is not inactivated or expired. Also, if you are using a Visa gift card that is associated with your main account, make sure it is activated as well. This should help you avoid the above mentions situation.

5. Ineligible payment method

Another reason why SHEIN is not accepting your card is because it is considered as ineligible payment method by SHEIN.

According to the official SHEIN statement, the eligible payment methods are – Visa, American Express, MasterCard, Maestro, Discover and Diners Club powered Credit card, debit card and Gift Card. PayPal, Venmo, Klarna, Zip, and Afterpay can also be used to make the payments.

6. International transaction disabled on the card

As you may know, Shein is a Chinese company and ship products directly from there. So, the payments are also made internationally if you are ordering the items in the USA or any other country.

If the international transactions are disabled on your debit or credit card, you won’t be able to make the payment and your card will be declined, or you will get the error “Sorry. Your payment has failed. Please try with another payment method.”

If you think that the case, you need to contact your card provider to enable international transaction on your card or login to your net banking and enable it by yourself.

7. Technical or server issues

There may be technical issues with SHEIN’s payment processing system that are preventing your payment from going through.

You can check the server status of Shein by visiting the Shein server outage page.

In this case, you can try again later or contact SHEIN’s customer service for assistance.

Does SHEIN accept American Express Gift Cards

Yes, SHEIN accepts American Express gift cards, credit cards as well as debit cards.

Other than American Express, SHEIN also accepts credit, debit and gift cards powered by – Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Discover and Diners Club on the SHEIN platform. However, even if you have kept it within the list, chances are that SHEIN won’t accept your card.



Q1. Does SHEIN accept debit cards?

Yes, SHEIN does accept debit cards, and it is definitely safe to provide them with your bank details, unlike the rumors that SHEIN sells its user information to third parties. Also, it accepts Visa, American Express, MasterCard, Maestro, and Diners Club.


This article brings together some important points to note regarding why SHEIN won’t accept your card. We have put in some relevant reasons for the same and also some quick measures you could opt for in such a situation. Hope it helps.

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