Why does SHEIN refund without returning the item?

If you were looking for great styles in line with the latest trends, then SHEIN is the right platform. With a growing percentage of customers, parallel to their collection, SHEIN is just perfect to get along with. Quick deliveries, efficient transactions, and safe refund policies. So, we are going to discuss this popular fashion Armageddon; why does SHEIN refund without returning the item?

Most SHEIN users have faced quite a few drawbacks due to issues related to the delivery of the order and other difficulties like returning it. Although a clear-cut explanation on the refund and return policies is provided by SHEIN, a delay in their response can get users frustrated and anxious.

On the other hand, it can also turn out unpredictable. SHEIN has some surprisingly cool return policies. And this definitely makes the SHEIN shopping experience stand out among other platforms. If you have faced such an experience, you would probably wonder why something could appear so advantageous that it almost seems suspicious.

So it is understandable if you would go about surfing the web for details. Since you are here, let us help you out with this tricky situation of why SHEIN refund without returning the item?

Why does SHEIN refund without returning the item?

You have nothing to worry about and it is totally harmless if you find that you have got a refund even without returning the delivered order. Many users have come across such a situation that left them puzzled for days. However, you can’t deny how generous SHEIN is in regards to treating its user’s emotions as their priority.

So the situation is as follows; you ordered a cloth on the SHEIN app. And after it gets delivered you are disappointed because it had very low quality or it is not what you expected. The former case will lead you to receive the unique reply from SHEIN;

refund without returning
Image source: SHEIN refund without returning item.


Now, it is not always the case with every return you make. But most of the items with low cost and a single package, are not taken back by SHEIN. Instead, they provide you with a refund, immediately. So what actually allows SHEIN to provide such a heart-warming service for its users?

Users are not accustomed to such an online shopping provision. Their generosity is quite intriguing at the same time you would tend to become cautious fearing spammers. Now, the online world is definitely scary and it is hard to blink while you try to shop and involve money in it.

A general client cannot be blamed for panicking under a similar situation. Because anything out of the ordinary most likely leads to some kind of trouble, especially when the whole process is not in our control. But there is no need for you to stress about it. The actual scene is simple and innocent. SHEIN just doesn’t want to be pestered with simple product returns.

Read on to find out.

How can we return order on SHEIN?

If you were to order an expensive and cool cloth on SHEIN and then wish to return it, you would definitely find a return label along with it on the app. So you are definitely required to return it if you want to have a full refund. Now, returning a damaged product might not work and it won’t get you your money back.

So make sure to follow these guidelines to get a proper refund;

  • Returns are readily made available for products that were delivered within 15 days.
  • SHEIN has a list of products that are exempted from being returned.
  • Also, you are allowed to exchange your order and get a new product in about 40 days.
  • As is the case with any organization, SHEIN prohibits the return of used, worn, or damaged orders. They should be preserved as such, in their original package.
  • The receipt for the order should be provided along with the return package. However, if you don’t have a receipt, it does not matter. You can return the product nevertheless.
  • You will receive the refund in 48 hours via SHEIN wallet or within 7 days of request processing. The refund amount doesn’t include shipping rates.

If you follow these simple points, you are sure to get your request for a refund sanctioned in no time. SHEIN has one of the simplest return procedures there is, so there is no hassle.

All you have to do is log into the SHEIN application, and select ‘My order’ to find your order. Then click on ‘return’ and choose the order that you wish to return. And then press ‘Submit’. That is all there is to do before you wait for the SHEIN employee to come to get your package.

When does SHEIN refund without returning the item?

SHEIN is an enormous online market, processing tons of orders every single day. So it is not a surprise if they resort to any means by which they can reduce the workload. Returning a product is not as exciting to them as it may seem. The procedure in itself is vast, and the time and labor took cannot be neglected.

So if your product is either damaged beyond repair, or of low quality or if it is not what you expected, then chances are they wouldn’t want you to return the order. They might have it all figured out. So don’t panic if you get the advantage of keeping the order.

Let SHEIN enjoy few hours of less work!

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Q1. Why does SHEIN refund without refunding the item?

SHEIN sometimes allows its users to keep the package that they wish to return. However, they do provide the refund within 7 days. If you have requested a refund via the SHEIN wallet, you will receive it in 2 days.

The reason for providing such an option to the clients is not because of any ill intentions. Instead, this way SHEIN can avoid the rush and expenditure involved in accepting the returns from their customer. Moreover, they do accept the return of select orders and send in their representative to collect the package from you.

Refer to the above article to know about it in detail.


This article explains the purpose of why SHEIN refund without returning. Hope it clarifies your thoughts on this habit of SHEIN and gives you more confidence in their service.

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