How To Do The Blue Search Comment On TikTok?

“Blue search comment” is a new feature on the popular app, TikTok. Like any social media app, TikTok has been focusing on making the app more useful and easy to use. To aid the same, users now have a blue search comment on TikTok feature.
However, this feature is under testing right now. Under this feature, the comments of people are turned blue by the app itself. And these blue comments are actually links, which you can click and get results related to that comment.
Some might wonder how is this conversion of simple comments to hyperlinked texts done. Let’s take a look at how to do this blue search comment in detail.

How to do the blue search comment on TikTok?

Short answer: There is no direct button to do the blue search comment on TikTok and the platform uses a special algorithm for the same. However, users can add keywords of the video in the comment which increases the chances of your comment converting into a blue search comment.


If a comment has been hyperlinked, those comments will appear in blue in the comment section. These blue search comments are also followed by a blue search icon. When you click on these comments, you will be redirected to a search page related to the text.
Let’s take an example if you click on the blue search comment which reads as “Coachella outfits”, then the search page will open up. And on that search page, you can find all the other TikTok videos tagged as Coachella outfits or anything related to the same term.
Now the question arises if you can have your comment turned into a blue search comment. And the answer is yes, you just need to take care of some criteria.
The methods to convert any comment into blue search comment on TikTok are:
  • Find the keywords of the video

So, the first thing you need to do is find the keywords of the video. For example, “Coachella outfits” on a video of an influencer showing off their Coachella fit. You can also get these keywords from the video itself, for example from the tags on the video.

  • Include these keywords in the comment on the video

Now, include these keywords in the comment on the video. According to the TikTok algorithm, the words related to the video should be turned blue. It is done by the app, so it will take some time to appear and other times it might not happen.


Wrapping Up

The blue search comment on TikTok is a promising feature aiding in the search and exploration on the app. To do these blue search comments make sure to comment on the popular videos on the page.
Also, include the keywords and wait. If decided by the algorithm, you should be able to do the blue search comment. If you see a blue search comment, simply click on it, and you can explore more about the specific text.
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