[Fixed] Sprint Hulu not working (2023)

Is your Sprint Hulu not working?

If Sprint hulu activation link is not working, you have visited the right page.

This post explains all you need to know Why Spirnt Hulu is not working and what you can do to fix it.

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More than half-owned by the supreme Walt Disney Company, Hulu is a well-known American subscription streaming service. Ever since its launch, Hulu earned huge popularity among everyone. Since Netflix and Amazon Prime in recent days failed to amaze viewers, Hulu on the other hand serves the best series and movies for its audiences. That’s why more than 46 billion people are Hulu users.

14 years ago, on October 29, 2007, Hulu first launched. It provides a variety of films and tv series from different networks like ABC, NBC, and FX Networks. Also, viewers can enjoy Hulu’s original programs. 

Now, you can enjoy Hulu with Sprint. Sprint or Sprint Corporation is America’s fourth-largest telecommunications company. In April 2020, this corporation merge with T-Mobile.

However, sometimes Hulu is not working on Sprint. Probably you have seen on the screen “Fix Sprint, Hulu not working.” If you have faced the same situation and don’t have any clue how to fix this problem, then you are on the right article.

Keep on reading to know more about this. 

Why is my Sprint Hulu not working?

This problem can be seen for a variety of reasons. Maybe the Hulu server is not working or is down for some technical issues, or your wifi connection isn’t strong enough.

Now, let’s discuss the above issues in detail. 

(1) Lots of viewers have complained against Hulu that it glitches sometimes or the server isn’t working properly or is down. Maybe that’s why you are seeing Fix Sprint Hulu not working.

(2) The other reason you are seeing this is that your internet connection isn’t strong enough. If you are using mobile data to watch Hulu on Sprint, it failed to load the video most of the time and that’s when you see this issue.

(3) Maybe you aren’t using the upgraded version of Hulu and that’s why the older version isn’t working properly.

(4) Another reason may be your Hulu app is corrupted. Therefore, you are noticing Fix Sprint Hulu not working.

(5) The probable fifth reason is that you haven’t fixed a plan on Sprint to watch Hulu.

Hulu Logo


How to Fix Sprint Hulu not working?

We know you are frustrated to see this issue again and again and found no answer online. Well, not to worry. We have gathered every possible solution to the “Fix Sprint Hulu not working” problem. Just follow the following procedures to get rid of this situation.

Step 1: Check out Hulu’s server.

This message keeps popping up maybe because the server of Hulu isn’t working or is down for internal reasons. In these cases, you have no power to fix this. Just wait 2/3 hours until Hulu resolves this issue.

hulu server
Down Detector page of Hulu

Step 2: Fix a plan on Sprint.

If you are using a free account through Sprint, then maybe your account got expired. Now, choose a paid plan on Sprint to watch smoothly Hulu’s movies and series.

Step 3: Check the wifi.

If your internet speed is low or you are using mobile data to watch shows, most of the time it failed to load the show. So, try not to watch series on mobile data. And to restore wifi, turn it off and turn it on after 5/10 minutes. Hopes this can solve the problem.

Step 4: Update the app.

The fourth suggestion we would give you that update the Hulu app. Most of the time the older version does not coordinate with the server and it continuously shows “Hulu not working.” So, update the app to watch without any interference.

Step 5: Contact customer service.

If you have applied all the above steps and still didn’t solve the issue, then the last suggestion is to contact Sprint customer service. Message them about your problem and when they respond, follow them step-by-step.

How to activate Hulu through Sprint?

It’s that easy! There are basically two ways to activate Hulu with Sprint: for new Hulu subscribers and current Hulu subscribers.

Step 1: For new Hulu subscribers

If you have an eligible Sprint plant, you can easily sign up for Hulu by following these steps.

(1) Go to the account settings on Sprint.com. You will see an option Services you can add, now enable Hulu.

(2) After that Sprint will send a text message on your device with a sign-up link.

(3) Select which plan you want to go for and complete the process of signup.

(4) After the completion, you can enjoy the Hulu streaming service from any supported device.

Step 2: For current Hulu subscribers.

(1) Head to Sprint.com’s account settings and turn on Hulu from the Service you can add.

(2) Again, the Sprint team will send you a text message with a sign-up link.

(3) Select I have a Hulu account from that signup page.

(4) Now, log in to your account.

(5) Click Select on the Update your plan screen.

By doing this, Sprint got the responsibility to pay the bill for your Hulu subscription. You don’t need to pay the bill for Hulu no more.

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Question 1: If I switch to Sprint, then do I get Hulu free?

As the Sprint Unlimited plan includes Hulu ( ad-supported plan of Hulu), you don’t need to pay extra money.

Question 2: How can I activate a free Hulu account through Sprint?

Go to Sprint.com and enable Hulu from Service you can add. Sprint will send you a text message with a signup link. Now, choose a plan and complete the process.

Question 3: How long can I access Hulu free through Sprint?

Sprint will give you a free 6-month trial to stream Tidal and one year free trial with Hulu’s Limited Commercials.

Question 4: How much do I need to pay to see Hulu on Sprint?

You can watch Hulu only at $5.99 per month on Sprint, as per Sprint’s 2017 regulations.

Question 5: Did Sprint not give Hulu anymore?

Sprint is no longer providing new services under the Sprint brands, which means “Hulu on Us” promotion has been terminated.

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Final Words

Hope you will get an idea from this article to fix Sprint Hulu not working.  Follow the above procedures to restore the issue. Also, if you want to activate Hulu with Sprint, we have mentioned that as well. Now relax and watch your favorite Hulu movies and shows without disruption.

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