Facebook Lite Not Working on WiFi but on Mobile Data

If your Facebook Lite not working on wifi but working on mobile data you have landed on the right page.

Here, we have provided the reasons why it may happen and how to fix it.

When you open Facebook lite and try to connect through Wi-Fi you will notice that it says “No Internet Connection”.No matter how many times you try to refresh Facebook lite, the error message that you have “no internet connection” will not go away.

Image Source: pinterest.com
Image Source: pinterest.com

Following the occurrence of this issue, you won’t be able to go to sleep, will you? In a circumstance such as this one, you should not place an excessive amount of strain on your brain because you are not the first person in this world to go through this.

Almost all of us, at some point or another, were confronted with this challenge. This was a challenge for us on several occasions as well.

When we came across this issue for the first time, we were really taken aback by what had transpired with Facebook lite. After then, we approached this issue with a level mind and conducted the investigation.

We eventually found a solution to this issue, and I personally haven’t come across it again since we implemented it.

Why is Facebook Lite not working on Wi-Fi but working on mobile data?

Short answer: The most common causes of Facebook lite’s inability to function over WI-FI are cached files and data, a slow internet connection, and a failure to delete the browser’s cached files. In addition, the server is down and the operating system is not being kept up to date are both responsible for this.

One of the social networking sites with the greatest number of users all around the world is Facebook lite. As a consequence of this, any faults that occur with Facebook light have a huge impact on our day-to-day lives.

Users may occasionally run into the issue where Facebook Lite does not function properly when connected to a Wi-Fi network but does function properly when connected to mobile data. This can occur for a number of reasons, including the user failing to clear the cache and data files associated with the browser and app.

Only a very small percentage of individuals are aware of this. A connection to the internet that is either slow or unreliable is another contributor to this problem.

There is no need to be alarmed. We are here to assist you in fixing the issue where Facebook would not operate while connected to a Wi-Fi network.

Let’s work together to find a solution to this issue.

How to Fix Facebook Lite not working on Wi-Fi but working on mobile data

Now that you know why Facebook Lite doesn’t run on wifi but does run on mobile data, we can focus on resolving this issue as quickly as possible.

In the following paragraphs, I will discuss the many approaches to resolving this issue. While applying the patches, make sure you read over them very carefully.

Method 1 – Restart Device

You might think that this is an overly simplistic solution, but restarting your device is really one of the best ways to fix this problem. Start your machine back up and allow it a few minutes to work. Now, you need to connect your device to the wireless network. Launch Facebook lite and determine whether or not the issue is still there after doing so.

Method 2 – Clear app cache & data

Another reason for experiencing this difficulty is that the cache files and data for the Facebook lite app have not been cleared. It is recommended that you clean the cache and data file for the Facebook lite app at regular intervals.

The following steps should be taken in order to delete the cache and data files from the Facebook lite app:

  • Step 1– To access the Settings menu on your device, tap the gear symbol.
  • Step 2- Proceed to the Applications menu item.
  • Step 3– Select the Apps option once again to view all of the applications that have been downloaded to your device.
  • Step 4– You may find Facebook lite farther down the page. Select the option from the menu.
  • Step 5– You should now see the Storage option; touch on it to select it.
  • Step 6- You will be presented with the option to clear both the data and the cache.
  • Step 7– Any one of them can be clicked on.

You could try restarting your device and connecting it to your Wi-Fi connection to see whether or not the issue still persists.

Method 3 – Reset Network

It’s possible that there are some problems with the way your network is set up, which is preventing Facebook light from connecting to your Wi-Fi. You need to do a hard reset on your network in order to determine whether or not this solution will resolve the issue.

The following is the procedure for restarting your network:

  • Step 1– To access the Settings menu on your smartphone, tap the gear symbol.
  • Step 2– Proceed to the System option when you have done so.
  • Step 3- Locate the option to Reset and click on it.
  • Step 4– You will find the option to Reset all settings here in this section. reset-all-settings
  • Step 5– Make sure you click on it.
  • Step 6– To determine whether or not the issue has been resolved, you should restart your device and then connect it to your wifi connection.

Method 4 – Check connection

This network issue is seen in a number of different applications that are associated with social media. The issue is still present in other programs as well, including Instagram, WhatsApp, and Line, in addition to Facebook.

A program that checks network speeds can be used to investigate the internet’s infrastructure. For instance, you may utilize the website fast.com or speedtest.net from the internet.

If the pace of your internet connection is slow, it is almost certainly the case that the local network does not permit opening the Facebook Lite program.

Method 5 – Update Facebook lite

If you have tried everything, there is no way that you can still be helping to repair the difficulties of entering Facebook light. You may get the most recent version of the FB lite app from the application store.

You can acquire bug fixes by downloading the latest update from the app store. After that, gaining access to Facebook Lite shouldn’t be a problem for you.

  • Step 1- Launch the play store.
  • Step 2– To access the menu on the Google Play store, swipe to the right.
  • Step 3– Next, pick the option labeled My Apps & Games.
  • Step 4– Begin your search for Facebook, and after you’ve found it, click the Update button. Done.

Method 6 – Log out and log in back again

You may also try logging out of your Facebook account, as this is another solution that you can attempt. After you have finished using the app, you need to restart your smartphone. Don’t forget to shut down any apps that are running in the background and unplug your smartphone from the Wi-Fi before continuing.

After your device has finished rebooting, you should next connect it to the Wi-Fi network. You may check to see whether the issue still exists by logging back into your Facebook lite account using the user ID and password you previously used.

Method 7 – Reinstall Facebook Lite

If the solutions presented above do not resolve the issue, you will need to delete Facebook from your computer. It is recommended that you reinstall it once you have finished the procedure of uninstalling it. You have the option to revert back to an earlier version of Facebook.

The following steps should be taken in order to remove Facebook:

  • Step 1– Launch the Play Store or the Apple app store on the device you’re using.
  • Step 2– Enter Facebook into the search box, and then hit the enter key.
  • Step 3- You will then see the Facebook lite display on your screen.
  • Step 4- You will be presented with the option to uninstall.
  • Step 5– Simply selecting this option will cause Facebook to be removed from your device.

After you have removed Facebook from your device, reinstall it again. You should check in to see whether the issue with your account has been resolved by logging in again.

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Q1- Why is Facebook saying there is no internet connection when there is?

The servers for Facebook are probably unavailable owing to either routine maintenance or an unknown internal issue. As a result, you will not be able to access your account, and an error message stating that there is “no internet connection” will appear on the screen.

Final Words

In this post, we attempted to teach you the solutions to repair Facebook Lite so that it works while connected to mobile data but not when connected to wifi. All of the potential solutions to your problem have been presented here for your consideration.

Your issue should be resolved when you clear the cache and data files on both Facebook and your browser. If this is the case, you can try resetting your network. If the server for Facebook or your internet is down, the only thing you can do is wait till the server is back up and running.

There is a space for comments here. You are welcome to post a remark on this thread if you experience any difficulties in connection with this matter. We are going to make an effort to assist you as quickly as we can.

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