[Fixed] Why does my Spotify keep pausing at 10 seconds?

You would probably want your favorite set of tracks running in order and suiting the moment. Spotify has exactly the kind of personalized playlists that you would need. It harbours over 70 million tracks and featuring artists ranging from the top lists to the most regional tunes. Today we are going to discuss a common issue; why does my Spotify keep pausing at 10 seconds?

Spotify users have always enjoyed unlimited songs, quick access, and the premium version lets them have ad-free music sessions. It has implemented additional features and several provisions that make it quite easy for Spotify users in utilizing the application.

In this article, we are addressing a common issue where the Spotify application pauses every 10 seconds. This is can neither be blamed on the application nor your device alone. Instead, there are a set of reasons concerning the signal, the storage space, the device that you are using, and many more.

Have you ever been in this situation where your song pauses every 10 seconds? Spotify may have your jam for the evening on the run when it pauses every ten seconds. There may be various reasons for this malfunction. We have compiled the most effective solutions parallel to the reason for the same. Keep reading to learn more.

Why does my Spotify keep pausing at 10 seconds?

As mentioned earlier, there could be so many aspects concerning the application or the device. However, let us make sure to start with the basic set of troubleshooting.  Given below are the steps you will have to take up in order to entangle the problem;

1. Connectivity.

The first aspect that you should check is your connectivity. A strong signal is crucial for online listening. The song is loaded in a fraction of seconds and then played when you have selected them. In the case of offline listening, however, you would not face such issues. Since the majority of the users consider listening online, it is necessary to discuss the remedies to problems faced online.

In order to adjust the signal strength for sufficient bandwidth, you might want to set the router in an appropriate position. This is quite important for almost all devices that use Wi-Fi. A good choice would be to switch to an optical fiber router, which is faster than the regular ones. This also helps in connecting multiple devices and using them simultaneously.

Once you have figured out the connection requirements and made the necessary changes, check if the issue still persists. If it does, then your router is not the cause. Consider the methods given below to fix the issue once and for all.

2. Check your VPN to fix the issue where Spotify keep pausing at 10 seconds.

This is a crucial cause for the issue and many times users tend to opt for a VPN connection while using Spotify. As is the case, Spotify does not necessarily require a VPN connection in order to function. But when there is a slight complication or some sort of drag in playing music, users tend to assume this to be the case.

Eventually, users connect to VPN. Although it seems to get better through this action, there are other issues that can be brought in. the issue of Spotify pausing every 10 seconds is one such consequence of using VPN. Certain applications that offer the service of VPN, are meant to secure the user’s data and allow them to access various servers anonymously.

This might affect Spotify, which is a public application. If you are facing this issue, try to either change the VPN service that you normally use into a different one. Or you could disconnect VPN. Check if the issue persists in both cases and select whatever works best for you. Hope it helps.

3. Restart your device.

Another basic move is giving your device a quick reboot. This ought to fix any drag and remove power or data residue from your device. Once you have done this relaunch Spotify. Check if the issue is still showing up. Hope it helps.

If it doesn’t help, move on to the next method.

4. Uninstall the application.

Several users have approved of this method to fix any kind of issue related to the application. Uninstall and then reinstall the application to eliminate glitches such as the one where Spotify keeps pausing at ten seconds. This method will also provide you with the latest version of the application and implement the improvements made on it recently.

Hope it helps.

5. Clear up the cache to fix the issue.

Any sort of glitch comes up when there is a lot of unused data overloading the storage space. The allotted space might be overloaded if issues concerning frequent pausing of the music comes up. This can be overcome if you clear up the cache of the Spotify application. Here is how you can get it done on an IOS device;

  • First, launch the application.
  • Then open ‘settings’.
  • Navigate towards ‘Storage’.
  • Then click on ‘Delete cache’
  • Enter ‘confirm’.

This will clear away unnecessary cache and prevent lag in your application. Hope this helps.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Q1. Why is Spotify stopping every few seconds?

There are several reasons for this sort of activity in Spotify. These may range from a poor connection to the use of the wrong version of VPN. However, it could also be a matter of a quick reboot of the device that you use for the Spotify application.

The above article has compiled several plausible reasons and solutions for the same. Hope it helps.

Q2. How do I stop Spotify from stopping at 9 seconds?

You can improvise your connectivity or try to give a quick reboot to your device. Try reinstalling the Spotify application for acquitting and implementing the latest version which should solve the issue. If you use a VPN connection to make the application function better, then try changing the service to a different VPN connection.

These methods and more, are explained in detail in the above article. Hope it helps.


This article gives you the right solution for resolving the issue where Spotify keeps pausing at 10 seconds. We have compiled some quick hacks that you could try out to repair your Spotify application. Hope it helps.

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