Why does Spotify have so many ads?

In today’s article, we will be discussing why Spotify has so many ads? Spotify makes your lonely and boring evenings complete with the touch of melodies that you would want to ponder upon.

So it is indeed worth the effort to have the complete experience of your tunes without interruptions.

You must not be new to being interrupted by annoying ads in between your most awaited verses of a track. That explains why you would click on this article. Well, we have exactly what you need to solve this frustration.

The fact that you took the initiative to look it up on the internet in itself tells how much you would want a smooth playlist playing in the background.

It could be the nagging ads on how ‘Spotify premium’ is a better choice, and how there is not much you could do about it, that brought you to this page.

Let us first go ahead and ponder on why Spotify would want to give you such pain while it should be focused on getting more users to download the applications. So read on to find out the answer to your first doubt; why does Spotify have so many ads?

Why does Spotify have so many ads?

This is not an attempt to get rid of valuable users, neither is it to make you somehow get less addicted to music. Apparently, Spotify utilizes these very annoying ads as their source of income. The various kinds of ads that play on Spotify can either be concerned with promoting an artist or some podcast.

The majority of the time it is solely focused on advertising the features of Spotify premium, emphasizing how it is the ad-free platform for smooth jamming.

But all that might not interest you at all. You would want the free version alone and not be ready to pay extra to not listen to extras.

These ads add to the revenue that Spotify makes and are used in paying the artist who uploads their songs onto the platform. So it is not a cause to rebel or feel that Spotify is not user-friendly.

The next thing we would like to discuss is whether there is a way you could actually get rid of the ads on Spotify. The answer is yes! However, there are certain aspects of this hack that make it less effective.

Still, it could make a difference in the amount of interference it can cause. Read on to find out how you can achieve this.

How to get rid of ads on Spotify?

If you are tired of the advertisements that mercilessly kill the flow of your favorite track, and on the verge of actually considering switching to Spotify premium, then wait a moment. We have compiled some alternative methods you could use in order to get rid of annoying ads on Spotify without having to pay for your songs.

Although most of the time, it is not possible to be completely rid of the advertisements, you could always reduce their frequent occurrences. Here are some possible ways to do so;

1. Try out various online software to get rid of ads on Spotify.

This is not an individual request, but the requirement of the masses. It may sound like a rebel against Spotify, who innocently has not burdened the user with more than a minute of ads. However, the tech world has come up with software that can actually block these ads or reduce their occurrence greatly.

Here are examples of such software;

  • EZBlocker
  • Blockify

These are just a few of the surplus ad blockers out there. Unfortunately, Spotify has not completely overlooked this kind of hack that is available to the users. It has indeed made effective measures to keep a check on such misconducts from the user’s side.

According to the 2019 guidelines declared by Spotify, users who utilize such ad blockers may have their accounts banned. But don’t fret, there are other methods to ease this frustration. Keep reading.

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2. Try relaunching the application.

There are instances where after a few songs an ad pops up, just when you were reliving a moment connected to the recent song. And you might have hoped to keep the memory vivid until the next song ends as well. However, the ad ruins it for you.

But you don’t have to wait for the ad to get over, instead of closing the application and relaunching it immediately. The ads would have long gone, and you can start where you left off. This is a quick and simple method, effective in the short term.

Yes, it is not convenient in the long run. So here are a couple more methods.

3. Turn on VPN.

It might not be a popular idea, but turning on the VPN can reduce the frequent appearance of ads. All you have to do is decide on a country whose server provides you with a better provision. Based on the selection, the Spotify stream can actually reduce the number of ads per your music session.

This may not completely get rid of ads on Spotify but it will surely make a difference. Hope it helps.

4. Simplest way: Subscribe to Spotify premium.

This method must be the one that Spotify would actually agree to. If you have not found any change in the occurrence of ads or if your sensitivity is way over the difference that can be made with the above-mentioned methods, then get a Spotify premium subscription.

Other than the ad-free music, you get offline playbacks and can get connected to external devices that can amplify the feel-good tunes. In other words, it is definitely worth the money.


Frequently Asked Questions.

Q1. How do I stop the ads on Spotify?

You cannot possibly stop the ads on Spotify, as the latest regulations stated by Spotify stand strictly against the user’s attempt to use various means of blocking ads. However, you could always reduce the frequency of the occurrence of ads.

Refer to the above article to know about the methods.

Q2. Why does Spotify Premium have ads?

Spotify premium itself does not stream ads along with the music as they have promised as one of the features. But there are certain podcasts creators or artists who have made the addition of ads along with their work. So what you hear might be the third-party ads that they include in their streams.

Since Spotify has provided them with the convenience of including their desired ‘dynamic ads’, you will hear ads on some episodes.


This article discusses some general points on Why does Spotify has so many ads. We have compiled some easy explanations on the same. Hope it helps.

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