[Fixed] Why does my Spotify keep pausing when I leave the app

We all just love the jam collections that are available on Spotify, particularly the ever-so-personalized ones. Since Spotify is a great application, let us confine our discussion for today to a general inconvenience where users complain that their Spotify keeps pausing when they leave the app.

This problem is frustrating and we have researched on this topic thoroughly to provide you with a satisfying answer. There are some convincing reasons for this bothersome behavior of Spotify. Here, in this 

Given below are a few reasons and possible solution for why your Spotify keep pausing when you leave the app.

[Fix] Spotify keeps pausing when I leave the app

Spotify keep pausing

1. Check for storage

 You might have not come across any storage-related issues concerning Spotify. But Spotify has its bulk of data and that needs enough storage space for it to function smoothly. It needs enough space for downloading tracks and the convenient space to play them when required by you.

As a rather active application, used by millions over the entire world, Spotify sure has a lot of requirements. But that never really bothered its users. But it does surface in situations like these, where the phone is no longer capable of harboring the system that processes limitless songs and playlists.

So make sure to remove unnecessary cache and data that takes up precious storage space. Troubleshoot the issue after you have cleared your mobile of any sort of junk.

2. Check power mode on your device

Sometimes, your device might be on the verge of turning off and you decide not to come across such a situation ever again. So you go ahead and turn on ‘low power mode’ in the case of iPhone and ‘Battery saver in case you have an Android device. This could seem smart and all but it functions seriously, affecting your Spotify at the same time.

Once you turn on this mode, your device is going to avoid all sorts of power-consuming activities that do not require any screen time. This includes listening to your favorite tracks while turning your mobile off or opening another application.

Anything that seems not in use, will be either closed or paused for saving the power consumed. Now how to deal with it? Just follow the steps below;

  • Open ‘Settings’.
  • Click on ‘Battery’.
  • Disable ‘Low power mode’ or ‘Battery saver.

3. Sign in through one device

It is convenient to have an account that holds all your songs within and there is no chance of losing all your favorite hits. Now, the issue we have at hand might occur when you have your Spotify account opened on many devices. 

You might have logged onto your Spotify account on your laptop and then forgotten all about it. Consequently, you may have opened it on your mobile. This is going to cause Spotify to pause often even if you did not open a new application.

So make sure you have signed in through a single device. If you have opened your account on numerous devices, then make sure you sign out everywhere. Spotify has made this process convenient through the steps given below;

  • Open ‘spotify.com’ on your laptop.
  • Provide your login credentials and open your account.
  • Select the menu option located on the top right-hand side.
  • On clicking it, a list of options will appear.
  • Select ‘Account’.
  • Another set of options will be displayed on the screen.
  • Click on ‘Account overview’
  • Then navigate towards ‘Sign out everywhere’ which should be somewhere below.

This will make sure you are signed out of all devices. You will be signed out automatically from the device that you are currently signed in through. After this check, if the issue of Spotify keeps pausing when you leave the app remains.

Keep reading if it remains!

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4. Check Airpods settings

As far as Airpods are concerned, a simple tap would do to pause a song. If you use air pods and find that the music stops out of nowhere, then troubleshoot the issue by playing some videos from a different source. 

If the video behaves similarly to Spotify, then you can confirm that the issue resides with the air pod and they need to be replaced.

5. Update your Spotify app

Make sure you have all the latest downloads required for all applications on your device check for pending updates and perform additional downloads that are available and necessary. This should help avoid any major malfunctioning.

6. Reinstall the app

Maybe the issue could be pointed out to the application. Any sort of bug might have crept in and interfered with the functionality. However, you are not an expert in finding out bugs. So all you need to do is uninstall the Spotify application.

Then reinstall it and check if the issue persists. Hope it helps.


Q1. Why does Spotify keep pausing?

Spotify sometimes keeps pausing either when you open a new application or occasionally between your tracks. This has several reasons which include having signed in to your account from several devices or maybe, it could be because there is not enough storage in your device. 

There are a few more reasons for the same, and these are explained in detail in the above article. Hope it helps.


This article explains a few reasons why Spotify keeps pausing when you leave the app. It has also compiled some basic solutions that could help you solve this issue. Hope it helps.

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