Fix Mobdro not working/loading : Getting Can’t load data error

Mobdro is a free streaming platform that is available across devices. Now, the term free here comes with a sweet turn. Well, that is, it comes with ads. Yes, it is an ad-supported free streaming service. Now, we are not new to ads. It is a source of income for most digital platforms. These include such streaming apps, websites, blogs, and much more.

In fact, only through these ads, the creator can provide any content for free. The viewer gets exclusive or useful content from the creator. On the other hand, the creator also gets the buck for the hard work. Overall, it is a win-win situation. So, in this way, Mobdro is a great option for the majority of users.

Now, this streaming app has a huge library of movies, shows, live TV channels, web series, and much more from the various platforms. It also covers different languages and genres. Apart from that, Mobdro is available for Android smartphones, tablets, TV boxes, Fire Stick, Chromecast, Windows, Mac, etc. All in all, Mobdro is really a must-try app for every binge-watcher. But before that, here is an update on Mobdro not working for quite some time now.

Mobdro not working/loading:

Usually, in our how-to articles, we start with the basics and then proceed with technical troubleshooting techniques. But, this one is a little different for multiple reasons. First of all, it is not anything new happening. We have seen in the past that many apps and services are not working thereby we try to find a solution. At the most, it returns to the normal working stage in a few days.

Coming to the Mobdro app, it is not the case. Give it a taught. In apps such as Mobdro where you can watch movies, shows, live TV, etc. for free, is usually prone to complaints and legal actions. So, the same has happened with Mobdro.

For instance, you are watching any movie on Mobdro and then realise that the rights are owned by some other streaming platform or source. In that case, you as end users are not at any loss. But, the moment this thing comes to the notice of big names, it becomes an issue.

So, in this case, Mobdro was alleged by BCCI for using the cricket copyrighted content on its platform. In case you do not know, the copyrights of telecasting live cricket on a digital platform in India is owned by Hotstar. As a result, it fell under copyright complaints. You can check more details here.


In this way, Mobdro is inactive and shut down. This means that the app is completely under the complaint and will not work until any further notice. Till then, make sure to stay away from misleading and false working APKs. Also, you can search for some trustworthy alternatives on the web. Lastly, share this with your friends who watch Mobdro and update them with this important piece of news.