(Solved) Why is my Walmart discount card not working

Walmart has indeed evolved into the family choice for grocery shopping. Over the years of technological innovations, a lot has made shopping more convenient. This convenience is not just limited to its shoppers but also to the Walmart associates. Today we are going to discuss a common issue faced in the Walmart discount cards for associates or employees; the Walmart discount card not working.

Being a Walmart associate has its very own privilege of acquiring a Walmart associate discount card which gets you a 10% discount on the regular merchandise that you may purchase. There are certain conditions that determine the proper use of the card without any sort of malpractice.

Today we are going to discuss the various reasons for the Walmart discount card not working. If you have been working for the company for over 20 years, then you are eligible for this privilege. Situations otherwise prove that either you have received the card due to some misunderstanding or you have been tricked.

If either of the above-mentioned cases is not true, then let us look at other plausible reasons for the issue to occur:

Why is my Walmart discount card not working?

An employee who has completed over 20 years of service in any Walmart outlet or has retired and is at least 55 years of age, then he or she may apply for the Walmart discount card. The cardholder alone is allowed to utilize the benefits of the card. However, his or her spouse or domestic partner may also access the card.

In many cases, the spouse may obtain a card of her own and use it for purchasing groceries. In the event of losing the card or the expiration, the cardholder is required to renew it as soon as possible. Now, let us consider the situations that cause the card to stop working.

Here is a list of such situations that can lead to this issue;

1. Walmart employee.

As mentioned earlier, the Walmart discount card strictly pledges its benefits only to a former or current associate of Walmart. Anyone, besides the associate who did not receive the card after an official application procedure, will not have the access to its uses. Your domestic partner or spouse would become the only other legitimate user besides you if you are an eligible Walmart associate.

Consider the case where you accept a Walmart discount card from another person who is a Walmart associate. You shall not be able to proceed with the purchase unless he or she is physically present at the time of the purchase. This rule applies to all Walmart personnel.

Similarly, there are several rules that dictate the conditions at which you may use the card. In situations that prove otherwise, the card may not be accessible.

2. Walmart discount card not working due to damaged strip.

You may be a long-term employee and might have used the cards several times. This may have subjected the card to normal wear and tear. Constant swiping of the card leads to scratch on the strip that requires the Walmart employee to swipe it through the device that processes the discount.

This would require you to replace your Walmart card with a new issue. All you have to do in such a situation is contact your head and report the issue. This will get your new card issued in no time. Or you could apply for a new card online via the Walmart site. Here is how you can get your replacement card;

  • Firstly, log onto the ‘WalmartOne.com’ site.
  • Then select ‘Money savers’.
  • Click on ‘Walmart and Sam’s Club Discounts’. This should lead you to the Discount Card application.
  • Provide the information and complete the application.
  • Then click on ‘Submit’.

This will confirm your request for a new discount card. Hope it helps.

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Do Walmart employees get a discount?

The Walmart associate discount card is a luxury designed for the employees at Walmart. This card gives all the employees who have completed over 20 years of service or have retired and are at least 55 years of age, the privilege of a 10 percent discount on their purchases of groceries.

Other than the cardholder, the provision is made available even to the spouse or domestic partner. In case there is a dependent child, who is unemployed or below the age of 21, they too get to enjoy the privileges of the card. These eligible relations may even have their own card issues from the Walmart firm.

The card holder’s parents may also use the card but only in the presence of their ward who is an employee at the Walmart store. They may not use the card without the card holder’s knowledge. The same applies to friends or relatives. The card may not be exchanged among fellow associates.

This discount card service is extended online as well and the associate is able to apply the discount on the purchases made. Read on to find out how to use the provision online.

How to use Walmart employee discount online?

The Walmart associate discount card has numerous features that make it feel like a genuine appreciation for all its employees. It has been brought out as one of Walmart’s generosity besides the decent wages. Considering the online shopping facility, its applications are all deemed as excellent other than the occasional issues.

Now let us get to the step-wise guide on how to use Walmart employee discount card online;

  • Firstly, open the Walmart.com website.
  • On the search bar, type in ‘Associate’ and hit search.
  • This will display the associate page.
  • Now, enter your Associate ID number and select ‘continue’.
  • Proceed with your purchases in the course of this online session.
  • The purchases will have the eligible discount applied to them.

Hope this helps.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Q1. Can I use a Walmart discount card for online purchases?

Yes, you may use the Walmart discount card online for purchases. The method to go about this procedure is explained in the above article. Refer to it for further clarification.


This article explains the possible reasons why your Walmart discount card is not working. There are several reasons which are provided in detail in the above article. Refer to them for your information. Hope it helps.

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