Can my parents use my Walmart discount card?

Firstly, Walmart is a great place to work if you are looking for decent pay and other cool provisions. Today we are going to discuss one such provision. When the employer at Walmart is sweet and a cool guy, you might be blessed with attractive benefits. So we are going to chat about a simple doubt you might have as a former Walmart employee or a current worker; can my parents use my Walmart discount card?

To answer the quotidian question, no, being a customer won’t get you the Walmart discount card. But if you were employed in Walmart or still an employee, then it is mandatory that you figure out the benefits of your line of work. We have brought to you just that. Read on to know more about the Walmart discount card. Everything there is to know;

The Discount card policy emphasizes the eligibility for acquiring the Walmart discount card and the additional conveniences such as the extent of its use and so on. When Walmart associates were allotted this provision, it was meant as a taxable income, thereby necessitating seeking guidance from a tax advisor.

Let us look into some of the basic queries you might have regarding the potential of this card and the advantages that the cardholder may have.

Can my parents use my Walmart discount card?

The Walmart Discount card presents a discount of 10 percent on general groceries when you use the card on any Walmart store in the United Nation. You will receive the card after you have completed 91 days of work in your Walmart store. Based on the eligibility criteria, the card is authorized to you and your spouse or partner.

Under other conditions, as the cardholder, you can permit a dependent child or relative who meets the age criteria that Walmart has determined, to access the benefits of the discount card.

Other than this condition, no one else is permitted to use the discount card as per the specifications. However, your parents or close relative can use the card for purchases as long as you accompany them, as the cardholder. Under the predetermined eligibility outlined by Walmart, the spouse of the cardholder has the provision of acquiring an additional discount card via the online discount card application.

So the simple answer would be, your parents may not be able to utilize the card in your absence, but can do so if you are with them. Mostly the spouse is the only relation that is cleared for accessing the discount card other than the cardholder themselves. Hope this has cleared your doubts.

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Who can use my Walmart discount card?

Any employee who has completed 91 days of employment, is eligible for the card. Being a special allowance on reduced prices over most of the fresh produce and general groceries it has a decent system of monitoring.

The card can neither be utilized by additional users other than the cardholder and his or her partner nor does it permit the resale of the purchased items. The card must be treated ethically and must not be borrowed or lent to unauthorized individuals.

Strictly speaking, the card may be used by;

  • Your spouse,
  • Your child or a dependent relative who is 19 years of age or below,
  • Or if he or she is a full-time college student and unmarried.
  • Your parents or any other relative may also use the card in your presence.
  • When considering the eligibility of the spouse, he or she must be legally engaged to you in order to enjoy the discount card provisions. Once divorced or legally separated you may remove them from utilizing the provisions of the card as per your convenience. This sort of alteration can be done via the online Discount Card application.

How to use Walmart employee discount online?

As an associate who has completed over 20 years or more of service in Walmart, you should be aware of the long-term access on the Walmart discount card that you are eligible for. All these and more can be achieved via the Walmart website.

You can unlock the complete potential of the discount card online provided you have met the norms dictated over the card and its use. Given below are some provisions that are allotted to the cardholder;

1. The long-term privilege.

You can take the card beyond the days of your service. Even if you quit after a while or retire, the credibility of the card doesn’t end as long as you have completed 20 years of service. Or if you have been employed for 15 years and you are 55 years of age or older, you get to keep using the card for the discount privilege.

You are required to apply for this privilege at least one month prior to ending your service or before. If you have not submitted the application while you are still in service you are allowed to apply after your retirement. Other conditions that are included with this privilege are as follows;

  • If you misplace your card or if it was stolen, you are required to report immediately. This is to ensure that the card is not misused or used by unauthorized individuals.
  • Your card inactivity is monitored. And if it is found unused for 1 year, it is eligible to be canceled by the authorities. Under such a situation, you may contact the authority to re-issue the card.
  • Any record of misconduct or disciplinary issues will be followed by the termination of the card or your eligibility will be ruled out.
  • After your death, your spouse or dependent will receive the benefits thereafter. They will be provided with a new card for their use.


2. Use Walmart discount card on online store.

You get to use the Walmart discount card while shopping online at Walmart. Here is how you can do so;

  • Enter the website.
  • Search for ‘Associate’ on the search box.
  • A new page will prompt you to provide your Social security number and the Associate card number.
  • Once that is complete, enter ‘Continue’ to start your purchase on the Walmart website.
  • The discount will be applied to the eligible purchases that you make.

Hope this helps.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Q1. Can family members use my Walmart discount card?

Based on the guidelines dictated by Walmart, your spouse or partner are able to access the card other than you. However, your family members may also utilize the card in your presence. Without the card holder’s knowledge, unauthorized use by your family members or friends is not permitted.

The activity of the card is carefully monitored by the authorities. For more clarification refer to the above article.


This article explains all about the Walmart associate discount card and the privileges that it holds. Hope it helps.

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