Fix Vizio TV keeps disconnecting from WiFi

WiFi is one of the best options for connecting your internet to Vizio TV. But this comes at the cost of facing issues at times. The same goes with other simple modes as well, but the more complex the system the more prone to errors. This article shows how to fix the Vizio TV that keeps disconnecting from WiFi.

Vizio TV has a lot of features that one can enjoy. One of them happens to be WiFi connectivity. But there could be errors with it and to be honest, it might or might not be your TV’s fault, so let us look at what is causing the issue.

Why does my Vizio TV keeps disconnecting from WiFi

Vizio TV or any other device facing constant disconnection would have a lot of reasons for doing so. Let’s see which ones are the most possible causes, ranging from simple to complex.

Vizio TV keeps disconnecting from WiFi
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  • 1. WiFi network out of range

This happens to be one of the most common issues with almost everyone. You might not have a smart TV when you decided to get a WiFi router, or maybe you did not place it at the right place. This means the signals from the router cannot reach your TV.

If the signals reach the TV but very slightly, you would notice a significant drop in the video quality and an increment in the loading time until the TV disconnects from the WiFi due to the limited network range.

  • 2. Disturbance in the signal

If there are too many obstructing devices between the WiFi and your Television, you would face a constant disconnect error from your TV. This is because there are various electronic or opaque absorbing objects in the path.

Absorbing objects soak up a lot of radiation, so they would make it harder for the network to reach your television, making it disconnect multiple times.

  • 3. Multiple connected devices

There are two case scenarios in this. The first is that the WiFi router has so many devices connected that it cannot utilize the internet at all, thus it would consider the network ‘dead’ and disconnect from it. This might happen with your smartphone too, but with a warning.

The second scenario is when you limit connections. Several smartphones come with various options in the hotspot section. If you decide to limit the connection to let’s say two devices and two of them have already connected, then there is no way the TV would be able to connect to it.

  • 4. Illegal access

There is a slight but, still possible chance that someone broke into your WiFi network and has been eating up all the bandwidth. This brings us back to the previous situation.

The WiFi does not provide enough bandwidth to the TV and it believes the network to be dead, disconnecting from it, especially if it finds a better network nearby.

This one might sound troubling but do not worry, we have got solutions for it too!

  • 5. Wrong WiFi credentials

When you type in the WiFi password it is not necessary that it would be always right. We all make mistakes and typos are very common. If you are feeding the wrong password or changed the password, you would not be able to connect to it.

The TV works the same way as other devices do. You need to update the password and credentials once you have updated them on the WiFi router. If you do not, this error would keep on happening until you fix it.

These were the reasons we most definitely believe are behind the Vizio TV keeps disconnecting from WiFi network issue. We are going to focus on how to fix them now.

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How to fix Vizio TV keeps disconnecting from WiFi

  • 1. WiFi Router location

The first and foremost step that would immediately ensure that you fix the issue number one and two mentioned above is to place the router at a place where it’s network can reach the TV easily.

I would advise you to try keeping it in a high place with less absorbent or opaque materials around.

  • 2. Monitoring your WiFi

This can be easily done via the WiFi router login page. For most routers, it is but some also make use of Noting down the MAC address that does not belong to your devices and blocking them would be of great help in protecting against hackers.

  • 3. Device connections

The last step I would suggest is to take a look at your hotspot settings if you have been using your smartphone as a WiFi hotspot. If not, check for the maximum number of connected devices on your WiFi router.

There are only a limited number of devices that can connect to a router. If the number exceeds this, disconnect some devices and try to connect your TV again.

Vizio TV keeps disconnecting from WiFi
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How to connect Vizio TV to WiFi without remote

The steps to connect Vizio TV to WiFi without remote are:

  • Step 1: Download the Smartcast app.

The Vizio TV smartcast app is available for smartphones and you can get one by clicking here. Open it once done downloading.

  • Step 2: The control section.

Once in the app, open the control section, which is at the bottom.

  • Step 3: Selecting Vizio Smart TV.

The list of options that pop up under the device section, you would find your TV listed as well. Click on it to select it.

  • Step 4: Controlling your TV.

Now your TV would be connected with your smartcast app and would be easily controllable. You can this way connect it to WiFi and play any media you would like to! Simple and easy.

You can also choose to contact Vizio TV customer service in case you believe there is something wrong with your TV rather than the WiFi router.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1. Why won’t my Vizio TV stay connected to WiFi?

A. If it dropping connect in the middle, it is probably the router is too far away. Try bringing it closer.

Q2. How do I fix WiFi on my Vizio TV?

A. As I said, there are many reasons for this, and each has its solution. Try out the ones listed above and see what works best for you.

Q3. How do I reset WiFi on Vizio TV?

A. You can only reset specific networks, not the WiFi. To do this just go to network settings and forget WiFi as you would do on a smartphone.


The above article discussed how to fix the Vizio TV that keeps disconnecting from WiFi issue. If you liked the article, consider reading how to get an Internet browser on Vizio TV here.

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