DHL Tracking Number Not Found: Fix

There are a number of reasons why your tracking number might show up as “not found” on the DHL shipment status page, including the following: the carrier has not yet accepted the shipment; the package has been damaged or has not yet been scanned; or the tracking number is invalid, has expired, or you have not enabled the tracking feature.

Having problems with tracing your DHL package? We have tried explaining everything so read on!

With the aid of an end-to-end tracking system, shipping carriers like DHL can help you integrate and communicate reliable tracking information to your clients. DHL is the most dependable and cost-effective option for sending out products to clients.

There have been several reports of tracking issues with DHL recently. Tracking packages is a fundamental aspect of any successful eCommerce business, yet it is frequently neglected.

To assist you, we’ve included answers to frequently asked concerns about their tracking issues below.

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Why does my DHL tracking number appear as not found?

A “not found” status may indicate a couple of things. Your packages have inaccurate or expired tracking numbers which may prevent the service from recognizing them; not yet arrived at a courier’s facility; there might be a problem with the scanning process; it could not have been scanned yet or you might have forgotten to activate the tracking option for your shipment.

Sending updates to customers about their purchases is a great way to boost satisfaction. When you mail anything with DHL, you’ll get a tracking number so you can monitor its progress, but occasionally such numbers don’t work.

Sometimes DHL packages can show up with a “Not Found” status. Several factors contribute to this result.

As so, they are as follows:

Reason 1: Package is not accepted

The shipping company has not yet accepted your shipment. Packages that are received by delivery services often have tracking tags attached to them.

Reason 2: Package is damaged

The package was damaged during shipping. No tracking information would be shown if the package(s) were incorrectly labelled or damaged.

Reason 3: Incorrect tracking number

Unfortunately, your tracking number is either wrong, has expired, or has not been scanned correctly.

Due to this, the scanning mechanism is impeded and the code is not read. Verify that you provided the right tracking number and that it was entered correctly.

Reason 4: Invalid tracking number

Your shipment’s status update number has been deleted from the carrier’s system. Once the number was deleted, it would disappear from their database.

Reason 5: Package hasn’t been scanned yet

DHL package has not yet reached a scanning progress site.

Since the consumer has yet to get a tracking number for their package, they will have to wait.

Reason 6: Missing Functionality

Your selected DHL delivery option does not support full-service tracking at this time.

Therefore, given the settings you’ve selected, tracking your package will be impossible at this time.

Please contact your shipper or online store if your tracking ID still isn’t functioning after trying the solutions we’ve provided below.

DHL tracking number not found: Fix

When necessary, you may also use these other methods to monitor your DHL Express package’s progress.

DHL’s express tracking solutions provide you with up-to-the-minute details about your shipments through your computer, cell phone, or other mobile device.

All DHL clients have access to them, regardless of how their shipments were scheduled or prepared.

Method 1: Use DHL eTrack

DHL eTrack is compatible with any email-enabled device, such as a computer, smartphone, or tablet, and can monitor up to 50 express shipments at once.

Delivery updates on all packages will be provided in your native language within minutes, thanks to their sophisticated tracking systems.

No matter what your motivation is, you’ll find it here, along with any further resources you may need.

Method 2: Use DHL ExpressSMS.

Single shipments may be tracked through the convenience of a mobile phone using DHL ExpresSMS. Send them a text message with the waybill number and they will react with the current status immediately.

Spread the word and keep your co-workers and clients informed by forwarding this text message.

Method 3: Use DHL ExpressWAP

Anywhere in the globe with a WAP-enabled device, you may access DHL’s service information or track a package using DHL ExpressWAP.

If these choices aren’t made obvious, you may always ask for them and get them; further help and explanations are also accessible.

Can I track a DHL package without a tracking number?

Yes, you can if you satisfy certain prerequisites. It is essential that you keep track of your tracking number or shipping reference in the event that you need to get in contact with the shipping company.

Access to a digital library is made available to you via the Shipper’s Reference Tracking service in the event that you do not have it.

Nevertheless, extra shipping reference numbers may be used via the individual business unit’s shipment tracking systems if necessary. Consider the firms DHL Express and DHL Freight as an illustration of this point.

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1. Is DHL Ecommerce the Same Thing as DHL?

DHL eCommerce offers access to both local and international markets, whereas DHL Express is limited to international services. Both DHL Express and DHL eCommerce will accept packages sent via EasyPost, despite the fact that EasyPost is known by a somewhat different moniker.

2. Can You Tell Me How Long It Takes For A DHL Tracking Number To Update?

When exactly am I supposed to make an appearance? Once your merchant or online business has confirmed your order, tracking events should appear within 24 to 48 hours.

3. Even though my package has been out of the country, the destination website shows “Custom status updated.” What do I do?

This status offers a glimpse into the customs clearance procedures being carried out at the destination. You will be able to determine fairly early on at this checkpoint whether or not there is further information necessary by customs for clearance.

Final Words

In conclusion, monitoring a shipment with a tracking number is challenging and is most successful when additional required contacts are available.

Other citation numbers are of little value to you. The use of shipping reference numbers, however, may be possible if your cargo is dependent on the systems of a certain department.

Lack of information often prevents them from tracking a cargo for you. If your address is inaccurate, you should either get it straightened up or provide some further details.

Please don’t hesitate to contact customer service if you continue to have difficulties.

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