How long does Snapchat Data Request take?

The Snapchat application does not usually allow its users to access data for days. Its principle of temporariness makes it exciting, but might also cause problems in accessing important data later. While you can save important chats on Snapchat, you would always be wondering whether they save for others too

But do not worry; we will introduce you to a solution –  Snapchat data. It allows users to download data such as your friends list and rankings later. 

Do you want to quickly glance through some of your actions or access a particular location or snap from weeks ago? You have landed in the right place. 

In this guide, we will educate you on the components of Snapchat data, while also telling you how long it takes to download it. 

How long does a Snapchat data request take?

Short Answer: Snapchat data requests can take between a few minutes to a few days (maximum 30), depending on factors such as data volume, the number of active data requests, and technical considerations. 

But typically it takes just a few minutes to a few hours, according to most users’ reports. Snapchat officially states that it can take up to 48 hours, but it’s rarely that long.

Snapchat data


Snapchat’s data is securely preserved and might take some time to reach you after you raise a request.

Let us look at the key factors that determine this time:

1. Data volume

The time taken is usually directly proportional to the data volume. If you have numerous stories and messages saved in your account, then the application might take longer to deliver the request.

While accessing saved conversations, you might also be wondering what clear from chat feed means on Snapchat. Read this article to know all about it. 

You can choose a time frame as well to get only the specific results you are looking for and minimize the size of the data. 

2. User demand

The next important factor in determining the processing time is user demand. Naturally, if more users have raised requests for their data, then you will have to wait longer. There are times when lots of Snapchatters want to access data at once. 

Contrary to this, if there is relatively low user demand, Snapchat might fulfill your data requirement sooner. 

3. Technicalities

The technical support available at Snapchat’s end also determines the processing time. If the application is undergoing a major update or maintenance, the result time might get stretched for a little while. 

While some users receive their data within a few days of raising the request, others might get the same in a few weeks. As a result, based on these factors, you will get an email informing you about your data availability between 1–30 days generally. 

Further, if your data request has exceeded its usual expected time of 30 days, you can connect with customer support to inquire about the status. 

Snapchat usually provides all the accumulated data in a single file, if the data requested does not exceed a record of 3 years

What does Snapchat data show?

The Snapchat data covers a range of information on your account usage, such as:

  • User information (User profile, public profile, friends, Bitmoji, connected applications, emails, AI selfies)
  • Chat history
  • Spotlight
  • Shopping
  • Support history
  • Ranking and location
  • Memories and other media
  • Lenses, cameos, payouts


Summing Up

With knowledge of what details can you get via Snapchat data and how much time it would take, you can now rest assured. There is a way to get out of the temporality and gain access to important things. We hope this article was helpful! 

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