How to Know if Someone Deleted their Snapchat

Snapchat is one of the leading social media applications useful for sharing our daily activities with fellow users. While trying to reach a person on this platform, you may suddenly feel like the person has deleted their account.

It is due to certain indicators only and you may face difficulty as there is no direct confirmation about the same.

Recently, the same thing happened to me, and today I’ll try to help you understand more about the possible ways or indicators to find out if someone deleted their Snapchat.

How to know if someone deleted their Snapchat?

Short Answer: While there is no confirmed notification for someone deleting their Snapchat, there are certain indicators for the same. If the Snapchat score of the account disappears, search bar results do not show the account, or disappearing from the friend list indicates it.



The common indicators hinting that someone has deleted their Snapchat account are:

  • Disappearing Snapchat score

The disappearance of the Snapchat score of the account or the immediate removal of an ongoing Snapstreak with the account may be due to account deletion.

If you’re unable to find the account or the username in the Snapchat search bar, the chances are high that the account is deleted. Have you ever noticed that you’re unable to find someone on this app. You can learn more with Why Can’t I Find Someone On Snapchat (If I’m Not Blocked)

  • Not showing in the friends list

Try to check the account or username in your friends list. Check if the person is showing or not, however, it may be due to an account deletion or a person removing you from their friends’ list.

  • Unable to find the unsaved messages

If you have some unsaved messages from the account getting deleted, the chances are high that person may have deleted their account.

Here, it is essential to not that all these are indicators only. A few more reasons can give the indicators of account deletion only. These are connectivity issues, temporary account deactivation, or taking a break for sometime from Snapchat.



Hope, I’ve helped you in solving the possible doubts related to someone deleted their Snapchat. The best method to clear your doubt is to contact the person through another means.

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