Can Someone See if you View their Snapchat Profile (2024)

More than 400 million people across the world use Snapchat every day. By far, the most widely utilized and easiest-to-use social media network for interacting.

Unlike social media apps like Instagram – Snapchat profiles are comparetively boring but some stats like snap score and streak number are worth stalking.

That’s why, a lot of users wonder if Snapchat notifies the profile owner if they view their profile.

Let’s find the answer in this post!

Can someone see if you view their Snapchat profile?

Quick Answer: No, a user can’t see if you view their Snapchat profile. Snapchat does not offer a feature that notifies them when you have viewed someone’s Snapchat profile.

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You won’t be able to view the stuff that they have shared on Snapchat until you either view their story or take a screenshot of their profile.

If you see this person’s username, you will know that they have viewed the Snapchat story or taken a screenshot of it.

It is conceivable that the person whose profile you visit will be aware of whether or not you have seen it if they use other methods or programs to keep track of visits to their profile. This will be the case if you visit someone’s profile.

Does someone know if you check their Snapchat score?

Quick Answer: No, a user doesn’t get any notification if you check their Snapchat score. But, to check the Snapchat score you have to be on their Snapchat-friend list.

If you check someone’s Snap score too much, does it freeze?

Does someone know if you check their Snapchat profile

Quick Answer: No, Snapchat doesn’t notify the user if you check their profile picture. But, if you take a screenshot of the profile, the user will be notified about it for sure.

Stalking on Snapchat is a little different or we should say difficult. You can easily stalk a profile, but you have to be careful. Snapchat always notifies the profile owner if someone screenshots their chat or profile.

Can someone see that I viewed their Snapchat story if we are not friends?

On Snapchat, it is possible for a user who is not a friend of yours to learn that you have viewed their story. Your name will display on the list of individuals who saw the Snapchat story of a person you are not friends with, even if you viewed their story.

Your name will be included in the section of the list titled Other Snapchatters, which is comprised of a directory of users who are not friends with the person who created the app.

You have access to a range of Snapchat accounts to pick from, and the one you use will depend on the people with whom you wish to interact. When you have a normal profile, only a restricted group of friends will be able to view information about your activities, such as the posts you make and the images you upload.

Your profile might look like any other, but you can let anybody read your Snapchat stories and access your account. You also have the option of making your account public, in which case anybody may read your information, take a photo of you, and even view your story.

Can someone see if you view their Snapchat story?

Yes, they can see a list of each person who has viewed their Snap Story through the app, so yes, it does provide you with that information.

The story, the app’s most essential feature, lets you post photographs and videos to your profile for up to 24 hours, allowing your friends to see them whenever they want to.

It’s typical to question if you’ll get a notification when someone reads your Story on Snapchat because of its fleeting nature. You may silence certain notifications and set alerts for others on several prominent social networking networks. When someone reads your Story, you will not receive a notification from Snapchat, despite the fact that it gives you some control over your notifications.

Snapchat’s alerts may still keep you up to date on anything Story-related, even if this is frustrating. The people who have seen your story may not have sent you alerts, but you can still check who has seen it. Snapchat doesn’t send you a notification when someone views your story, but you can see who has and hasn’t viewed it.

Using this method, you can personalize the way people interact with your narrative on a network like YouTube while simultaneously tracking their every move. When someone screenshots your story, you’ll get a notification, unlike when someone views your story twice.

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How To See Profile Views on Snapchat

Note that there is no direct method to verify the number of people who have viewed your profile on Snapchat because the platform does not support this kind of functionality.

It poses a risk to the privacy standards and policies that govern its users.

Method 1: Check Views By Going To The “My story” tab. 

  • Step 1- Launch Snapchat on your Android phone or iOS device, navigate to your profile page, and select the “My story” tab from the menu that appears.
  • Step 2– When you are finished, you will see an eye icon. If you go in close to it, you will be able to observe the total number of times your Snapchat story has been viewed.
  • Step 3– In the end, all you need to do is browse through the number of viewers who have visited your tale, and the names of the people who are interested in it and have visited your story quite a few times will be at the top of the list. In addition, you will not be able to view the names of any users who are not already on your friend list; instead, an extra symbol will be displayed next to their names

Method 2: Check Your Story To See If Any Screenshots Were Taken

  • Step 1– You may access the story area of Snapchat by launching the app from the home screen of your mobile device and going to your profile.
  • Step 2– When you open the article that you have posted within the past twenty-four hours, you will see an arrow symbol at the bottom of the page. Drag your finger over it starting from the bottom (swipe from up to down).
  • Step 3– After then, a list of usernames of people who have watched your article will appear before you. Look for a symbol depicting a cross in the space next to it. If you see that there is an arrow next to your story, it indicates that the user has captured a screenshot of it.

Method 3: Click on your avatar (bitmoji) to see your Snapchat score

Your final option is to check your score on Snapchat, which can be done in a few different ways. This displays the total number of individuals who have looked at your profile.

However, you will only be able to see the number, and not the names of the other people.

The number of total views that you have gotten on your Snapchat profile may be quickly and easily determined by using this approach.

Simply navigate to the top left of the screen and click on the symbol representing your avatar (bitmoji), then look for the white Snapchat icon. After then, the score’s numerical value will be shown.

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Q1. Does Snapchat shows how many times you view a story?

Another fascinating feature about Snapchat is that the app reveals the actual name of everyone who has opened your story, but it does not disclose how many times you have seen a tale.

Another thing to keep in mind is that if someone screenshots your story, you’ll notice a distinguishing screenshot icon next to their name, making it simple to track down the person who did it.

Q2. Can I get notifications if someone else posted a Story?

Absolutely! The ‘Notifications’ option can be found in Snapchat’s settings. You’ll be able to choose whether or not to get alerts for other people’s stories from there.

Notifications may be set up to appear just for specific people whose Stories you specify. Tap ‘Story Notifications’ at the bottom of the screen. Afterward, tap the box next to each name you wish to be notified by. After that, simply press the ‘Done’ button.

Q3. Can someone look at your Snapchat without you knowing?

It might be amusing to check a Snapchat story anonymously from time to time. Since its introduction, the platform has been a big success and has been filled with a slew of new and exciting features.

As one of the finest features of Snapchat, anyone cannot take a screenshot of your snap or look at it without your permission.

Final Words

Snapchat is a social networking application that can be used on both the iPhone and Android mobile platforms. It enables users to send photographs and videos to their contacts. We went discussed a few different approaches and actions that you can do to better understand how others see your profile.

In all actuality, all you need to do is collect their phone number; but, obtaining their login may be difficult, and this problem cannot be fixed. Check your Snapchat scores and the number of times your stories have been seen, and see whether anybody has captured a screenshot of your stories.

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