What Does A Blank Snapchat Mean?

Snapchat is used by many of us globally.

However, it is not free from common operational challenges, and many times users complain that they’re witnessing a blank Snapchat screen. 

I’ve experienced the same, and here I am with a quick guide on understanding the meaning of blank application.

What does a blank Snapchat mean?

Short Answer: A blank Snap means there might be a glitch or technical problem in the app. Further, someone might have sent you the blank snap accidentally or just to maintain streaks.

blank Snapchat


The blank Snapchat refers to several different concerns like if someone has sent you a Snap and you haven’t opened it, or if you’ve sent a Snap to someone and they haven’t opened it. Further, it may hint at an unread message.

Many people share blank Snaps with others to start the streaks or when they run out of ideas for Snaps and do not want to disclose their faces or details.

Any technical issues or glitches can cause Snapchat to appear like a blank screen. It is due to improper loading of the Snapchat content. Further, if the Snapchat application or the device using Snapchat is facing any technical issues, the Snapchat screen may appear blank.

Many times a blank Snap is due to a mistake only when the sender forgets to add something in the Snap and send it. Also, in some cases, you may receive blank Snaps as people may try to keep their Snap streak going. The chances are high that they do not have anything interesting to share.

What does it mean when a guy sends a black screen on Snap?

When a guy sends a black screen on Snap, it can be an effort of the guy to grab the attention of the user, initiate the conversation, or create a sense of mystery for the user.

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What does it mean when a girl sends you a black screen on Snapchat?

When a girl sends you a black screen on Snapchat, the chances are high that she does not want to share other details like images or pictures.


Summing Up

Hope I’ve helped you understand the details on the blank Snapchat for your quick understanding. It is easy to go through the details when someone sends you a black screen on Snapchat.

Do share your views on this Snapchat guide in the comments section!

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