Why is someone I don’t snap on my Best Friends list

Wondering why someone you don’t snap is on your Best Friends list?

Want to remove someone from your Best Friends list on Snapchat?

Wondering how to do that without them knowing?

If you’ve been wondering the same, you need not look any further. Through this post, we have done our best to remove any confusion you may have. Be sure to stick around.

The Best Friends function on Snapchat is an ongoing source of contention, with customers apparently contacting support once every two years to express their frustrations. People having trouble with the Best Friends function in 2019 have a whole Reddit thread devoted to them in the hopes of finding some solutions.

Why is someone I don’t snap on my Best Friends list?

Short Answer: Someone you don’t snap is on your best friends list because even though you hardly ever snap them, you reply to each other in a balanced manner which seems to put them in a greater position.  It’s also possible that this is due to a technical issue with the app.

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No doubt there are other factors than the sheer volume of exchanges that go into determining who makes the Best Friends list. Many noted that, despite holding “best friend” statuses and streaks with specific users, other users consistently appear at the top of the ranking.

The majority of the theories point to some kind of flaw in Snapchat itself. In early 2018, Snapchat made changes to how friends are organized. Their new, improved algorithm is more intricate and takes into consideration things like your engagement in group chats.

The app has also included a system of emoticons that represents different levels of best buddies. There are many different types of best friends, including long-term best friends, short-term best friends, temporary best friends, temporary almost-best friends, and regular best friends.

How to get someone off your Best Friends list without blocking them and without them knowing

Users can manipulate their Snapchat Best Friends list based on their knowledge of the algorithm, even if they aren’t privy to the specific parameters it uses.

Let’s check out some options for doing so.

Method 1: Unfriend the person

Unfriending someone is the quickest and easiest solution since their Best Friend status will disappear along with them. Just click on the name of the individual you would like to unfriend if you want to remove them from your list of best friends.

It will prompt you to confirm that you wish to remove this person from your account through a pop-up window. When you confirm their removal, they will no longer appear in your contacts.

Method 2: Conceal your buddy by switching their Snapchat “friend” emoji

Basically, this doesn’t get rid of a best friend, but it does help you keep them under wraps. One may accomplish this by going to Settings, choosing ‘Manage’ beneath ‘Additional Services,’ and afterward choosing the ‘Friend Emojis’ option.

You’ll be able to assign your own interpretations to each emoji thereafter. To make it seem like you and your “best friend” are truly “mutual best friends,” you may replace the cheerful face emoji with one showing a pair of sunglasses, for instance.

Method 3: Allow the emoji to fade over time.

Lastly, you may set it such that the emoji disappears on its own when a certain length of time has passed.

Simply reduce your interactions with this individual or stop responding to their messages entirely. Get in touch with someone else by exchanging photos throughout this time.

The “Best Friends” list will automatically update to include the new addition once a certain amount of time has passed, replacing the previous entry.

How to make someone your Best Friend on Snapchat

Constructively promoting someone to the status of “best friend” requires a little more effort on your part.

It’s not enough to exchange a thousand texts with a friend in a day for both of you to wind up on each other’s lists, since the algorithm takes involvement over time into account. There is no quick fix; only patience and persistence will do.

Over the course of a few days, the algorithm could perhaps be capable of determining that there has been a significant shift in the nature of your connection with that individual and credit you with the treasured emoji in your friends list if you keep sending them snaps and encourage them to respond and interact with you.


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Q1. How Many Best Friends Can You Have on Snapchat?

Your Best Friend count cannot exceed eight. Some people have none, while others have just one or two. A lot of individuals have a lot of connections, thus the Best Friends emojis in their conversations are always changing.

Q2. Can you see your friend’s Best Friends list?

No. With their first big makeover 3 years ago, Snapchat kept Best Friends lists confidential, even though you could see more info about your friends’ accounts before. Even though the app has undergone yet another revamp, the details of this have not been made public.

Final Words

Absolutely nothing is more annoying than finding a user’s name in your contacts with a large, obviously sarcastic happy face next to it, especially if you have broken up with them or just wish to remove them from your life.

Fret not, however – just stick to the instructions we laid out for you above, and you should be able to fix the problem. You should now be able to understand how to delete someone from your list of best friends without them knowing after reading this article.

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