[6 Fix] Why are my Settings Restricted by TikTok to Protect Privacy (2023)

Are your setting restricted by TikTok to protect your privacy?

If you are searching for how to fix setting restricted by TikTok, you have landed in the right place.

So, let’s get started.

When a public platform turns too convenient for people worldwide, there are chances for misconduct from the user’s side. So naturally, such applications must frame a set guideline that restricts and controls the user’s activities if and when needed.

Now, TikTok had not emphasized this feature until recently. The recent communication brought up some modifications to the accounts of kids under the age of 18.

Since TikTok is open to anyone above the age of 13, there is quite a broad range of age groups that can enjoy videos collectively.

Until the modifications were made, users below the age of 13 were exposed to ‘TikTok for Younger user’s experience’.

This is the case in the US. If the user is found to be below 13 and not utilizing this feature, their account would be eliminated. Following this rule, the application has been rated 12+.

Why are my settings restricted by TikTok?

TikTok imposes restrictions on certain settings for users aged 13 to 15 as part of their efforts to enhance privacy and safety for younger individuals. An update introduced default settings for this age group, automatically setting their accounts to private. This means that only a limited number of approved followers can access their content.

In addition to the private account setting, TikTok restricts the ability to enable duets and stitches for users under 16. Duet allows users to create videos alongside another user’s video, while stitches enable them to integrate another user’s video into their own.

By disabling these features for younger users, TikTok aims to prevent potential misuse or inappropriate collaborations between different age groups.

Furthermore, TikTok has implemented measures such as preventing video downloads by others and restricting comments and views from non-followers for users between the ages of 13 and 15. These measures are put in place to ensure a safer and age-appropriate experience for young users.

Similar restrictions apply to users aged 16 to 17, unless they verify their age as 18 or older. TikTok aims to empower young users to be aware of their privacy and encourage responsible online behavior. By implementing these restrictions and privacy measures, TikTok aims to foster a positive and secure environment for children and teenagers on the platform.

So how to remove these setting restrictions on TikTok?

How to Remove or Fix ‘settings restricted by TikTok to protect your privacy’?

If you are looking forward to gaining plenty of followers, hoping to build your fame and share content on a constant basis, then these setting restrictions are not going to help you. In this situation, you might have to toggle it off in order to enjoy the complete publicizing of your content.

If you are under the age of 16, your account is automatically made private without any prompting from your side. You will not be allowed to change this setting.

However, if you are not under 16 and found that your account has come under the TikTok privacy setting, or if you wish to change the other settings, then we are here to help you.

These settings involve permitting other users to view your account under ‘suggestions’ and syncing your contacts and Facebook friends on TikTok.

We have compiled the steps that are necessary for you to modify these settings in order to prevent additional restrictions on your account.

Here is how you can turn off the setting restricted by TikTok.

1. Fix the TikTok privacy settings.

  • Open the TikTok app and go to your profile page.
  • Select the “Privacy” option.
  • Choose the “Suggest your account to others” option.
  • Enable or disable the parameters of suggestions according to your preference. (This setting controls who sees your account in their suggestions.)
  • Go back to the previous page and select “Sync contacts and Facebook friends.”
  • Make the desired changes to allow your contacts or Facebook friends to view your account.
  • Scroll down on the privacy page to find the “Safety” section.
  • Choose the options you want to modify based on your needs.

For example, select “Comments” to change the settings for filtering all comments or handling spam and offensive ones.

You may alter these settings as per your wish. Hope it helps.

2. Turn off restriction mode.

Try to disable the restriction mode in order to perform the above actions and save the changes.

  • Firstly, launch the TikTok application.
  • Now, click on the ‘Profile’ option down below.
  • This will open your profile page.
  • Once the page is open, click on the three lines on the top-right-hand corner.
  • This will open your settings.
  • Navigate towards ‘content and activity and then from the list of options select ‘Digital wellbeing’.
  • A new page will appear which displays the enabled restriction mode.
  • Click on it and another page opens.
  • Then select ‘Turn off restricted mode’.
  • This action will prompt you to enter a passcode which you would have provided in the event of enabling the restricted mode. Tap on ‘Next’ to conclude the action.

This will remove the restriction on your account and allow various contents to be available for you.

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3. Set your TikTok account to Public

Once you set your account to private, you will be restricted from a lot of activities like duet, stitch and direct messages from strangers. So, set your account to public to enjoy the application in its full glory.

  • Click on your profile and select the three bar symbol on the top.
  • It will take you to the Settings and privacy page.
  • Then select Privacy.
  • On the top, under Discoverability you can find the Private account option.
  • If you turn it on, only your followers and the people you follow will be able to communicate and view your videos.

4. Change your age on TikTok

If you are really not underage and there has been a mistake with the age entered on your account. You should contact TikTok customer support and inform them about the error with your profile.

  • Click on your profile and select the three bar symbol on the top.
  • It will take you to the Settings and privacy page.
  • Scroll down and find Support.
  • Under support, you will find “Report a problem” option.
  • Now, select it and under it search for account related option.
  • If you don’t find anything relevant to your issue, just select Other and type in your issue.

After you report the problem with the wrong age on your account, TikTok will send you a mail with details on how to proceed with your account. Follow those instructions and there will be no restrictions after that.

5. Create a new TikTok account (set age above 16).

If you are still getting the ‘setting restricted by TikTok to protect your privacy’ error, you should create a new TikTok account.

Remember, when creating the new account, you should keep your age above 16, or we would suggest it to keep 18.

This will allow you to change the privacy setting in your TikTok account.

That being said, follow the steps below to create a new TikTok account:

  • Open TikTok
  • Tap on the profile icon,
  • Tap on your username present at the top of the navigation bar.
  • Now, tap on “Add account”.
  • Now, tap on “Use phone or email”.
  • On the “Sign up” page, set your birthday so that you’re 18 years old.
  • Tap on “Next” and follow further instructions to create your account.


Once, your new account is created you will be 18 years or above, and you can easily change the privacy setting in the TikTok account including the duets and stitches.

6. Contact TikTok Support

Even after trying all the methods if you are unable to get the restrictions on TikTok out of your way, try contacting TikTok’s customer service representatives.

You can visit this website to get help – https://support.tiktok.com/.


This article explains why TikTok restricted your settings. We have compiled the steps to follow in order to remove these restrictions. Hope it helps.

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