[6 ways to Fix] Why is my Spotify premium not working?

Spotify Premium gets you unlimited music without any interruptions. If you have subscribed to the premium version, then you would definitely be able to enjoy these provisions. Today, we are going to discuss the issue with Spotify; why is my Spotify premium not working?

In this article, we will discuss the main reasons for this issue and how to solve it effectively. Keep reading.

Why is my Spotify premium not working?

If you are looking forward to ad-free music sessions with more personalized playlists and lots of downloads, then Spotify premium is just for you. However, there are instances where the premium version displays some glitches while you use it.

The issue could arise from a poor network connection or because the account has not effectively synced into the current device. It could also be that your subscription has expired or met with certain obstacles. Always cross-check whether your payment for the Spotify premium account was successful or not.

Occasionally, users find their premium upgrade delaying the process. This is, however, rectified in a short while. In other instances, you must cross-check the account that you have used to subscribe to the Spotify premium accounts.

For more clarity and ease of resolving this issue, we have compiled the effective methods to solve this issue with a step-wise guide for quicker understanding.

Keep reading and hope it helps.

How to fix Spotify premium not working?

Several users have expressed concerns regarding the paid version of Spotify, not working out for them. The types of glitches that you may face in regards to the premium version, may vary for different users. However, we have dictated effective measures in the following content.

Read the step-wise guide to overcome the issue and enjoy non-stop song sessions and personalized playlists without ad interruptions. Hope it helps.

1. Secure network connection.

As the first step of resolving a technical error, make sure to check your connections and secure them before your continue with troubleshooting any issue. The same goes for the issue at hand. Shift to a more secure network in case your Wi-Fi signals are weak.

Now, read on to know more methods of resolving the issue.

2. Make sure to sync your account with your device.

Once you have subscribed to Spotify premium, you will have to sync the new account to your device. This will ensure that you get access to your premium account soon after your subscription is complete. For this, all you have to do is log in once more into your Spotify account.

If you have subscribed to the premium account, then the login action will activate the subscription for the premium account.

3. Log into your account once again.

This method establishes the sync between your device and the account. It also removes any persisting glitches. Simply, log out from your Spotify account, then login back into the account. This will restart the activation.

4. Restart your device to fix Spotify premium not working.

Try this hack which is sure to get the Spotify premium account up and running. Make sure you reboot your device first, then log into your account to see if it works or not. Hope this helps.

5. Check your payment status.

There could be instances where your payment might have not been processed completely. So, if your premium account does not work, then it could be due to the same reason. Check your payment status on the Spotify website or the mobile application.

  • First, launch the Spotify application.
  • Log in to your account.
  • Then go to ‘Account’ and then select ‘Your plan’.
  • Here, you can look into the status of your subscription payment. Check if it is activated or not.

6. Make sure to activate your subscription.

In order to activate your subscription, you are required to log in to the account that was used for subscribing to the premium version of Spotify. If you have logged in through Facebook or Google account, make sure to utilize the same means to log in to Spotify premium.

If the methods so far, do not work for fixing the issue, then connect with the Spotify help center for their expert solution.

How to activate Spotify not working?


Spotify premium not working
Image source: Spotify premium not working

If you are stuck with this malfunction, where Spotify premium does not seem to open or you are switched back into the free version of Spotify, then you are required to activate the Spotify account.

For resolving these issues, try the following troubleshoots;

  1. Look for updates.

Check if there are any pending updates for your device or the Spotify application. Make sure you do not leave out any before launching the application.

  1. Cross-check your email id.

There may be a possibility for you to provide the incorrect email address or would have used a different email id that was not used during the premium account subscription. So check and provide the right credentials to log in.

  1. Restart your device.

If the issue persists, restart your device. This will remove any bugs or glitches that could have gotten into the software. Hope this helps.

  1. Login to your account again.

Try to log out and then log back into your account. This should help fix Spotify not working.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Q1. How to check Spotify premium on Android?

In order to check for Spotify premium on Android, go to the Spotify application. Log in to your account and then click on ‘Premium’. This should be found as an ad or notice on the Spotify home page. Then click on ‘try premium’. Proceed with the ’30 free trial option. You will be requested to choose the payment method and asked to enter your zip code.

Once you have completed that procedure, you will be charged $0.00 and you get to enjoy 30 days of free Spotify premium. After the determined time is over, you will be charged $9.99.


This article explains all about the issue where Spotify premium does not work. We have compiled the various methods to fix this issue.

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