[7 Ways] Fix TikTok this effect doesn’t work with this device

Are TikTok effects not working for you?

Are TikTok filters not working or not showing up for you?

Or you are getting the error “TikTok this effect doesn’t work with this device”?

If you are having issues with TikTok effects or filters, you have visited the right place. This post explains all you need to know about why TikTok filters are not working for you and what you can do to fix it.

First of all, do not fret as you are not alone for whom TikTok filters are not working or showing up.

Well whatever be the case there are always a few things you can tr out on your own. Below we have discusses the reasons and solutions to fix TikTok effects.

So, let’s get started.

Why i am getting TikTok this effect doesn’t work with this device error

There can be many reasons why your are getting TikTok this effect doesn’t work with this device error such as you are not using the latest version of the TikTok app, cache is casuing the problem, you have not updated our device software, servers of TikTok are having issues or there can other technical problems. 

Well, do not worry, below we have provided some ways, following which you be able to use all the effects on your TikTok.

TikTok this effect doesn't work with this device

How to Fix TikTok effects not working on this device

1. Update TikTok to the latest build

The first and the foremost TikTok filters are not showing up or not working on your device could be that your are using an outdated version of the app.

TikTok is frequently updated to resolve bugs and problems reported by users. So, it necessary to use the latest build of the app.

Updating the TikTok to the latest version will ensure that there aren’t any underling bugs or issues casuing the fillter to not show.

That being said, follow the steps below to update TikTok to the latest version

  • Open App Store (iOS) or the Google Play Store (Android).
  • Now, search for “TikTok” and go to the TikTok app page.
  • If there are any updates available, click the Update button.

Once you have updated the app, simply restart your device and then try using the filter that was not working previously, it should work now.

2. Disable your VPN

Not all TikTok filters are available in all regions.

If you are using a VPN then disable it and then try using the filters you were not able to use earlier.

A VPN hides your locations and disquses your identity. So, apps and website can malfuncations if your are using a VPN.

3. Logout and Login again

Moving forward, another way you can try to fix the TikTok effect is to just logout of our account and login again.

Sometimes the apps just require you to resignin and the does the thing.

Logging out of the account and signing again is the quick and simple way that works many time and eliminates many errors.

It has worked for many users in the fast, so why don’t you give it a try!

With that said, follow the steps below to logout of your TikTok account:

  • Open TikTok
  • Tap on your Profile at the bottom right corner.
  • Now, tap on the hamburger menu, at the top right.
  • Here, Tap on Settings and Privacy
  • Now, Tap on Log out.

Once you have logged out of our account, simply login again using your account username and password.

Now, try using the filters, it they are still not working, follow the other methods below.

4. Clear TikTok App cache

Cache is the temporary memory our device stores to load them faster and run them in more efficient manner.

Well, with time this data can become large and rather than providing benefits it can causes issues and problems.

So, that’s the reasons why its always recommended to clear the cache of the apps.

That being  said, follow the steps below to clear TikTok app cache to fix TikTok effects not showing up:

  • Go to your TikTok profile and tap on the menu icon on the top navigation bar.
  • Now, Tap on “Settings and privacy” 
  • Here, scroll and tap on “Cache and cellular data” section.
  • Finally, tap on “Clear cache” to clear TikTok’s cache.

You can also clear the cache of TikTok by going to the settings of our device.

Follow the steps to clear TikTok cache via the settings of your phone:

  • Open settings
  • Tap on ‘Apps’ or ‘Applications’
  • Find and tap on ‘TikTok’
  • Tap on ‘Storage’
  • Now, click ‘clear cache and data’
  • Lastly, tap on ‘clear cache’.

Note: These setting might differ slightly from device to device.

Once, you clear the cache of the TikTok, close the app and remove it from the recent apps section.

Now open the TikTok again and try using the filter or effect you were not able to use earlier, it should work now, if not follow other methods below.

5. Update your phone OS

Moving on, another wa to fix the issue TikTok this effect doesn’t work with this device is to update your device.

If your phone not updated to the latest version, you have trouble using the TikTok effects and filters as many effects require uses latest technolog and algorithms.

Updating your device to the latest OS will make sure there aren’t an underling bugs, corrupted or unsupported files that could be causing the filter to not show up on our device while using TikTok.

With that said, follow the steps to update your device to the latest version:

  • Open settings
  • Scroll down and tap on the option ‘System’
  • Now, tap on ‘System updates’
  • Here, if any update is availbale, just download and install it.

6. Check TikTok server status

Lastly, the filter of TikTok may not show up because of the server issues and problems.

It’s always a good idea to check whether the problem is on your end or the server side.

If the issue is from the server side, there isn’t much that you can do rather than waiting till the servers gets restored or contacting the TikTok support channels.

With that said, you can check the server status of TikTok online for free.

We would suggest visiting the downdetector page for TikTok. Here check the user reports and comments. If the reports are significant, it means servers are having issues.

7. Change your device

Lastly, if still the TikTok effects are not working for on your device, you might have to actually change the device.

It might be that the device your are using might not have require hardware or software for the the TikTok filter or effect you are trying to use.

You can also try using account on someone else’s phone and check whether the TikTok effect which was not working on your phone is working on that device.

If that TikTok filter works on another device, it could be a signal that you require a new smartphone.

Final Words

So, that’s it, folks. I hope after reading this post, you were able to Fix TikTok this effect doesn’t work with this device error.

For more posts like this, you can have a glimpse at our TikTok section or follow a few related posts below.

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