How to get a free gift cards for SHEIN?

People, especially women out there are aware enough about Shein. This fashion e-commerce giant in the global market still exists as the king and their biggest advantage is selling point. They sell the women apparels at such unbelievable cheaper prices which attracts most of the customers out there.

Be it Shein, getting free gift cards is a dream for many. Especially if there is already any season sale going on and as a added bonus you get a coupon code! Wow that’s pleasing for your ears to hear right? What if this happens in real? Then this is a click-bait free article for getting free coupon codes for Shein.

Before moving on to the main context, a disclaimer for you all who read is that, sometimes the following methods may work or wont at times. So expecting this to happen with 100 assurance is not possible. That doesn’t mean that it wont work at all.

There are chances of both success as well as failure upon following the method. So before any further delay, lets move on to the main context of this article.

Shein gift card
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Shein gift cards:

Shein gift cards is availed and redeemed during the checkout of any purchase. Combination of numbers, alphabets and special characters in a random order is how a gift card code looks like. Even you can share this to your loved ones as a gift directly to their inbox.

After adding your products to the cart and before checking out, there will be an option to enter the gift coupon code near to the final pricing. Click that and enter the coupon code that you have. Once that is done, the price gets reduced depending upon the value that the code has.

Say for example, if you have a $15 dollar valued coupon code and if you apply it, in the final price $15 gets deducted and the final price after the discount is what you will be paying during the checkout.

Shein gift cards add as an extra discount to the purchase and that is always adds an extra happiness to the customer. Officially these gift cards can be received from Shein itself via emails or through app notifications.

Not all the times you would receive these gift cards from Shein. You can get those unofficially by using some legit methods. Let us take a look at all those.

How to redeem Shein gift cards unofficially?

Once again it is disclaimed that always there wont be chances for success of getting gift cards. Sometimes it wont workout. But this is a legit method so no confusions about it. Read the methods and steps followed in it carefully so that you can redeem them in an ease.

If you suspect some websites that it wont earn you free Shein gift cards, then upon clicking that link you will be end up in trapping for the click baits.

Method 1: Gift card corner

To proceed with this step, open your chrome or firefox or whatever browser you have. Go to google and search for shein gift card corner and open up the link which has the url Once after opening it a web page is opened and scroll down to find a button that says ‘Free Shein gift cards-Click here’.

Clicking that opens up another tab which makes you select the amount that you wish to redeem. Maximum we can avail up to $750. Select the amount that you wish to redeem and then wait for a while. For human verification you will asked a task to complete.

Choose any of the given tasks and then complete it. Completing the task is a very important step. Follow the procedures correctly as instructed. During the task completion there will be many click baits. Be aware enough and avoid them carefully.

Upon completing the task, you will be given the coupon code via mail that you have entered during verification. Use them within the slotted time in the Shein website and redeem the discount.

Method 2: Capterra

Are you an user who uses programs like Microsoft Powerpoint, Canva or any such software like these, then you have another way to earn Shein gift cards for absolutely free. Writing reviews of these programs monthly for say upto 10 reviews a month can earn you gift cards.

Capterra is where you can do this. Here, you will be writing reviews of the software that you are familiar with. The Capterra team approves your reviews and post them as blog. After successive approvals of the reviews that you submit, the more chances you will be receiving the gift card.

There is no assurance or guarantee up to 100 percent that you will get gift cards. Might be Capterra finds your review not up to the mark and rejects your approval. Honestly speaking , it hardly takes not more than 10 minutes to write a review.

Write more coherent reviews and get more of your reviews getting approved. The more number of approved articles, the more you get the chance to earn a Shein gift card.

There are many more methods and many more websites that says that it rewards you free Shein gift cards. But from my research and case studies only two of the above methods seem to be legit and you actually get a chance to earn the Shein gift cards. Other sites seem to be click baits and wont work out at all.

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As already said, this multinational e-commerce king already sales out women apparels on cheaper prices. But some unsatisfied people wish to get even more discounted on the final price while they check out. For them, availing the Shein gift cards whenever they wish makes them more satisfied while they checkout.

But to be honest, purchasing in Shein doesn’t make you feel over priced and you wont be in search for gift cards. Some might use them for sharing it to their loved ones and make them feel special. Purchasing your favorite apparel and that too at a lower price can make your day.

Hope you find this article useful. Happy shopping! Happy Reading!

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