How to fix Vizio TV HDMI ports not working


Vizio TVs have presented a convincing performance even to this day. They are indeed the finest TV Company with over 12 million users.  This article is all about how to fix Vizio TV HDMI port not working. Despite occasional complaints arising from users, the solutions for several of these problems are right at the tip of your fingers.

In this article, we will cover some basic methods on how to fix Vizio TV HDMI ports not working. So let’s begin the discussion.

Why are the Vizio TV HDMI Ports not working?

Basically, the HDMI ports or the High-definition Media Input, as the name suggests, is the main connection port for a source device such as a satellite set-top box. And as a standard followed by all TV companies, minimum of three such HDMI ports should be made accessible. This confers ease of connection for users. It would be more convenient if there was an HDMI port on the sides of the TV. They can be used for audio as well as video.

Now, you have no reason to look for a replacement for an HDMI connection. Because, it is, by far, the best connection that can transfer data digitally without any modifications to it, allowing you to enjoy the highest quality content.

Let’s get to the glitches that users often face. The chances of damage to the HDMI ports are slim unless you have witnessed the occurrence of the damage. Other than that, it could surely arise from loose connections. Sometimes, the source device might not be firmly inserted into the port. This causes temporary disconnections.

This issue may also arise due to faults in the HDMI cable used to connect to your Vizio TV. If that is the cause, you should replace those cables. Moreover, your focus must be on finding the exact reason for this issue and getting the complementary solution. We are here to help you with how to fix Vizio TV HDMI port not working.

So now that we know how and why Vizio TV ports do not work, let’s get to the solutions.

How to fix Vizio TV HDMI ports not working or no signal?

  1. Check your connection.

Usually, the issue is uniquely due to damaged cables. So it is wise to check the HDMI cable connections to your Vizio TV, first. To ensure proper flow of signals, unplug and then plug the wire into the port. Make sure you are connecting it in the right manner. If your signal is still not received then move on to the next step.

  1. Power cycle Vizio TV to fix Vizio TV HDMI ports not working.

There is no method as effective as power cycling your Vizio TV. This step is a common solution for various issues related to your device. It is a simple yet effective step towards removing persisting cache memory to bring back the original speed of your Vizio TV. We have offered a detailed article on how to power cycle Vizio TV. Simple steps for the same are given below.

  • First, turn off your TV.
  • Unplug your Vizio TV from the power outlet.
  • Press and hold the power button for about 20 seconds
  • Then release the button and wait for another five minutes
  • Reconnect the TV to a power outlet.
  • Now press and hold the power button until the TV lights up.

You will definitely crack the problem with this step. If not, then move on to the next methods.

Loose connection
Image source: HDMI port not working.

  1. Recheck the input selected on your Vizio TV.


The TV might not recognize the HDMI signal most of the time due to the wrong input that you may have selected. Recheck your selections if this issue occurs. Even then, if your TV is unable to display any content, do not panic and proceed to the next methods on how to fix Vizio TV HDMI ports not working.

  1. Change TV resolution.

When it comes to large Vizio SmartCast TV, the resolutions have a broader range of choices and can be modified depending on our will. However, a certain choice of resolution may not be work for your TV. Hence the HDMI port may not accept the signals into your Vizio TV. Some agreeable resolutions for such situations are 720p, or 1080p. For making the required selection, follow the steps given below;

  • Select ‘menu’ on your Vizio TV remote.
  • Go to ‘picture’ and press ‘OK’.
  • Then choose ‘TV resolution’.
  • Now, select the resolution of your choice.
  • Once you have made your choice, check if the HDMI accepts the signals.

You can also change the picture ‘mode’ of your TV as per your choice.

How to fix Vizio TV HDMI port not working
Image source: Vizio TV HDMI port not working

  1. Power up your source device.

If you are unable to comprehend the actual issue, then follow this method. This glitch might have occurred to your Vizio TV HDMI port due to the wrong power-up sequence. For instance, you may power up the TV first and then the source device. To troubleshoot your non-functional HDMI port, try to power up the source device first and then the TV. This will surely give results.

  1. Go through pending firmware updates.

You might not want to keep any updates pending, especially the firmware update. Check if there are any latest updates available and do the necessary updating. Here is how you can do the action;

  • Click on the ‘V’ key on your Vizio TV remote.
  • Navigate to ‘System’.
  • Choose ‘check for updates’ and ‘OK’ to confirm the process.
  • Your TV will start the updating process if there are any.

If you are facing any difficulty in the above steps, we got your back. Check out our article on how to fix Vizio TV update problems.

  1. Replace your Vizio TV mainboard to fix Vizio TV HDMI ports not working.

Most times the defect on your ports needs to be repaired at the source. And since the HDMI ports of your TV are attached to the motherboard, we recommend you replace the board in this situation. Many users facing similar issue, has agreed upon this method. It might seem a bit complex to do the replacement, however, we can help you with that too unless you wish to have an expert tackle the task. Follow the steps below;

  • Unplug the TV and slowly remove the back cover.
  • Find a green board connected to some cables.
  • Carefully unplug these cables from the mainboard.
  • The board will be screwed to your TV. Unscrew all four screws and remove the board.
  • Now place the new mainboard on to the same position.
  • And screw it in place.
  • Reconnect the internal cables and replace the back cover.
  • Plugin your TV and turn it on.

You need to perform this action with utmost care.

  1. Reset your Vizio TV.

A final yet efficient step to fix the Vizio TV HDMI port not working would be to reset your TV to its original factory condition. Inconveniences with its working might have come up due to some modifications performed in its settings. However, this may not always be the case. Still, it is advisable to follow this step if your HDMI port does not work even after the previous methods are followed.

  • Go to ‘Menu’ through your TV remote.
  • Select ‘System’
  • Then, choose ‘Reset & Admin’.
  • Choose ‘Reset TV to Factory Defaults.
  • Press ‘OK’ on your remote to confirm your selection.

To know how to reset Vizio Tv without a remote, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do I fix the HDMI port on my Vizio TV?

Check your connections first. If your Vizio TV still doesn’t display any content, then check the input source you might have selected. The above article has explained in detail simple steps to resolve this issue.

Q2. Why would the HDMI port stop work?

The issue might be due to damaged cables. Check for any faults in your cables and replace them. Or you can power cycle your TV. The article above, explains the method of power cycling your Vizio TV.

Q3. Why my Vizio TV says no Signal?

You may have given the wrong input selection. Recheck your input selection and make sure your source device is turned on. Go through the methods explained in the above article for more details.


In the above article, we have discussed methods to fix Vizio TV HDMI port not working. You are provided with a step-wise guide on performing each method. Many users have found these steps effective. Hope it works for you as well!

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