Fix Pocket TV Not working ,(White, black screen)

Pocket TV is what its name defines. It makes the TV to fit within your pocket. In other words, Pocket TV is an Android app in which you can watch several movies, TV shows, series, and more. Also, it is free. It is a simple straight forward, and clean app. All you need to do to watch any content is to download the app from the official website, select the category or video, and start watching it. That’s it. 

Now, the major highlight is that you also need not register with any account. It holds for every device and the use case. Apart from that, the app is so lightweight that you hardly need any space on your phone. In other words, Pocket TV is around 10 to 15 MB in size. So, leave everything aside and give this app a try. But, the only caveat is that Pocket TV is only available for Android smartphones and televisions. Also, this compatibility may vary from device to device. 

But, for those who are on Windows, here is a way. You need to download an Android emulator such as Bluestacks. And then install this Pocket TV apk file from there. This above method works as expected for Mac and Linux devices as well. Well, for iOS and other devices, there is no appropriate solution as of now. Anyways, downloading the app and using it does not go well always. Sometimes, you may get a few errors and get a message saying Pocket TV not working. So, in this article, we will try to list down some methods to fix that. 

How to fix Pocket TV not working: 

1. Restart the Pocket TV app: 

One of the most common troubleshooting tips is to restart the app. Surprisingly, it works in many cases. So, make sure to check if it works for you as well. Along with this, you can also restart your Android or other devices which you are using and try again. 

2. Check the Internet: 

In some cases, you try to find out the solution to a problem that does not exist. It may be possible that you are not connected to any network and try to access Pocket TV. It may sound silly. But in reality, we all encounter doing it in some of the other cases. 

3. Clear the Cache and Factory Reset: 

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Now, once you have done that background check, it is time to go for other ways. For this, long press on Pocket TV icon and click on App info. Alternatively, you can navigate to Settings -> Apps and Notifications -> See all apps -> Pocket TV -> Storage and Cache. Here, clear the cache memory and try again. As you are on that page, you can even try to force stop the app and open it. 

4. Reinstall or update the app: 

The last option to fix this issue is to reinstall the app. In some cases, it may be possible that you are stuck in the older version and thus the problem. So, here is the link below to download the latest version. Once you click on the link, it will download the APk file. Now, open it, and install right away. In case of failure, turn ON Install from Unknown Sources option in device settings.  


In summary, these were some ways to fix the Pocket TV app error and problems. So, hopefully, at least one of the methods worked in your case. If so, then consider sharing this guide with your friends and family network. Also, let them know about such a helpful app. 

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