(6 Ways) Fix DirecTV app not working on Samsung tv

When it comes to streaming live television, there are a variety of ways to go about it.

Some people opt for cable, while others may use an over-the-air antenna.

However, one common method that is becoming increasingly popular is of using a streaming service.

With more and more people ditching cable television for streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu, it’s no surprise that the Directv app isn’t working on some Samsung TVs.

Why is the DirecTV app not working on Samsung tv?

How to fix the DirecTV app not working on Samsung tv?

In this article, we will tell you about various fixes you can try on your DirecTV if it’s not working on Samsung TV.

The United States market is home to more than 14.6 million subscribers to the satellite television service provided by DirecTV. The Hughes Corporation was the original founder of the business, which now has its headquarters in El Segundo, California.

There are many different types of programming available with DirecTV, such as live and on-demand television, movies, and sports and music.

It also provides IP-based distribution of traditional linear television under the brand names U-verse TV and DirecTV Stream, and it operates as a virtual multichannel video programming distributor (MVPD).

Dish’s primary competitors include traditional cable TV providers, providers of IP-based television services, and various other over-the-top streaming platforms.

Why is the DirecTV app not working on Samsung tv?

One of the most widely used cable and satellite television services in the United States is provided by DirecTV.

DirecTV attracts a large number of customers due to the quality of its customer care and the breadth of its channel lineup.

Despite this, many individuals are reporting issues while attempting to use the DirecTV app on their Samsung TVs.

The application is notorious for being flaky and experiencing frequent crashes.

People who use the app to watch live sports or other critical events in their lives will find this to be an extremely serious issue.

Recently, the DirecTV app on some Samsung televisions has been difficult to connect to for various reasons. There have been reports of this issue occurring on more recent versions of Samsung TVs, despite the fact that it appears to be affecting some earlier models.

How to fix the DirecTV app not working on Samsung tv?

If you are having trouble using the DirecTV app on your Samsung TV, there are a few things that you can do to try and fix the issue.

Method 1- Restart your Samsung tv.

There are a few things that you can try to do in order to address the issue if the DirecTV app that you have installed on your Samsung TV is giving you trouble.

If this is the case, you should try to repair the issue as soon as possible.

To get started, close the application completely and then start it back up again.

In some cases, this will delete any temporary files that might be stopping the software from working the way it was meant to. Removing these files will fix the problem.

A gentle reset completely shuts down and restarts the television, rather than only putting it into standby mode. Problems with applications can be solved this way.

It is possible to gently reset your television in just two methods.

  • Step 1- First you should Hold down the power button of your remote control until the TV goes off and back on. It should just take a few seconds to complete this task.
  • Step 2-Do this for 30 seconds, then re-connect your TV to the power source.

Method 2- Make sure your internet is On.

Your TV’s Wi-Fi connection is the quickest and most convenient method to get online. Before attempting to connect, make sure you have the SSID and password for your wireless network.

  • Step 1- The Smart Hub can be opened by pressing the Start button of your TV remote.
  • Step 2- Select Settings, General, and Network using the directional pad on your remote control.
  • Step 3- Open the Network Settings option.
  • Step 4- Go with a wireless connection.
  • Step 5- Click on your wireless network.
  • Step 6- Type in your network password, click Done and then click OK.

Method 3- You should uninstall and then install the DirecTV app again.

Installing and uninstalling the DirecTV app is easy for Samsung smart TVs, which are powered by Tizen OS and include their own App Store.

You’ll need a Samsung account to do that, and if you don’t already have one, you can sign up for one for free to access your accounts on Samsung devices.

DirecTV’s app may be removed and reinstalled as follows:

To Uninstall The app.

  • Step 1- Hold down the OneRemote’s Home button.
  • Step 2- Navigate to and pick Apps using the navigation pad on your remote.
  • Step 3- Choose an option.
  • Step 4- Choose the DirecTV app from the list.
  • Step 5-Select Delete from the drop-down menu.
  • Step 6- Once more, select Delete

To Install The app.

  • Step 1- Simply pressing the Home button will bring up the Samsung Smart Hub.
  • Step 2- A search box will appear in the top right corner of your screen; click on it and enter “DirecTV stream.”
  • Step 3- Press the choose button on the remote to pick the application from the search results.
  • Step 4- When it comes to putting the application into your Samsung TV, all you have to do is click “Install.”

The app can be added to the home screen of your Samsung Tv when it has been properly installed.

Method 4- Make sure your TV is up to date by checking for software updates.

It is essential to do regular software updates on your smart TV in order to stay current

To prevent any issues from occurring, check to be that the software on your television is up to current.

  • Step 1- Connect your TV to the internet before you watch any content.
  • Step 2- Navigate your way to the settings menu.
  • Step 3- You can select this option in the Support section.
  • Step 4- Select Software Update from the drop-down menu.
  • Step 5- Choose “Auto Update.”

When you turn on your television, it will first check for any new software upgrades before allowing you to watch anything or use any of the other capabilities it has to offer.

It is possible that the update will take some time if it is a significant or complicated one.

If you have the Auto Update option turned on and you are watching TV when a patch becomes available, the patch will download and install itself automatically the next time you turn on the television, provided that you have the Auto Update option turned on.

Even if you have an Internet-connected TV, you may still manually activate firmware and software upgrades.

Here are the instructions:

  • Step 1- Make your way to the settings.
  • Step 2- You can select this option in the Support section.
  • Step 3- Select Software Update from the drop-down menu.
  • Step 4- Select the option to perform an update right away. The process of downloading and installing an update will begin if one is available.

Method 5- Make sure your device is compatible with DirecTv

The app is compatible with most new televisions and lets you stream live and on-demand content right to your TV. But there are still some older Tv sets with which DirecTv is not compatible.

According to DirecTv, it’s compatible with any Samsung Tv which is manufactured after 2017.

But if you are still skeptical about the compatibility of your Tv you can check it by clicking the link below

Verify that the DIRECTV app can be used on your TV.

Method 6- Customer care service

Customer care service
Customer care service

If you are still having problems, I strongly suggest getting in touch with the DIRECTV customer support personnel, who are available at any time of the day or night.


Q1. Why can’t I get DirecTV Now on my Samsung Smart TV?

Find out whether there are any software upgrades that might help your Samsung TV recognize DIRECTV. If you have a remote control, you may use it to go to Settings > “Software Update” and then “Update Now.” Clicking ‘Update Now’ will download and install any available updates for your computer.

Q2. How can I update the DirecTV app?

To return to the DIRECTV STREAM home screen, use the Start button on your remote. The gear icon on the screen will access your DIRECTV STREAM settings, so choose it. Go to the system’s general settings. Then click Check for Updates.

Q3. Why does DIRECTV STREAM keep freezing on Samsung Smart TV?

DNS configurations on Samsung devices sometimes cause problems with app viewing. The service may be accessed using these parameters. If your internet provider’s recommendations do not match these, you may be encountering problems with your Samsung because of this.

Final Words

The issue with the DirectTV app on Samsung televisions not working should now be resolved, and I believe that the fundamentals have been addressed.

Downloading the app and using it on any of the following devices will allow you to view programming available through Directv Stream: Samsung, TCL, Sony, Vizio, LG, and Hisense are some of the names.

But if you are experiencing issues with your Directv app on your Samsung TV, there are a few things that you can do to try and fix the problem.

First, make sure that your TV is up-to-date and has the latest software installed. If you are still having issues, try resetting your TV’s network settings.

Finally, if all of these steps fail to resolve the issue, you may need to contact Directv Support for assistance.


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