[3 ways] How to find Hisense TV model number (2021)

The model number is the identity of a product in a market. It tells us so much about the product and company. Now, as you must have understood, this article is going to be about How to find Hisense TV model number.

Hisense is a multinational Chinese company that mainly manufactures white goods and electronics. The first-ever device this company produced was a radio back in 1969. This company now focuses more on making televisions.

Regardless to say, it is one of the largest manufacturers of television in China since 2004. The company’s televisions are pocket-friendly and offer great features.

Hisense TV model numbers

Now let’s talk about the model numbers of the television. As mentioned above, it is the identity of a product. Each product has its unique serial number which, differs from the others and makes them unique.

The model numbers cannot be fake and are log into the product by its manufacturer.
We can easily find out the details of the product by its model number. For example, if Hisense is manufacturing a television at a particular time, each and every device will hold its own identity.

It may differ in features. Now, if something goes wrong with the TV or maybe you want some information about it then, you can complain about it with your serial number as the identity of your television. The Hisense TVs have unique codes which are pretty self-explanatory about the device.

You must have seen some alphabets and numbers while buying the TV. But ever thought about the meaning behind it? Hisense TV has model numbers that will tell you all the primary details without actually knowing the details. Let’s understand this better with the help of examples.

Example of Model numbers of Hisense TV
Image source: en.tab-tv.com(Google)

The picture itself is self-explanatory. The serial number contains the company’s name, screen size and, manufacturing details. The H in the serial number stands for Hisense: the company’s name. The numbers represent the size of the screen.

This is another factor which is really important from a buyer’s point of view. It makes the customers aware of its diagonal size. The next numbers indicate the series of the TV model.

The Hisense TVs are mainly manufactured in China(H), Europe(E), US(R), Australia(P) and, Japan(O). Therefore, alphabets are assigned to them and they are written accordingly.

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How to find Hisense TV model numbers?

Method 1: Through settings of the TV

The model number is available on the television itself. You just need to follow these steps to get your TV’s model number.

  • Step 1: Press the menu button

Press the menu button present on your remote. The homepage will appear with plenty of options on your screen.

  • Step 2: Select settings

Now look for the settings option. It is usually present at the bottom right side of the homepage but can differ from the model. But it will either be present at the right or left corner. Use the arrow buttons present on your remote to highlight it. Now press OK to confirm your decision.

Settings tab on Hisense TV
Image source: youtube.com(Google)

  • Step 3: Go to support

This option has all the support features given by Hisense TV. Under the settings tab, look for the required option. Now using the arrows on the remote, navigate down the cursor to support.

  • Step 4: Click on system info

This tab will have all the features and information about your Hisense TV. Now, to open it, use the navigation arrow present on your remote. Highlight it first, and then press OK on your remote to confirm your decision.

  • Step 5: Select about

The about option will have all the details of your system. So use the arrow buttons on your remote and press OK to confirm it.

  • Step 6: Look for the model number

The model number with the name must be present at the top. You can see the other details of your television too.

Method 2: Without the remote

If you have misplaced the remote and want to find out the serial number of your television, we got you covered. There is a way by which you operate the television without a remote. Let us see how.

  • Step 1: Turn on your television

The first step is to turn on the TV. Check if it is connected to the power supply and is working.

  • Step 2: Press the menu/settings button

In some TVs, the button can be referred to as either menu or settings, depending upon the model. Now, press the menu button present at the backside of your Hisense TV. You will then be directed to the homepage of the television with the tab of settings.

  • Step 3: Go to support

Now here the volume increase and decrease arrows will work as up and down arrows. Therefore, use the volume buttons to move your cursor up and down. Now, highlight the required option.

  • Step 4: Select system info

This tab will have all the information about your system. Now to open this tab, again use the up and down volume buttons in order to navigate the cursor. Press OK to confirm your decision. Now, you will see a new tab pop-up on your screen.

  • Step 5: Choose about

Now, this is your last step. Use the volume buttons and select About. This tab will have much information related to your system.

  • Step 6: Find out the information

You will find all the detailed information about your television in this tab. The serial number with the TV’s name is written at the top.

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Method 3: Backside of television

On most TVs, you can find the serial number on the backside of the TV. It is either written at the back of the TV itself or is written on white paper. The white paper or sticker contains the serial number of the TV. You might also observe a QR code on that sticker.

When you scan it, you will find the details in-depth about the television. In some models, it is either written at the top or bottom of the TV itself. It is written in decent and visible colors keeping in mind the display of the TV.

Example of Hisense TV model number
Image source: en.tab-tv.com(Google)

Hope this article helped you. If you face any problem regarding the Hisense TV, you can contact the customer support.

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