‘Your Snaps & Chats will be pending until adds you as a friend’ meaning

On Snapchat, a message that wasn’t sent to the intended recipient is referred to as pending.

Contrary to delivered messages and Snaps, which typically feature blue, purple, or pink symbols next to the messages, pending messages have a grey icon. For a variety of reasons, the app displays a message or Snap as “pending.”

‘Your snaps and chats will be pending until adds you as a friend’ meaning

Contrary to a generic error message, however, a Snapchat pending warning also means that the app will keep trying to send until either it is received or you manually decide to stop the entire process. The message “Your Snaps and Chats are pending until adds you as a friend” could mean a few things.

Some of them are discussed below:

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1. The recipient is yet to accept your friend request

The leading cause of a message appearing as pending is that the person you are attempting to engage with has not accepted your friend request.

In the conversation box, you will get a message that reads, “Your Snaps and Chats are pending until adds you as a friend.” You could suggest they do so on other chat apps to rectify this.”

2. The recipient has removed you as a friend.

The recipient has probably unfriended you if you used to get delivery of their messages, but then you stopped receiving the pending status.

For further information on whether someone has unfriended you, you may look up their name in the friends’ list (Bitmoji or profile icon -> My Friends). In such a situation, you will need to wait till the individual adds you back.

3. The recipient has deleted their Snapchat account

A Snapchat user’s pending message status may be affected if they deactivate or delete their account. There is nothing you can do to contact them at this point unless they want to activate their account again.

4. Your Snap or message has expired

After 30 days, Snapchat will remove any Snaps that have not been seen. Snaps sent to friends who haven’t opened them in 30 days may show up as “Pending” in the app. In this case, you can decide to send the message again if it was something important.


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Q1. How do I fix the ‘pending’ message on Snapchat?

Make sure you are friends with the person you are attempting to add or try restarting Snapchat if that doesn’t work. You can also try deleting Snapchat from your device and then reinstalling it from your device’s app store. Your inbox of unread messages will be reloaded after this, albeit you may be required to log in again.

Q2. How long do Snapchat messages sit in the “pending” status?

If you aren’t Snapchat buddies, your snap won’t reach him. The message will be delivered if the recipient complies with your request. But if you don’t, your communications will be erased in the next 30 days.

Final Words

When a message gets stuck in the pending error state and a grey symbol appears next to it, that’s not a good sign. Thus, a “pending” status usually indicates that the recipient has not yet accepted your Snapchat request or removed you from their friend list.

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