[6 Ways to Fix) Why won’t TikTok let me log in

Are you frustrated with “Why won’t TikTok let me log in?” and unsure of “How to fix TikTok won’t let me log in“? Then we got your back. Here we will help you to discover possible causes and solutions to the issue.

TikTok is a short-form, video-sharing app that allows users to create and share 15-30 second videos on any topic they like. Before beginning with the main topic, i.e how to fix TikTok let me log in. It maintains a separate app for the Chinese market, called Duyin.

It has over 300 million active monthly users. The new logo of the app is an actual combination of the Musical.ly and Duyin logos. The TikTok app is widely popular due to its engaging content by some content creators rising to the peak of popularity.

TikTok was prior called Musical.ly, a popular short (15 seconds) video streaming and sharing app, with over 100 million users, up until August 2018. The app provided a digital platform for users to perform on their favorite music and dialogue options, with which they could lip-sync and make funny or entertaining videos.

Although, in August 2018, the app was legit taken over by a Chinese company ByteDance and its users moved to Tik Tok. The content and accounts made on Musical.ly were transferred automatically to the new Tik Tok app.

In the year 2018, the TikTok app was the highly downloaded video app in the Apple & Playstore, globally. Eventual after, the TikTok app’s popularity has been growing phenomenally.

The app reportedly has amassed over 500 million monthly active users, the US being the most popular (with over 80 million downloads) country.

Why won’t TikTok let me log in

Let us now begin with the possible causes of the Why won’t TikTok let me log in issue.

Reason 1: Check App’s Servers

You may not be able to access your account if TikTok’s servers are down or malfunctioning at the moment. You will have to wait until the issue on their servers is resolved before you access your account. So, You have to first verify Spotify is not Down , then restart your Wi-Fi and phone.

Reason 2: Slow Internet Connection

If you cannot log in to your TikTok account, there’s a high likelihood that your phone is not connected to the internet.

TikTok requires an active internet connection to work smoothly. The TikTok app can’t connect to the servers if the internet is unstable, which may result in login mistakes on the TikTok app.

Reason 3: Router Not Connected

The router may experience difficulty connecting with your internet service provider (ISP) or can encounter some system glitches, especially if it has been running for weeks already.

Reason 4: Incorrect Credentials

You may have entered the wrong username or password on your TikTok account, which may result in a login error.

Reason 5: Outdated App Version

Make sure you are using the latest and the updated version of the app. It is very likely that TikTok is already aware of this issue and is planning to release an official update from Google Play or Apple App Store to acknowledge the error on failed user account logins.

Reason 6: Hacked Account

If you can’t log in to your TikTok even account after several attempts, then your account must have been hacked or phished. If you observe even a slight possibility of that make sure to reset your login credentials.

How to fix TikTok won’t let me log in

Let’s hop onto the quick remedies for the login error.

Method 1: Check TikTok’s Servers

If found, TikTok’s server is currently down or experiencing malfunctioning. With the help of third-party websites like Down Detector, which is absolutely free and gives you live information about TikTok’s current status. You can easily check TikTok’s current server status and get the problem resolved.


How to check tiktok server
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Method 2: Boost Your Internet Connection

It is the most common problem yet the most frustrating one. Try connecting to Wi-Fi if your cellular connection is poor. Your internet connection may slow down if multiple people are using it simultaneously. Request that those users temporarily cease their internet usage.

Method 3: Restart The Router And Device 

If the TikTok app experiencing issues connecting to the servers due to poor internet connection, you can try resetting your router and the device.

To reset your router, just unplug the router’s power cable from the main outlet and let the router be alone for about 10 to 15 seconds. Then, plug in the power cable back to your outlet and wait for your router to start up.


how to connect to the router
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To restart the device follow the below instructions:

(iOS) Press and hold either the volume or side button until the power off slider appears.

Drag the slider, then wait for a few seconds for your device to turn off.

Then simply restart your phone.

how to restart iPhone
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(Android) To give this a go, press and hold the power button for at least 20 seconds.

Chose Restart from the available three options > Restart.

how to restart android phone
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Method 4: Enter Correct Credentials

Make sure you have entered the correct username and password. 

Double-check it, and if in case you have forgotten the password,

Click on Forgot Password > Enter registered number or email > Enter OTP > Change Password.

Method 5: Update The App

Check for new updates on Google Play or App store for the app. You can do it manually from the concerned store. You can also turn on the auto-update option instead of doing the self-labor.

Go to the Play/App Store 

Click on the profile icon beside the mic icon on the search bar

Click on Settings > Network preferences > Turn on Auto-updates

Method 6: Change The Password

Immediately change your password if you observe even a slight possibility of your account getting hacked, and turn on the 2-step verification option for tight security within the app.

Final Words

TikTok is considered one of the top video streaming apps around the globe. And experiencing bugs and errors on the most beloved platform is annoying to an extent for everyone.

So, here you will get all the possible causes and solutions for Why won’t TikTok let me log in error. Make sure to follow the steps thoroughly for a better experience on the app.

I hope we got you all covered with the possible solutions and it felt insightful!

Thank You So Much.

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