Vizio Soundbar Blinking No Sound: What to do

The sound that is produced by Vizio soundbars is praised for being clear and uncluttered by consumers all over the world. Regrettably, there are hiccups here and there, but the good news is that the solutions are typically not difficult to implement.

The use of a soundbar from Vizio is a fantastic alternative to purchasing a whole speaker system as it allows for the amplification of sounds from other devices. But every once in a while, we run into problems like the Vizio soundbar blinking with no sound.

The audio experience of any TV may be improved with the addition of a stylish and contemporary sound bar by Vizio. The sound bars manufactured by Vizio provide sound of above-average quality, but they are not immune to technological problems.

Long-time users have reported a variety of issues, such as distorted output and a sound bar that blinks with no sound, but the fixes are typically straightforward and quick to implement.

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What does it mean when Vizio soundbar lights flash up and down

Short answer: When the lights on your Vizio soundbar flash up and down, it signifies Possible problems including improper configurations or bugs in the underlying software.

There is no need for bulky external speakers when you have the Vizio sound bar. Sometimes the lights on the Vizio sound bar start flashing in a zigzag pattern. You may be having trouble with your sound bar, and you could be wondering if the issue is related to the hardware or the software.

The software of the soundbar, or even its settings if they have been recently altered, is typically the source of issues that cause the lights on the soundbar to strobe up and down.

The fact that the issue is not related in any way to the components that make up your sound bar is a really positive development here. The settings and the program are the primary causes of this issue. The lights on a Vizio sound bar flashing up and down aren’t that big of a concern because it won’t really damage the sound bar even if it does happen.

In addition, it is not a problem with the hardware, so you shouldn’t be too concerned about that aspect of it. Although the blinking lights are usually bothersome, finding a solution to the problem is not particularly challenging and does not call for a significant amount of assistance.

Vizio soundbar lights meaning

Short answer: Vizio soundbar lights mean either your system settings are off and need to be adjusted or the speaker is looking for a Bluetooth device, or you have increased the volume.

You were just listening to some nice, crisp, powerful music when the light on your Vizio soundbar started blinking. You may feel panicked if you have no idea how to fix the issue. However, you shouldn’t be concerned.

The Vizio soundbar has a 12-button LED display that shows which features are active and which are not.

When your soundbar is scanning for a Bluetooth source, the lights will go up and down. When you activate Bluetooth by pushing the button on your sound bar’s remote or on the device itself, the bar will search for a compatible device for a total of fifteen minutes, as shown by the LED display.

The soundbar will power down if it is unable to establish a connection. Plus, the Vizio soundbar’s blue LED lights will illuminate progressively if the volume is increased. Sequentially dimming the volume down will also dim the lights, and muting the volume will cause the LEDs to flash.

Vizio sound bar blinking no sound: What to do

In this piece, I have compiled all the solutions that I have discovered that should work to fix your Vizio sound bar blinking no sound if it is not functioning properly in a few minutes.

Method 1 – Set the Sound Bar to the correct input

If your Vizio sound bar is blinking but not producing any sound, it is possible that it is not connected to the appropriate input on your TV or play out device

Your TV has a number of different ports, some of which are designed for audio, others for video, and still others for television. You will need to connect the cable that comes with your soundbar to the “Audio Out” input that is located on the back of your TV.

This port is designed to send audio away from your television, causing your soundbar to play the same audio that is being played on the TV. Make the necessary adjustments to the input, and examine the soundbar to see whether the issue with the audio can be fixed.

Method 2 – Use a Different Device

It is strongly suggested that you test your soundbar using a device other than your television.

There is a possibility that the issue lies with the television itself and not with the Vizio soundbar; if this is the case, you won’t be able to hear any sound emanating from the soundbar.

If you have the opportunity to compare the sound quality of the Vizio soundbar with that of another device, you should definitely take advantage of it.

It has been tested by a lot of users, and in the end, they discovered that the issue was with their TV and not their Soundbar; therefore, you should give this solution a try.

Method 3 – Verify Soundbar is On

When you turn the power on to your soundbar, a light will illuminate either the middle of the bar or the left-hand side of the bar.

Check to check that the power cord is firmly attached to both the socket and the soundbar if you are not observing any lights. Verify that there is power coming from the outlet by trying another device.

Method 4 – Configure Audio Output

Make sure that your Vizio TV is set to the appropriate audio output mode before attempting anything else. Your Vizio TV has the ability to switch between the speakers that are built into the TV and your soundbar.

To set the audio output correctly:

  • Step 1– Start watching something on the TV after you’ve turned it on.
  • Step 2- Discover the button labeled “Input” on the soundbar.
  • Step 3- While you continue to keep this button down, the lights on the soundbar will begin to strobe.
  • Step 4- Once it stops blinking, you will know that it has successfully located your television and is set to the appropriate mode for output.

Method 5 – Reconnect the Soundbar

If the lights on your Vizio sound bar are blinking, but there is no sound If your Vizio soundbar relies on Bluetooth connectivity, you can try repairing the speaker and device to see if that resolves the problem.

To accomplish this:

  • Step 1- You can disconnect the Vizio soundbar by going into the Bluetooth settings on your device.
  • Step 2- To activate the soundbar’s pairing mode, you must first press and keep depressing the Bluetooth button on it.
  • Step 3- Activate the Bluetooth feature on the device you’re using, then look for the soundbar.
  • Step 4- Once your device identifies the soundbar, you may proceed to connect to it.
  • Step 5– Try playing something on the device once you’ve reconnected it to see if the speakers will start functioning normally again.

Method 6 – Check cables

Soundbars made by Vizio receive their input from a TV via HDMI or Digital Audio connectors.

Make sure that each of these connections, as well as the wires that connect them, are securely fastened and have not suffered any physical damage.

Whenever it’s necessary, replace these cables. We would suggest that you invest in something sturdy that can accommodate both your HDMI wires and your Digital Audio connections.

Method 7 – Restart soundbar

There is no sound coming from your Vizio sound bar, which may be indicated by its blinking lights. If your soundbar is acting up, try restarting it.

If your soundbar is having power or connectivity issues, trying this may help it reset and start working properly again.

Here are the steps you need to take to perform a factory reset on your Vizio soundbar:

  • Step 1– If your sound bar is still on, unplug the power cable.
  • Step 2- If possible, give the gadget 5 minutes to cool off before handling it.
  • Step 3- Connect the power cord to the wall socket again.

Method 8 – Contact support

If none of the options described above resolve the issue, please get in touch with Vizio support so that they can bring the item in for any necessary repairs.

If they are unable to resolve the issue over the phone, they will, if necessary, send a specialist to your house to take a look at it.

How to reset the Vizio sound bar

Your Vizio sound bar’s factory settings may need to be restored for a variety of reasons. Possible reasons for this include a drop in sound quality necessitating a reinstall, or a switch in audio hardware necessitating a new setup.

In order to return a Vizio sound bar to its factory defaults, you must perform a factory reset. It won’t take you more than a few minutes to complete this easy procedure. There is no specific device or level of technical expertise required.

To reset the Vizio soundbar to its factory settings, please follow the instructions that are listed below:

  • Step 1- Be sure the sound bar is on and operational.
  • Step 2– Find the button that says “Bluetooth” and the button that says “Volume down.”
  • Step 3– Put simultaneous pressure on the button labeled “Bluetooth” and the one labeled “volume down.”
  • Step 4– Keep your grip on them for approximately 5 seconds.
  • Step 5– Watch until each of the 12 LEDs flashes three times.

When the LEDs begin to flash, it indicates that your soundbar has been reset and is now ready to be reconfigured. In the event that the issue is still present, this would give the appearance of a malfunction in the hardware.


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Final Words

I hope you were able to use these solutions to fix the issue with your Vizio sound bar, which involves the device blinking but not producing any sound.

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