What does White arrow on Snapchat mean on your story?

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What does the white arrow on Snapchat mean on your story?

Short Answer: A white arrow inside a blue circle on your Snapchat story indicates the “Send to” option, which may be used to share your story with friends who also use Snapchat. This icon appears in the bottom right corner of your story’s Views section.

What does the white arrow on Snapchat mean on your story?

As soon as you hit that arrow, you’ll be offered the choice to share the Snap with a buddy on Snapchat or other social media platforms like WhatsApp, Instagram, or Telegram.

When sending a story, you’ll be able to personalize it by adding a caption. It will be labeled as “Add a Chat …” right beside your story.

What do the two grey arrows mean on Snapchat story?

When your Snapchat story shows the two grey arrows, it implies that someone has taken a screenshot of it.

Snapchat two grey arrows

You can easily identify the person or people responsible for taking a snapshot of your story. To see who has taken a screenshot of your story, head to your story, click on the Views section, and look for the person with the two grey arrows symbol next to their name.

What does a blue filled-in arrow mean on Snapchat?

The blue filled-in arrow next to the recipient’s inbox indicates that the message you sent was received but remains unopened.

Various Snapchat message symbols indicate whether or not a message was successfully sent. Blue arrows (solid or outlined) and squares (solid or outlined) and crossed blue arrows (crossed) are some of the most common icon types you may have seen. Once you’ve initiated a conversation with a buddy, the conversation icon will change to a blue arrow.

Whether or not it has been delivered is determined by whether the shape is filled with color or empty. The moment the receiver opens the conversation, the blue arrow becomes hollow.


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Q1. What do the different colored boxes mean in Snapchat?

If you have never had a snap with another user, the grey box icon will display. It may also mean that the individual has blocked you or ignored your friend request.

If the red box is full, your Snap with no audio has been delivered but has not yet been seen. If the red box is empty, the receiver has seen the Snap.

If the purple box is full, your Snap with audio has been delivered but has not yet been seen. If the purple box is empty, the receiver has seen the Snap.

When sending a text on Snapchat, a full blue box indicates that the receiver has not yet seen the chat, while an empty blue box indicates that the chat has been viewed.

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