What is Deafen on Discord

Discord is one of the best group chat services there has ever been. It has seen numerous improvements over time and has now included features like mute and deafen.

This article explains what deafen on Discord is, and how you can fix it when enabled. This can come in handy when you have enabled server mute on someone and are not sure how to remove it. So let us begin!

What is deafen on discord

Short answer: Deafen on Discord helps in muting either yourself or muting others from speaking on the server or on a call for a specified period of time. This can be used to avoid spammers on calls or when you are experiencing unnecessary chatter.

Deafen on Discord is of great help when you need are join a group, or perhaps even when you are on call with someone privately. Deafen serves the function of essentially rendering you deaf.

Deafen on Discord

While that might not sound like the nicest thing to say, it protects you from hearing unwanted chatter in a group call when you are trying to focus on something else, or when you are not involved in the current topics.

Imagine a call about your group project where your part has already been discussed and you’re now trying to work on it while staying on the call but the chatter and constant disagreement between others eats up your attention and focus.

Deafen on Discord would come in handy in such situations, preventing you from hearing all the other people in the group call. The same applies to private calls as well. While we are not sure of the exact reason you would want to deafen someone when conversing with them, it is essential at times.

Perhaps you are not feeling the need to hear all of their stories, or simply trying to avoid the constant background noises trying to bore into your eardrums.

Deafen on Discord

Oh! And did we mention the fact that you can deafen specific people on the server in case you do not want to hear their jabber or if they are being a nuisance? Though, you would need to have a higher role to do that. Either way, we will tell you how to deafen and how to fix it, just in case you need it.

Difference between mute and deafen discord

Mute and deafen on Discord are two very different things. So different that they are essentially the opposite of each other. While you deafen would prevent you from hearing the voice of the other person, or people over the call, mute will prevent them from hearing you.

While you are mute, you would be able to hear all that they speak, unlike deafen where you would not be able to hear them. In the meantime, they would not be able to hear anything from your side. This comes in handy in quite a few scenarios.

First, you have a noisy background and do not wish to ruin the group call with unnecessary noise until you need to speak. Second is when you probably have to discuss or talk something with someone and would not like for it to be heard over the call.

Whatever the reason is, we get it, and we have all done it. Mute will help you with that. Keep in mind that deafening yourself essentially serves the function of muting you, so at a personal level it would be all the same. To mute, use the button that has been conveniently placed right next to the Screen share button to make it easier to access.

How to fix server deafen discord

To fix the server deafen setting, you must be aware of how to deafen first.

The way to deafen is easy. You would simply need to be on a call in order to find that option. A good way to do that is to join a server and enter a group call or voice channel.

When you have a higher role than others that allows deafening users, you can pull up the menu on mobile and PC and tap on ‘Deafen’ to deafen the specific person unless the status is reverted to normal by someone higher than you or the same role as you.

You can also try deafening yourself, which would result in you being muted so as to prevent others from hearing you, although we advise using the Mute button simply if you wish to do so. The Mute button is placed on the toolbar with a mic as a symbol.

Do keep in mind that deafening someone for the whole server, that is the ‘Server deafen’ command will only be available to users with Administrative privileges, so make sure to get them. Once you have activated the deafen settings, you can fix it by going through the same steps and unticking it.


Final Conclusion

Deafen on Discord is a great feature. Some would argue it is probably better than mute as well, although they both serve different functions. This article covered what it is, and compared it with mute along with helping you with fixing it. We hope the article proved useful for you! You can also check out other useful articles, such as how to copy image links from Discord.

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