Why Does it Say ‘Accept Message Request’ on Instagram But No Message

You’ve likely encountered the perplexing scenario on Instagram where it says accept message request, but there’s no actual message to be found upon accepting it. This situation can leave you scratching your head, wondering why it’s occurring just like the ‘getting Instagram messages on Facebook Messenger’ issue

Well, in this article, we’ll dig into this Instagram messages disappearing mystery. We’ll explain what might be causing it and give you clear answers on how to deal with each possibility. So, make sure you stay with us!

Why does it say accept message request on Instagram but there is no message?

Short Answer: It says accept message request on Instagram, but there is no message because the message was unsent by the sender, you followed back the sender, there is a bug in the app, the sender’s account was disabled, the account was deleted permanently, there are technical issues, the account was banned or suspended, the sender blocked you, or there are device-related problems.

Accept message request on Instagram but there is no message


1. Message was unsent

If the sender of the message request deletes it, the message will no longer appear in your inbox. This step completely deletes the message from both your account and the sender’s account, so there is no record of it being there.

It is recommended that message requests be accepted as quickly as possible to avoid the loss of messages in the event that the sender chooses to unsend them in case they change their mind.

2. You followed the sender

Message requests from accounts you’ve followed on Instagram are automatically approved and sent to your inbox where you may read them at your convenience. This implies that you may start a conversation with any account in your feed without waiting for a direct message request to be sent to you.

Once you accept a user’s request to follow you, all subsequent direct messages (DMs) sent by that user are automatically added to your conversation history with that user.

3. Bug in the app

Instagram message requests might mysteriously vanish if the app experiences a technical glitch. This is quite annoying since it gives the impression that you have unread messages when in fact you do not.

When this happens, there is often no easy method to recover the lost requests. You’ll have to sit tight till the sender initiates contact once again. Instagram’s customer service could be able to help in certain situations as well.

4. Account disabled

It’s possible that the sender temporarily disabled their Instagram account, which is why your message request went missing. When an account is temporarily deactivated, it is deleted from Instagram’s records and you will no longer receive notifications or direct messages from that user.

Due to the account’s inactivity, all requests they previously made to communicate with you will be removed from the Requests area of your inbox. After a certain amount of time has passed and the account’s owner has reactivated it, your message request will become available again.

5. Account deleted permanently

Furthermore, the user who requested a message from you may have deleted their Instagram account. The message request would be deleted from your inbox as well. You may verify this by looking for posts made under their account.

If you can’t see the account in Instagram’s search results, the person who sent the request has probably deleted their profile. Since the user’s account no longer exists on the service, it is impossible to retrieve the message or reply to the request in such a situation.

6. Technical Issues

It’s also possible that Instagram is experiencing technical difficulties, which would explain why the “Accept message request” indicator would display without an actual message.

These problems may not be unique to your account but rather impact a large number of people. Try logging out of Instagram and back in to see if that helps. Restarting your connection is a simple solution that may fix the issue.

7. Account banned or suspended

When Instagram users repeatedly publish inappropriate or offensive content, the company may permanently delete their accounts. When a user’s account is banned or suspended, all unsent messages from that user will be removed from your inbox.

This is due to the fact that the account has been temporarily deleted from the system’s records, making its message requests unavailable. However, there is a slim chance that if the account owner successfully appeals the suspension or resolves the issue leading to their ban within a reasonable timeframe, you may regain access to the missing message request.

8. Device-Related Problems

It’s essential to consider that the issue might not lie solely with Instagram but could be device-specific. Sometimes, glitches in your smartphone or tablet can trigger incorrect notifications.

Restarting your device and clearing Instagram’s cache and cookies should fix the problem. This should perhaps fix the wrong message request alerts as well as any short-term problems.

9. Sender blocked you

If someone sends you a message request but it doesn’t show up in your inbox, they may have blocked you. Instagram won’t show you a message from someone who has blocked you if they try to send one.

In addition, being banned prevents you from accessing the blocked user’s profile in any way, including seeing their posts, interacting with them, or reading any unread message requests. Users who have been blocked by another user will no longer be able to contact or receive any information from that user.


Final Words

It’s confusing when Instagram shows the accept message request but displays nothing once you click it.

Whether it’s because of unsent messages, banned accounts, technological glitches, or anything else, knowing how to handle these situations can help you manage your Instagram message requests better. So, the next time you face this confusing situation, you will know how to address it confidently.

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