How to check Vizio TV Model number: Vizio TV serial number lookup

Vizio TV is great but what if you need to find some information about it? If you need information about it you would need its Serial or Model number. But it is often not easy to find. This article focuses on the Vizio TV model number and how to find it easily.

Lately, the layouts and design of each device, including televisions keep changing with the variants. This makes it sort of harder to find the serial numbers. But do not worry, no matter what Vizio TV you own, we have got the right guide for you here, so keep on reading!

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What do Vizio TV Model numbers mean?

All Vizio TVs, any other televisions such as from Samsung, Apple, and others including various electronic devices too have Model and Serial numbers. But there is a difference between the two.

The model number is the number provided to each type or variant of the device. For example, the model number of a certain type of Television a company would produce might be 56Ki-G, and the other type of Television with model number 77Qa-W.

These model numbers would remain the same for all the Televisions of the same type respectively. However, the Serial number is different for each television. It is like the Chassis number of a vehicle or the IMEI number of smartphones.

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What is the use of each of these? Well, the model number provides you with detailed information about your ‘type’ of television. However, this does not provide anything related to your specific TV.

Serial numbers on the other hand would provide you detailed information about your specific television. The better the company, the better chances of knowing more details.

However Serial number is mostly used for lodging complaints about faulty devices. After all,  no one is interested in finding out where their television was made.

Bit why use Model numbers at all if you have got Serial numbers that can provide everything? This is because you might not get all the details using the serial number from your company. Besides, model numbers are easier to recognize and search on the internet.

Now that you have a fair idea of what model and serial numbers are, let us talk about what they mean.

How do you identify Model and Serial numbers?

The easiest way to do that is to notice how long it is once you have located it. Serial numbers are long because of course, it is a serial code for the TV. You might find serial codes to be like 543922229445260.

Whereas model numbers are shorter and make a little bit of sense. One example is VIZIO E420VL. These codes are often condensed form of the version name of the device.

How to check the Vizio TV Model number?

There are multiple ways to check the Vizio TV Model number. This would depend on what kind of Television you are using, but first of all let me tell you the easy, non-physical approach to this issue.

This method uses remotes works well with Televisions that have been manufactured after in the year 2011. Anything before that and you have switched to the other method we will be provided below.

Check the Vizio TV Model number for Old TVs:

  • Step 1: Select Menu on Remote.

The Menu button is generally in the upper half of the remote in Vizio TV and written in all caps ‘MENU’. It would be easily identifiable.

  • Step 2: Navigate to ‘Help’ on the TV Screen.

You would need to press the Ok button on the remote to enter the Help section.

  • Step 3: Select ‘System Info’ on the TV screen.

This would contain all the required information about your model number and television. TVSN stands for the serial number of your TV, below which you would find the Model number as well.

You can find the firmware version and all that information from here as well.

Check the Vizio TV Model number for New TVs:

  • Step 1: Head to the Menu of your Television.

Once again, you can find this button on your remote easily as it is labeled MENU.

  • Step 2: Select ‘System’ from the Menu.

  • Step 3: Go to ‘System Info’, and enter it.

Among other things, the ones that would be easily noticeable would be the Serial number and Model number of your television. Make sure to note it down for further use.

The other method involves the physical examination of your television. This could be a challenging process for many. The reason behind this is that most Television companies have the model number or serial number on the back of the TV.

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Vizio is no exception and this means any wall-mounted TV would need to be taken off the wall. If you can take it off the wall, you would notice a sticker, most probably silver in color providing you with the model and serial numbers.

Sometimes the stickers could happen to be on the side as well or engraved on a plastic plate. In any of these cases just examine the back carefully and you would find it.

Note: When examining a wall-mounted television always take it off the wall as forcing it for a little gap could do damage. Also, remember to pull the plug out of the socket just to be safe.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q. I cannot find the model number of my TV?

A. There are other simple methods you can try. For instance, if you have the package box of the TV lying around, or the operation manual.

Q. What should I do if I do not have the Operation manual for TV?

A. As a last resort try Googling your TV’s features and design. It might just provide you with a pic that can lead to your exact TV Model.

Q. What should I do after finding the Model or Serial number?

A. If you have got a complaint to register you can get in touch with Vizio about it. Click here for their Contact Us page.


This article covered how you can find the Model and the Serial numbers of Vizio TV and what they are. I hope the article proved useful to you. You can also read about the Vizio TV browser app and the Vizio TV stuck on downloading updates issue.

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