(2022) Best Vizio TV settings for Gaming

Vizio TVs are great right out of the box. But, great does not mean it would fit with everyone and with everything. That is why you would find the settings that work for you. We have made this article for the sole reason of covering Vizio TV best picture settings for Gaming.

Gaming needs a lot of tuning, and you would not like to play in a setting that does not settle with you. So let us begin explaining all of those settings in detail to have your games started!

Vizio TV best picture settings for Gaming

We have researched a lot, and have concluded these settings being the most popular or the best ones, preferred by every gamer out there using Vizio TVs. We would be guiding you through each element of the setting now.

Do remember that these settings were mostly tested on the later series of Vizio such as the V series which were modern and capable of these. It is not guaranteed to work with all the variants, especially the old ones.

Vizio TV best picture settings
Image Source: Vizio.com

SDR Settings –

We prefer editing this one first, as most of the color coordination happens here.

First of all, change your Picture quality. There are overall six types of Picture qualities you could choose from. These are:

1. Standard

2. Calibrated

3. Calibrated Dark

4. Vivid

5. Game

6. Computer

For best results, you should opt Calibrated Dark. This is the most popular among other sites which researched it along with the preference of Gamers and non-gamers.

Once you have selected Calibrated Dark it is time to tune it even more so proceed and start editing it. The following would work better than the presets:

  • 1. Brightness:

We suggest setting it (or keeping it) at 50. Tweaking your brightness a lot can have a significant impact on your images and has the capability of ruining or making them. Since the chances of ruining it are more, do not tinker with it much.

  • 2. Sharpness:

The sharpness defines the outline of the body. The less sharpened it is, the more softened and well-mixed it would be with the surroundings. You do want your images to look like the end of the chainsaw, do you? Let’s keep it at 0 then.

  • 3. Color:

This one goes unaltered. It is generally a bad idea to mess with colors as long as television, camera, or any device does not have it as a major flaw. This is because apps and everything are tuned according to it and the results might get ugly.

So Color remains at 50.

  • 4. Contrast:

The contrast makes your images stand out. Along with saturation, contrast is one of the biggest and best weapons of Editors and viewers alike but tuning it too much would ruin it just as well. The Contrast should be at 50.

  • 5. Tint:

The tint is like a colorful filter over your images. The more you increase the slider, the more it changes tints. Since tints are not too useful unless you have a screen showing one fixed wrong color which you would like to balance out, Tints should be at 0.

  • 6. Color Temperature:

Very similar to Tints in terms that it provides color filters as well. But we do not need one as long as we have a screen with normal color inclinations. Color Temperature is best at Normal.

  • 7. Gamma:

Gammas are often very important to Gamers. They act like a better version of Brightness. While brightness would make the screen quite white, gamma manages to balance out the lights and reflection of the image, rather than increasing the brightness as a whole.

Keep Gamma at 2.2 for optimum display.

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HDR Settings –

For the most part, leave the HDR Settings as it is. The settings could get tricky and are almost tuned too so there is no point in messing with it.

You can however consider turning on ‘Full UHD’ colors using the input settings. It should not be hard at all if you decide to give it a try and tinker with HDMI settings.

Eco Settings –

This does not directly affect your image settings. What it does is provides an interface to properly edit your Settings. You can set it so that it does not locks and resets your settings, or does not alter your images by its default suggestions.

Vizio TV best picture settings
Image Source: Vizio

Image Processing Settings –

Smart TVs often try to enhance the color to make for a vivid color experience for the viewers. But this does not always help. Images tend to look most pretty in their original state.

Disabling this setting ensures that the images, their backlights, and Black and white tones are not modified on their own and provide an unaltered experience to the viewers. Enabling Film Mode further improves this setting.

Backlight Settings –

With all these settings your images might feel very dull or sort of dark, even though they would have the right proportions of color. Simply increase the Backlight for more visibility. This would not change the brightness.

You can manage the shades of White using Gamma too as I mentioned earlier. Using these two together would help you find a wonderful balance, so try them out!

Exclusive Game Settings –

Some features that have been made exclusively to be used with games such as Full UHD colors (what is the point of gaming if you cannot dive into its colorful world?). We have already talked about FUHD colors so let us discuss one more set.

The setting is called Low latency and if you enable it this would provide you with minimum lag and ping timings. This means you can experience almost lag-free gaming and low pings that do not hinder your shooting time and intervals, for instance.

We have finished the settings for now, but remember that these were based on our research and preferences or others. For best results note down the default values before modifying them so you can return to them, or change them accordingly.

You can contact Vizio if you feel any of these settings are glitched on your TV.

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The above article discussed ways in which you could find the Vizio TV best picture settings for Gaming. I hope it proved useful for you! You can also read about how to fix Vizio TV lagging, freezing and many more issues.

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