PS5 single use restricted meaning on Walmart: Explained [2023]

What is single use restricted ps5

What does PS5 single use restricted meaning on Walmart ?

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Single use restricted PS5 is a feature provided by Walmart whereby Walmart will proceed by sending you a private link for purchasing the PS5 when your order gets canceled or when the order shows as out of stock.

PS5 namely PlayStation 5 is a video game console that you can play at your convenience at home. It is developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment and was launched on November 12, 2020. It first started releasing in western countries then gradually worldwide. People’s demand for PS5 has been exceedingly increasing and at one time after the launch, Sony has been facing a tough time meeting the demand as there was only a limited supply of it. Walmart has got your back with the PS5 single use restricted feature.

PS5 gaming console
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PS5 offers a 4K performance along with fast load time and an impressive game console which in turn makes the gaming experience more interactive and immersive for the users. Walmart sells PS5 but most of the time it’s out of stock.

Want to know what PS5 single use restricted is on Walmart? Read this article for PS5 single use restricted meaning explained on Walmart: Explained.

What does single use restricted PS5 mean on Walmart?

Single use restricted PS5 is a feature provided by Walmart whereby Walmart will proceed by sending you a private link for purchasing the PS5 when your order gets canceled or when the order shows as out of stock.

PS5 single used restricted Walmart
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Oftentimes, on Walmart’s website or any other online shopping site, you need to add the product you want to purchase to the cart. As PS5 comes in limited stock, most of the PS5 land up being bought right after its release on Walmart by a few dealers who buy it in bulk and resell them for higher prices.

These dealers set up bots who will take up all the PS5 stocks right when it’s released and the bots buy it for the dealers. As for some genuine buys it’s hard to match up the speed of the bots and even if they do their order lands up getting canceled so in order to solve this issue Walmart came up with single use restricted PS5.

Can I buy more than one PS5 at Walmart?

You can’t buy more than one PS5 at Walmart as one PS5 is enough for a single household and also through the single use restricted PS5 feature of Walmart you will only be allowed to make a single purchase.

Many people are hoarding up more than one PS5 for themselves and it’s quite a selfish move as other individuals who have been eagerly waiting to purchase it has failed several times as the PS5 is out of stock.  Even if you go to Walmart in person and try to purchase more than one PS5 at a time it’s not possible as the store has a restriction set up that one person can purchase one PS5 to give other people a chance to get open or themselves.

As there is only a limited amount of stock available for the buyers, buying more than one PS5 per person doesn’t seem right. The warehouses take time to manufacture the product and sometimes it even needs to be kept in quarantine before being delivered to you so being able to buy one PS5 at this stage is a miracle as most of the time its unavailable are people are met with disappointment as they won’t be able to purchase it.

Why is Walmart PS5 so expensive?

On Walmart’s website PS5 is currently listed at a price of $1091 which is quite double the retail price of it. It is expensive as the PS5 isn’t manufactured by Walmart itself and third-party sellers enlist the console for double the price increased for their profit.

Walmart PS5 expensive
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PS5 is high on demand but the supply of it is really less so even when people are willing to pay such a high price for the console when they can wait for a while and it gets at a reasonable rate is mainly due to its great features along with the need to have it. Though the price is unreasonable people are still purchasing it and it adds fuel to the fire, as the suppliers know that no matter how much they hike the prices to, people will buy the console due to shortages.

It’s known to all that PS5 sells out instantly on Walmart as soon as it’s in stock. The spike in price can also be due to the pandemic and there are many other factors at play. So, it’s advisable that you have up the money that you’re willing to spend and be patient. Be patient and wait till the PS5 are available at a reasonable rate rather than spending thousands of dollars just for it.


Q1. PS5 is sold out every time I try to purchase it. Why?

Answer: PS5 is up for sale at both Amazon and Walmart and all the stocks get sold right after they have been restocked. It’s due to bots set up by dealers to purchase it and sell it at higher prices on eBay and other websites.

Q2. Are there preorders available for PS5?

Answer: If it is not available in stock you can pre-order it on a few days before the releasing date and time. You can even order it from Costco but you need to be a paid member in order to place the order.

Final words

For all the game enthusiasts out there, it’s been tough to get your hands on PS5. Even in 2022 most of the PS5 gets sold out right away and some of the people who have been waiting for it since its release date are still waiting. PS5 is all fun and games but one even needs to keep in mind not so pend a huge amount of money right away to purchase the items when it’s in stock, they can rather wait for a while when the price is reasonable so that they can limit their expense along with getting their PS5.

Due to retailers and dealers hoarding up the PS5 on every single site, it has been disheartening for genuine buyers to have their go at it. So, through the single use restricted PS5 feature provided by Walmart, many individuals have got the chance to finally get the PS5.

We hope that this article briefly described the whole situation regarding PS5 and even about the single-use restriction.

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