If I Block Someone on Whatsapp Can I See Their Profile Pic

At times, you have to block someone on WhatsApp. When this situation comes up, you cannot help but wonder what happens to their Status and Profile pictures. This article helps explain these little details to you!

If I block someone on WhatsApp can I see their profile pic?

Short answer: If you block someone on WhatsApp, you would not be able to see their profile picture, nor would they be able to see yours until they have been unblocked.

This is a very common question, as you might often find yourself in a situation where the person’s profile is not visible and you are in a dilemma if they might have blocked you. Usually, this can be checked in normal circumstances by dropping a message to the person.

If there is a double tick, or a blue tick, the person has not blocked you. But of course, this is not always achievable.

Block someone on Whatsapp
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Beside, the question focuses on Whether you would be able to see the profile picture after you block someone on WhatsApp.

The answer to this is fairly simple if you understood, or have experienced the above paragraph. WhatsApp removes the profile picture of the person that you have blocked, and the same goes for them regarding your profile picture.

It is a two-way thing, whenever either one block the other person, neither of them would be able to see each other’s profile picture. However, the chat is deleted for the person who initiated the block, but not for the one who received it.

If I block someone on WhatsApp can I see their status

Short answer: if you block someone on WhatsApp, you would be unable to see their status for the period where they have been blocked.

You are aware of all the reasons and stories that revolve around blocking someone. People can occasionally miss someone they had to block, or might need some crucial information related to them.

Often this leads to various questions, one of them being whether you can see the WhatsApp status after you block someone on WhatsApp? To answer this, I tried blocking my friend after he put something to test on his Status.

After the block process was finished, I noticed an immediate disappearance of his WhatsApp status.

Unlike Facebook or Instagram, the response and the changes were near instantaneous and he confirmed not being able to see my status either. To summarize, no you would not be able to see a person’s WhatsApp status once you block someone on WhatsApp, nor would they be able to see yours.

The glitch moments you have on Instagram and other apps, that take a moment to fix are not there either, so you would need to reply to your friend, family member or someone else who can act as a mutual link and view their status for you.

Or well, you can unblock the person but then again that is not what you are probable looking for!


Final Conclusion

The above article discussed details regarding what happens when you block someone on WhatsApp. We covered information like changes in the visibility of Status and Profile picture. We hope this proved useful for you. For more useful guides, stay tuned with AndroidNature!

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