Fix YouTube TV Playback error – Error code 7

YouTube TV is on its way to becoming as popular as the original YouTube but on the on-demand platforms. Well, it is not right up there. But, in the coming times, YouTube TV will be the go-to for all such on-demand and streaming platforms. Also, there are multiple reasons for it to acquire or aim for that position. 

First of all, YouTube TV comes with a wide range of television network distributions such as ESPN, Comedy Central, ABC, NBC, Fox, Discovery, and more. There are more than 85 television networks that are currently available on YouTube TV. Apart from that, the service excels in its way with some original titles, shows and cloud-based DVR support. 

As of now, YouTube TV starts at around $64.99 per month. Now, as compared to the alternatives, the price is definitely on the higher side. But, once you opt for the service, you will agree that it is worth it. On a side note, here is how to get YouTube TV free trial in case you missed out. But, in this article, here are a few methods with which you can fix the YouTube TV playback error with error code 7. 

How to fix YouTube TV playback error – Error Code 7: 

First of all, Error Code 7 is recently encountered by some specific users only. Usually, this error comes when you try to play any recorded or live TV channel on the app. Also, note that this error depends on the user, device, location, and other such parameters. So, the only way to solve this issue is to check and alter these parameters in every case. 

Before getting to the above things, here are a couple of simple methods to start. Just power OFF your device, wait for a couple of minutes and turn it ON again. Do the same with your Wi-Fi router and network connectivity with the device. To sum up, you can also try to clear the cache of the YouTube TV app in the device settings. To do this, navigate to Device settings -> Apps -> YouTube TV -> Clear cache. 

Fix YouTube TV error code 7

Now, if the above methods did not work, then you can proceed with these. To begin with, log out and log in again to the same google account. In the same way, you can try to add your existing account to other devices. As a result, you can conclude the cause of this error. So, is it the account or the device which is giving this error? Also, you can check for any updates available in the respective store. 


In short, the above error code is minor, and it will hardly take any time to resolve it. So, with the above-mentioned steps, hopefully, you will be able to solve the issue. In case, the issue got worse contact technical support and seek better assistance. Here, you can take note of that 12 character code appearing on the device after the error code. Finally, check out this subreddit page for similar guides.