Fix YouTube subscription tab disappeared

YouTube is the way to go anytime. To search for a specific video or scroll over a random one, YouTube has it all. Indeed, every time you refresh the feed, it surprises you with a new and engaging video. Also, this feed may vary from one user to another. It largely depends on our watch history and area of interest. For instance, we watch and search for any subcategory of videos the next time, similar videos, come popping up on our feed.

Also, many of the users watch or follow a particular creator. To stay updated about their latest releases, we subscribe to their YouTube channels. Finally, YouTube comprises a list of these channels under the subscription tab. Also, it makes the work for any user much easy. Open YouTube, tap on the subscription tab, select the creator, and watch the latest video. Many among us have become habitual of this process.

Fix YouTube subscription disappeared
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But suddenly, think of the YouTube subscription tab disappeared. Yes, that is happening with many users on Fire TV. Many Fire TV, FireStick, Cube, and other Fire devices users have reported that the subscription tab on their YouTube tab has disappeared. So, if you are under a similar case, then here are a few possible solutions.

How to Fix YouTube Subscription Disappeared:

1. Check for Updates: 

As mentioned above, many users have reported the same issue. In that case, this problem is likely within the Fire devices themselves. Also, they might have already released an update to fix this issue. Make sure to check for updates on your devices. Navigate to Settings -> My Fire TV -> About -> Check for Updates. Press on this option a couple of times and update the device, if any. Once done, restart the device and try again.

Fix YouTube subscriptions disappeared

2. Reinstall YouTube:

Once you have checked for the updates and finished them, it is time to look into the app. For this, reinstall the YouTube app on your Fire TV.  Navigate to Settings -> Apps -> Manage Installed applications -> YouTube -> Uninstall. After that, restart the device and install YouTube again. You can either ask Alexa or search in the bar to the top left corner. Make sure to remember the username and password of your Google account.

3. Switch the Google Account: 

Most of the users have multiple accounts on YouTube. So, check if the error remains the same when you switch the Google Account on YouTube. If not, then re-add that particular account that causes the error. Also, some of the users have tried this, and it worked in their case. Before adding the account, try to clear the cache memory in the device settings. Navigate to Settings -> Apps -> Manage Installed Applications -> YouTube -> Clear cache.


In summary, this can be a glitch on the Amazon devices front. Hopefully, they may release an update for the same soon. Till then, you can try out the above methods. Another funny part is that this tab reappears when you enter the Guest mode. But, this was the whole point of the subscription tab. As a workaround, you can go to the subscription feed on your mobile, select the video, and tap Watch on TV. From this menu, you can select view channel and thereby the subscription page.