Does your Snap Score increase with Chats, Stories, Messages

There is a lot of misunderstanding regarding how the Snapchat score is determined and whether or not certain Snapchat interactions affect it. And if you’re just starting, you may have no clue how the Snap score feature even works. If you want to maintain a high Snap score, it might be annoying to not understand what actions trigger a higher score. That’s where we come in, by the way.

Read on as we answer some of the most frequently asked questions about Snap score, including whether or not it increases as a result of chatting, sharing stories, sending messages, or making phone calls. We’ll answer each of these questions in turn, explaining how Snapchat’s scoring system works and providing tips on how to improve your Snap score.

Does your Snap score increase with chats?

Short Answer: No, your Snap score does not increase with chats.

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While the precise formula for determining a user’s Snap Score remains secret, it is widely believed to take into account their total amount of snaps, stories, and platform engagements.

Yet, it does not seem that sending or receiving text messages affects the final tally. You won’t get any points by chatting on Snapchat, but you could be able to persuade your friends or followers to check out the many snaps you send them which could eventually lead to an increase in your Snap score.

Does your Snap score increase with stories?

Although adding stories will not immediately raise your Snap score, it will help you become more active inside the app, which in turn will increase your score. Yet, seeing another person’s story has no impact on your own Snap score.

According to Snapchat’s website, your Snap Score is calculated by adding up the number of Snaps you’ve shared and collected as well as the number of Stories you’ve uploaded.

Also, your score may be affected by the number of friends that watch your story and respond to you through chat. This implies that if you have a large number of engaged Snapchat followers, sharing stories might indirectly raise your score.

Does your Snap score increase with messages?

You’ll see quicker growth in your Snap Score the more you engage with other Snapchatters. However, you can’t improve your Snapchat score just by talking to other people in private chats.

Sharing pictures and video Snaps is the only way to enhance your score on Snapchat. It is irrelevant whether or not you send a text message using the Snapchat app. However, you may increase your Snap score by continuing to share photos and videos with a friend while chatting.

Does your Snap score increase with calls?

Making or receiving a call on Snapchat will not affect your Snap score.

A user’s Snap score will not grow while on a Snapchat call. In case you were wondering how your Snap score is calculated, it is based on how many snaps you’ve sent and received, as well as how many stories you’ve shared.

Snap scores are routinely updated and published. It’s important to note that Snapchat call is an independent feature that has no consequence on your Snap score. Your Snap score will not go up or down if you make or receive calls using Snapchat.

How does your Snap score go up

You get one point added to your Snap Score for every Snap you send or receive with your friends. The frequency with which you use the app, the number of friends you maintain, and the frequency with which you view Snaps from certain contacts all play a role in determining your score.

Most of your Snapchat activity contributes to your overall score. If a person has a high Snapchat activity level, it suggests they use the app often. Scores on Snapchat are not based only on the number of snaps sent and received.

The score is based on Snapchat’s analysis of your usage patterns. It has been shown that Snapchat users with greater activity levels had higher scores. Every time you share or receive a Snap, your score will increase. As soon as you’ve shared a few photos, you’ll be able to see how you scored.

No information about the Snap Score’s fundamentals is provided on Snapchat’s main website. A user’s Snapchat score is calculated using a formula that takes into account the total number of Snaps sent and received, the number of Stories they have uploaded, and a few other parameters. Now that we know that, let’s check out some tips that can help you get a higher score on Snap.

Tips to increase Snap score

1. Maintain your Daily Streaks

Photos and videos taken daily may be shared with friends within 24 hours to create streaks. The number of snaps sent and received may be increased by maintaining streaks. Your Snap Score will rise as a result of this. More points will be awarded for longer Snap Streaks. Keep them going or you’ll have to start again if you break the streak.

2. Make sure you view snaps everyday

Your Snap rating will grow regardless of whether or not you read the Snap. Don’t ignore the snap unless you have to; it doesn’t matter whether the information contained inside is of interest to you. Make an effort to increase the frequency with which you both send and view your snaps. Please remember that replaying snaps will not get you any bonus points.

3. Participate In Snapchat Games

Snap ah balls is the official name of Snapchat’s gaming functionality. Just challenge your friends to a round of selfie games and see who can rack up the most points. There you go! Snapchat’s overall score will improve as a consequence of this.

4. Send snaps to multiple friends at one time

For every friend you include in a snap, you get one point, and in many cases, you’ll earn an extra point just for sending the snap. As soon as you’ve taken a photo and tapped the white “Send” arrow, you’ll get a list of your contacts, from which you may choose by selecting their names.

Once you’re done, touch the “Send” arrow once again to send your snap to everyone you’ve chosen. Sending snaps to more people increases the likelihood that you will get snaps from those individuals, which you can then open to improving your Snap score.

5. Keep your direct messages to a minimum

You should know that being a Snapchat member and responding to friends through direct messages won’t improve your score, therefore it’s best to do it with a photo or a Snap instead.

6. Browse the Discover section

You may improve your Snapchat score by watching Discover Videos. Videos from random public artists or your preferred idols fill your time. Keeping up with them will make you more active, which might improve your Snapchat score.

7. Connect with Friends and Influencers

You may become more involved in the Snapchat community by following influential people and people you know. Sending more than one snap can increase your snap score. You may get a point for accepting a friend request, or for having one accepted because Snapchat’s algorithm considers the engagement and fame of the users you interact with.

While this tactic won’t help you for very long on Snapchat, it is useful knowledge to have when you’re just getting started. Keep in mind that famous people won’t check or respond to your snaps. However, this works in your favor; snap away as many photos as you want. With this approach, you may avoid annoying your pals.

8. Update stories often

As we’ve already established, uploading stories does not immediately increase your Snapchat score, but it does help you become more active on the platform overall. And as your Snapchat use increases, Snapchat may reward you with an increased Snap score.

9. Use the platform as much as possible

For scoring purposes, Snapchat monitors your activity. Hence, you should engage with and utilize Snapchat more often. You could make your presence known in the form of an engaging public profile. But, keep in mind that sending and receiving texts does not improve your Snap Score.


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1. Can You Lose Snap Score Points?

It’s impossible to drop Snapchat points. To sum up, your Snap Score will remain unchanged even if you don’t use the app for a few days or weeks. Nonetheless, it should be noted that there are certain exceptional cases when Snap Scores go down. This may be the result of Snapchat experiencing technical difficulties.

Moreover, while utilizing an out-of-date version of the software, your score may seem to decrease. Consider updating to the newest version of the app if your score suddenly drops. If the above method doesn’t work, try the app’s “Report a Problem” function to get in touch with support.

Final Words

The number of snaps you’ve sent and received, as well as the number of stories you’ve uploaded, are among the most important factors in determining your Snap score.

While chatting, messaging, or calling on Snapchat can be a lot of fun, it does not contribute to your Snap score. Yet by increasing your platform engagement in general, they might indirectly help your score.

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