Charged for Amazon Prime But Not a Member: What To Do

You have been through an agitating journey of trying to understand what is going on with your Amazon account, and exactly why this Prime membership is charging you but you are not even a member! Do not worry, we get you.

Prime services are provided by Amazon which provides a plethora of features, from free shipping for express deliveries, to free movie streaming and so many more things. If you have been charged, it is like that you have ended up using its services in one way or another. Here is how you can check if you are a member, and ways to opt out as well (with a refund of course!).

Why I am charged for Amazon Prime but not a member

Short Answer: You can be charged for Amazon Prime if you forgot to cancel your subscription before it renewed, or did not cancel after the free trial period ended. You can also be charged when applying for free delivery or movie streaming services, as these are provided by Prime subscription.

Charged for Amazon Prime

Reason 1: Accidentally renewing Prime subscription

Most of the time you would be stuck with an Amazon Prime bill because you renewed a subscription that you were planning to cancel. Let’s say your Amazon Prime subscription was expiring this month, and it was either put on autorenewal or manual renewal.

And for some reason, say a young family member who did not understand how it worked, approved the manual renewal and you did not come to know of it then it will lead to Amazon charging you for the renewed Prime services, under certain circumstances which we would be discussing later.

Reason 2: Enabling Prime to watch a movie

Enabling Prime to watch a movie will often land you into a Prime subscription, and if you are not aware of it, you will be billed when the trial period is over. Or perhaps you already used the trial period and then someone who was not aware enabled Prime to watch a movie.

We all have had that happen to us at some point in time. If your AndroidTV is used frequently by the family, it is not uncommon to see some subscriptions and trials accidentally activated now and then.

Reason 3: Opting for no delivery charges through Prime

When you are ordering a product via Amazon, you are offered express or rapid shipping, with no charges or sometimes regular free of cost as well under the Prime subscription.

If you skip and continue with the regular delivery plan, there would be no charges but continuing with the free delivery provided by Prime service would incur charges of Prime subscription for that month. It is one of the reasons why users should read the offers carefully, as they could often be a little unclear.

Reason 4: Not canceled Prime subscription after the free trial session

You can avail all the features of Amazon Prime service for free by using the trial period method. In this, you are provided with a fully functioning trial of Amazon Prime for a month at no cost. However, the app takes your card information at that time.

If you forget to cancel your subscription or do not cancel it, the subscription is later charged for the regular price after the trial period ends. This can lead to you being charged for Amazon Prime when you did not voluntarily want to do it.

What to do ; Charged for Amazon Prime but not a member

Method 1: Checking through the bills for indication of a Prime subscription

One of the ways you can check if you have Amazon Prime enabled is by checking recent receipts. Your billing for various products and services provided by Amazon has a breakdown of the charges.

This breakdown can help you access if you have Prime enabled accidentally. For example, a free delivery on a product that it was not applicable on, or a working Prime video app are all good examples of this indication.

Method 2: Checking Amazon Prime subscription

Amazon Prime subscription is best checked by, well, checking the Amazon Prime subscription. As funny as this is, it is probably the most straightforward way of checking your Amazon Prime subscription status. You would not need to do much.

Simply Open your Amazon app (or go to you will find the Prime banner at the top. Clicking on it presents multiple options, where selecting ‘Manage my subscription’ will provide you with all the details you would need including if there is an active plan, when it would end, and so on.

Method 3: Cancelling the Prime subscription

If you have been charged for Amazon Prime, the first thing to do is to cancel your Amazon Prime subscription. Now I would like to mention that while this does not just refund you, it will stop you from being charged further.

For this, follow the same steps as before: Open the Amazon app and tap on the Prime banner. This can also be done by Prime section present in your Profile menu. Go to Manage Subscription > End membership. Following the on-screen prompt should help you end your Prime membership without issues.

Method 4: Contacting Amazon Customer Support

Now an important part of getting a refund for your unintentionally activated Prime membership is that you must not have availed of the services provided by Prime. If you have used a significant feature or service of Prime, you may cancel it but would not be able to get a refund.

This is where Amazon Customer Support steps in. If you have a legitimate reason for how your Prime got activated accidentally, either by them or by you, and they decide that your reasons are valid with near to no losses for them (minimum use of Prime services) then they might consider refunding you completely.


Final Conclusion

This concludes our article regarding users being charged for Amazon Prime subscriptions the ways they can ensure their membership management and how they can get a refund. The complete process is simple, and should not bring trouble to you.

We hope you found this article useful, as we have many more for you! For instance, ever wondered if Amazon would accept a return without the original package? We have them all answered for you here at AndroidNature!

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