Amazon Package Delivered To Me By Mistake: What To Do?

Many of us prefer to use Amazon when it comes to online shipping due to its network of delivery across the globe. Further, the dedicated customer support makes it easy to track and manage Amazon orders. However, many users have complained about issues like Amazon packages delivered to them by mistake.

So today, let us understand this situation in detail. We’ll try to help you with some common steps to manage such situations of deliveries by mistake from Amazon.

Why Amazon package was delivered to me by mistake?

Short Answer: The packages may get wrongly delivered to you by mistake from Amazon due to different reasons. It covers wrong addresses, brushing scams, or mistakes by delivery persons in giving orders. 

Amazon package

Below are the key reasons that you may receive a package by mistake at your end from Amazon:

  • Wrong address

The chances are high that you may get the wrong packages from Amazon due to the wrongful mentioning of the address. The chances are high that the flat number or street number is wrongly mentioned on the package.

  • Brushing scam

The brushing scam aims to deliver packages that you’ve never ordered to generate false product reviews. Usually, these products do not have any return address and hence scammers use your information to write false product reviews. Hence, it makes you look like a verified buyer even when you’ve not purchased it.

  • Mistake by the delivery person

The chances are high that you may get the wrong Amazon package due to the mistake of the delivery person. This is a common operational issue that may occur due to large volumes of packages with one person.

Further, understand why the Amazon package says “held for pickup at carrier location” in detail.

Amazon package was delivered to me by mistake- Can I keep it?

After understanding the different reasons for the package delivery from Amazon by mistake, you may look for the answer if you can keep it with you.

Legally, yes you can keep the Amazon package with you even if it was delivered to you by mistake.

According to the Federal Trade Commission or FTC, you are not legally bounded to return a package that is delivered to you by mistake. The merchants can’t demand money for the goods which you haven’t ordered.

However, you may want to return such packages due to moral obligations.

Amazon package was delivered to me by mistake- What to do:

With a quick understanding of returning the Amazon package delivered to you by mistake as a moral responsibility only, below are the few steps that you can follow promptly:

Step 1: Check if the package is a gift intended for you only

Before starting to see if the package from Amazon was delivered to you by mistake, you must confirm if it is intended to be a gift or not.

Check out with your friends and family if they’ve sent you a package from Amazon.

Step 2: Look out for the address mentioned on the package

While it is not recommended to open the package which is delivered to you by Amazon by mistake, it is important to check the address mentioned on the package.

You may find out if the address is the same as that of your current address, possibly due to the last inhabitants of the property or wrong mentions.

Further, you may check from the address if the package belongs to someone in your neighborhood only. You can extend a helping hand by delivering the package to the right location.

Know more on does billing address show up on Amazon package?

Step 3: Filling the unwanted package form

Another quick solution to adopt while receiving unwanted Amazon delivery is to fill unwanted package form of the online shipping giant.

It helps you to inform the Amazon team about the unwanted package which can be then processed accordingly by the team.

Step 4: Contact Amazon customer support

Further, it is easy to reach Amazon customer support to seek help on the wrong delivery of Amazon packages. While it is not your legal responsibility to report wrongly delivered Amazon shipments, you may need to report it due to moral responsibility.

The team will help you check if this wrongly delivered package is part of a brushing scam. Amazon can quickly suspend the accounts of such sellers using brushing and ban them from selling products in the future.


Summing Up

Hope everything is clear to you regarding the problems of the Amazon package being delivered by mistake. It is easy to understand the different reasons for wrong package delivery and the quick steps to adopt in such situations in detail.

Do let us know about your views on this guide in the comments section!

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