Why my Amazon Package Says ‘Held For Pickup At Carrier Location’

Amazon has carved out a niche for itself as the preeminent e-commerce platform in the realm of online shopping by providing customers with a comprehensive selection of goods and streamlined shipping options.

Nevertheless, there are times when clients could see a status indication on their tracking information that states “Held for Pickup at Carrier Location.”

This article seeks to throw light on this state and explain the causes behind it, offering insights into what it means, as well as what steps you may do, in order to help you better understand it.

Why does my Amazon package say held for pickup at carrier location

Short answer: Your Amazon package says held for Pickup at Carrier Location because the Delivery Attempt Failed due to Weather or Natural Disasters. The carrier does not deliver to the address or Oversized or Restricted Items or Shortage of delivery trucks or drivers.


Reason 1 – Delivery Attempt Failed

A failed delivery attempt is a common reason for your Amazon shipment to be held for pickup at a carrier site. There are a number of potential causes for this, including the delivery driver being unable to gain entry to your house, an erroneous or incomplete address, or an absence of a suitable recipient at the time of the attempted delivery.

Reason 2 – Weather or Natural Disasters

There is a potential for delivery services to be disrupted when there is severe weather or a natural disaster. In situations like these, delivery companies may opt to store items until they can be picked up by their customers in order to protect both the contents of the package and the people delivering it.

There may be a hold because of a strong storm or other concerns linked to the weather in your region. This could be the reason for the pause.

Reason 3 – The carrier does not deliver on the address.

When customers get an Amazon package with the message “Held for Pickup at Carrier Location,” it’s likely because the recipient lives in a very distant or geographically difficult place and the carrier does not offer on-address delivery services. There may be considerable financial and practical challenges in getting to such places.

Reason 4 – Oversized or Restricted Items

It’s possible that some shipments, such those that are too big to fit through normal mail slots at residential addresses or those contain prohibited contents, won’t be able to be delivered at all. To avoid legal hassles and logistical headaches involved with delivering to homes, carriers may choose to store such shipments until they are picked up.

Reason 5 – Shortage of delivery trucks or drivers

An insufficient number of delivery vehicles or drivers may also be to blame when you get the “Amazon package has been held for pickup at carrier location” message. During peak shipping times, like the holidays, delivery times may increase because the system cannot process all packages at once.

How to find carrier location Amazon

Amazon provides a number of options for locating the carrier and tracking your shipment. Following this guide, you’ll be able to easily identify your service provider on Amazon.

Method 1 – View Your Amazon Order.

View Your Amazon Order

Signing into your Amazon account and going to the “Your Orders” tab is the very first thing you need to do in order to find out where your carrier is located on Amazon.

You will see a list of all of your most recent orders here, along with the status of each of those orders. If you click on the exact order that you wish to monitor, you will find extensive information about the shipment status of your product, including the name of the carrier that is transporting it. And if your Amazon orders are not showing up you can check out this article.

Method 2 – Check the Email

When an order from Amazon goes out, you will typically receive email notifications with tracking information. These emails will often contain a direct link to the carrier’s tracking page, making it easy for you to watch the progression of your item at your own convenience.

Method 3 – Visit the Carrier’s Website or contact the Carrier Directly

Every carrier, whether it be UPS, FedEx, DHL, or even a neighborhood courier service, has its own tracking services that customers can use.

  • Step 1– Visit your carrier’s official website or use their mobile app to find their address.
  • Step 2– Simply go to the website of the carrier, enter the tracking number, and then click the “Track” button.
  • Step 3- You will be able to view the current position of your package as well as the address of the carrier location where it is being kept by visiting the website of the carrier.

You have the option of contacting the carrier directly if you are unable to locate the carrier location for your shipment on the website associated with the carrier.

They will be able to provide you with information regarding the location of the shipment as well as instructions regarding how to retrieve it.

Method 4 – Use Third-Party Tracking Websites

There are a number of third-party tracking websites that, in addition to the website for the carrier itself, can assist you in locating the carrier that is handling your Amazon deliveries. There are other websites, such as 17track.net, PackageRadar, and SHIP24, that offer tracking services for a variety of carriers.

Simply enter your tracking number into the search area on their website, and you will be shown with the most up-to-date tracking information, which will include information regarding the carrier as well as the pickup status.

Method 5 – Contact Amazon’s customer care

Amazon’s customer care is a great resource if you’re having trouble locating the carrier information or otherwise need help. Inquire on the whereabouts of your package with the help of Amazon’s helpful customer service agents.


Final Words

Take note of the carrier’s instructions and make sure to have proper identification on hand when picking up your delivery. You may get through the pickup procedure quickly and easily if you use the strategies provided here.

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